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Defensive Driving: Secrets to Avoiding Road Accidents

The pure joy of driving one’s car has been enjoyed by millions of Americans over the years. Ever since the legendary Henry Ford envisioned a “horseless carriage” for every American family, America has never been the same. Its cities are filled with all sorts of wheeled rides while its citizens hop from one location to the next. From the looks of it, Ford’s dream has been realized. The problem is the outcome may not be as ideal as the revolutionary industrialist wanted it to be. 

The freedom brought about by all the automobiles available has been largely abused. Many fail to keep in mind how dangerous a car can be and act negligently on the road. The results are telling. In 2019 alone, over 33,000 people died due to motor vehicle crashes all over America. That number has gone up yearly ever since. 

The top cause of these accidents may surprise you: distracted driving. Indeed, it takes but some moments away from the steering wheel that fatalities happen.  

The good news is you can put to a minimum such road risks. Practicing  “defensive driving” can certainly be of great help in making all that happen. To a large degree, defensive driving is to expect the unexpected. It’s being proactive so accidents can be prevented best. Worry not, if that has confounded you. Here’s a lowdown on what to do to become a defensive driver. 

Follow the Basics

You can argue all you want. But the rules put in place on the road are meant to protect motorists from getting into accidents. As much as youngsters would think that it’s limiting them, it’s actually making sure they’re out of harm’s way when driving on the streets of America. 

Take for instance texting while driving. While only 24 states ban handheld cellphones when driving, texting is a no-no in all but a handful of states. And that’s but timely. If you’re driving, it takes but a few seconds of inattention for your vehicle to endanger lives — yours including. 

The same holds true for speed limits. Speeding is the second leading cause of road accident deaths. So when you go beyond the speed limit, you increase your chances of meeting an untimely accident.

Defensive driving means you follow the traffic rules to the letter. It’s not just for your good but for everyone you meet along the way. 

Observe Three Second Rule

Haste makes waste. On the road, that can mean haste creates accidents. That’s exactly why observing the Three Second Rule is spot-on to minimize accidents. Simply put, it means you pass an object on the road no sooner than three seconds after the vehicle right in front of you passes it. It’s a concrete example of a precautionary measure in defensive driving. 

Please know that getting the services of an experienced personal injury attorney is paramount should you or anyone in the family meet an accident. That way the accident can be assessed best and you’d be protected from wrongful claims. Even better, the lawyer will ensure you get your due from the insurance company should you be admitted to a hospital. As accidents can happen anytime, getting in touch with a reliable lawyer is best before any untoward road mishap happens to you. 

Nix Distractions

As tempting as it is to horse around when behind the wheel, don’t. If you want to keep a conversation with the people riding with you, make sure your eyes don’t veer off the road in front of you.

Defensive driving means you should as much as possible not get distracted while navigating the road. Set your smartphone aside. Nothing is as important as the lives in your vehicle. When you read or send a text, you take your eyes off the road for as long as 5 seconds. At 55 mph speed, that number of seconds can send your car a football field forward. That distance is enough to ram a motorcycle crossing your way. 

Give Way to Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers are nothing but trouble. There’s a whole lot of them: swervers, tailgaters, and drivers who easily give you the finger. Avoid any confrontation with them at all costs. Instead, let them have their way. They’re bad news and an altercation with them would only escalate. 

So if, by any chance, you meet aggressive drivers on the road, keep calm. Don’t trigger their anger. A good solution for you is to slow down and let them drive away and have the road. 

Stay updated with traffic rules and regulations. Things are changing pretty fast especially with the virus. Aim to keep yourself in the loop. It’s the goal of a defensive driver to be informed as much as possible. That way, trouble on the road can be averted. And everyone goes home in one piece — safe and sound.

Driving Tips

Tips for New Drivers: 5 Items Every New Driver Should Own

In 2021, there are over 234 million drivers in the U.S, many of whom are new to the roads.

Aside from being a good driver, you must be prepared for emergency scenarios, especially if you’re traveling long distances. Perhaps you’ve recently got your license, and you’re not sure how to properly prepare your vehicle for the unexpected.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are five essential items for new drivers.

  1. Cell Phone and Charger

One of the top safety items for drivers is a cellphone and charger. Many newbies may be unfamiliar with changing a tire or figuring out what’s wrong with an engine which makes having a cellphone your lifeline. It also lets you keep in touch with loved ones should an accident happen.

You should also come equipped with non-perishable food items if you break down in the middle of nowhere. Think energy bars and trail mix.

  1. First Aid Kit

Aside from these products, you must also pack a first aid kit. Make sure yours contains bandages, gauze dressing, and antiseptic cream. And you mustn’t forget extra bottles of water and painkillers because you never know what could happen on the road.

  1. Window Punch and Seatbelt Cutter

Your emergency kit isn’t complete without a window punch. This is crucial if you become submerged in water. You’ll notice it has a small handle with a metal point so you can break the window and get out.

Most window punches come with a seatbelt cutter in case the release mechanism doesn’t work.

  1. Flashlight

Add a flashlight to your car essentials, a lifesaver if you’re stranded at night. Although you may have one on your phone, it’s best to invest in a durable, high-quality flashlight so you can fix your car in the dark.

Further, many flashlights come with strobe lights so you can warn approaching cars that you’re there.

  1. Battery Booster Pack and Jack Kit

A battery booster is key as it prevents you from calling a tow service or finding someone to jump-start your car. And in worst-case scenarios, be prepared with jumper cables, so you’re not left stranded.

Further, many new drivers face flat tires, which is why you need a jack kit. This lets you change the tire alone without seeking anyone’s help. It’s also a good idea to get a tire repair kit so you can re-inflate your flat tire.

But, before using it, thoroughly read the instructions, so you don’t damage the tire further.

Get These Products for New Drivers

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know the must-have items for new drivers.

Make sure you have a cellphone and charger, pack a first aid kit, and come equipped with a flashlight, so you’re never stranded in the dark. And you mustn’t forget to pack a jack kit and battery booster pack for emergencies. Good luck!

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Driving Tips

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Driving school

While the thought of hitting the road seems fascinating to anyone who has taken a plunge into the legal age of driving, but selecting the right driving school could prove to be a massive headache. And, this seems even more daunting, when no one in your family has taken driving lessons previously, But, don’t you worry, as here in this post, we will be enlisting five essential factors you must take into account to choose the best driving school and obtain a driver’s license with a minimum of effort. So, scroll down and have a look at these: –

How Good Training School Is?

The first crucial thing to look into when finding a trustworthy driving school in your geographical location is the service quality. Having by your side a qualified and experienced instructor having clear training manuals will assist you with getting your driver’s license.

Don’t feel timid to hurl a number of questions with regards to who runs the driving school and talk to their panel of instructors-it makes all the difference. It is a no-brainer to locate a driving school that promise you with the best results. Being well-prepared will ensure you will bag the driver’s license in the first attempt itself.

What is the Location of The Driving School?

It is of paramount importance that your prospective Nayland driving school must be situated in an area which can be accessed easily from your home location, school or the workplace. This is because you’ll be requiring lifts from your known or travel via public transportation to reach the driving school learning centre. This becomes even more crucial if you reside in the suburbs of the city and public commute is not efficient. So, in a nutshell, choosing a driving school which is too far will only going to increase the hassles associated with obtaining a driver’s license.

The Flexibility of the Schedule

The next step is understanding the schedule of driving classes. This is equally important to the quality of the training; it is to choose a driving school that offers you great flexibility when it comes to attending classes. So, the whole idea is opting for the driving school schedule that you can easily squeeze in your day-to-day routine.

The Safety of the Learning Cars

Last, but not least, the safety of the cars at the Nayland driving school is one factor that most of us overlook. It is important to ascertain the cars are recent and safe so that you can only focus on the aspect of getting the license.

Once you narrow down on one or two top-rated driving schools in your region, make sure you now the course price before joining the driving classes to prevent your monthly savings from going a toss.

Driving Tips

Trucking Companies Need to Take Safety More Seriously…

When an accident involving a truck takes place, the blame is often attributed to the driver of the truck for causing the accident. Sometimes, this blame is well deserved, but sometimes it is due to the truck company failing to adhere to regulations. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the driver is sent out in a roadworthy and safe truck. If the trucking company fails to do this, they will be held responsible for the often disastrous consequences, according to Houston 18 wheel truck accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner.

The company must regularly review the logbooks filed by each of their drivers to ensure the driver is qualified to be driving the lorry and is not driving outside the hours of service regulations. You may be aware that the truck drivers are limited in the number of hours that they can drive each day, and the trucking company must ensure the driver doesn’t go over these limits.

At the end of each shift, the driver of the lorry usually needs to fill out a driver’s daily vehicle inspection report. This is where the driver can list every defect on the lorry that they have noticed during their journey. The company must then take action on repairs based on this daily report and ensure there are no defects when the truck goes back into service.

Section 390.13 states that “no person shall aid, abet, encourage, or require a motor carrier or its employees to violate the rules.” This is normally included in litigation documents when a truck accident occurs. If the trucking company turns a blind eye to a driver violating the hours of service regulations, as they need a load delivered, they are breaking the law and will be held responsible.

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to immediately determine any trucking company violations, especially when the collision has just taken place. To uncover any violations, an independent investigation needs to take place, and this investigation will focus on any falsified logbooks and take a close look at the driver’s qualifications, as well as the condition of the tractor and trailer that the driver drove during the accident.

It is more common than you might think with regards to lorry companies taking measures to cover up these infractions. This is why it is so important to enlist the help of a trucking accident attorney. We’d recommend you call Attorney Greg Baumgartner for a personal consultation if you have suffered from an accident.

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Driving Tips

An Introduction to Safe Driving: Overview on Dos and Don’ts of Safe Driving Manual

If you finish a defensive driving voluntarily, you might not only be eligible for lower auto insurance prices, but you’ll develop safer driving skills that are crucial to avoiding traffic accidents and violations later on. Defensive driving contains a small number of basic driving tips that are meant to help you stay focused on the street, increase your awareness of your surroundings, and prepare you for a quick reaction to prevent a crash. Distracted driving is dangerous and increases your odds of being in a crash. Even if you discover that you have to lower your driving or give up the keys, it doesn’t signify the conclusion of your independence.

Safe driving is everybody’s responsibility. Safe driving has to be encouraged by each person who’s a driver or not because safety is essential for everyone and at times a single person is accountable for many different individuals who never think to say that responsible person about the security driving.

Do’s and Don’ts : Safe Driving On Streets

Speaking of costs related to accidents even just a single accident causes a more than 10 percent jump in your car insurance prices. If you’re involved in a motorcycle collision, a motorcycle collision attorney needs to be sought.

A whole lot of things might fail on the street, and it only takes one wrong move to make a collision. When it is snowing and it appears like it’s settling on the roads, there’s a danger you could become stranded as you are out and about. When towing a trailer, you’re more vulnerable on the street. When you’re on the street, always drive as though you’re an ambassador for motorcyclists everywhere. If you can’t get completely off the street, stop where people may see you and your vehicle from behind. If you’re driving down icy roads, then don’t rush.

In order to cut the probability of an insurance policy claim, drivers want to remain focused and take extra precautions during the winter. Whether the driver knows that they’re following too closely, or not, it’s considered an aggressive driving behaviour on the street and should be taken seriously. Before he takes the wheel, they should have the correct licence. Next, you’ll need to be certain that you, since the driver, and any passengers are correctly seated on the bike. Don’t forget that you have to not push different drivers to making mistakes, and never forget to use the hazard indicators. Even the very best teenage drivers don’t have the judgment that comes from experience.

Firstly, you should make your car a lot easier to see. In addition to ensuring your car is winter ready, you may want to brush up on your driving skills. Make sure that you have the right driving safety items in your automobile before you own a roadside emergency. There is also an option to get some car rental company like Centaura Rent a Car where you get car along with a professional experienced driver as well. An individual must be mindful while washing the vehicle. One must be sure that the vehicle comes with appropriate security measures as a way to prevent thefts.

Driving Tips

A Good Driving School Can Prepare You for the Road More Quickly Than You Think

Learning to drive can be more complex than you’re prepared for, especially if you’re an adult who never learned to drive as a young person. Fortunately, professional driving schools provide lessons that are personalised to your needs so regardless of your level of experience they will teach you what you need to be a good driver and put you at ease from the very start. Even if all you need is a refresher course, they can accommodate you, and their prices are a lot lower than you might think.

Teaching You What You Need to Know

The schools that offer affordable driving lessons in Taunton make sure that you learn what you need to know to pass the driving test, including:

  • Recognising hazards and learning to avoid them
  • Remaining in control while you’re driving
  • Driving safely in all situations
  • Making sure that you can complete a Progress Report Card
  • Learning to always obey the Highway Code

Best of all, these schools prepare you for the upcoming driver’s test and if you fail that test, they can help make sure that you pass it the next time you take it.

Providing More Than Just Driving Lessons

Driving schools do more than just teach people to drive. They offer courses to help even those people who fail their driving tests and they can teach people how to be driving instructors as well. Their lessons are two or ten hours long and they even offer a full-day package for those who need it. Their prices start at roughly £30 so they are very affordable and they can get you behind that wheel much more quickly than you think.

Driving Tips

Driving Tips for New Learners

If you are the one learning to drive, you will have to remember and be careful about many things. Even if you’re with a mature driver, you are the one behind the steering wheel, so you need to be focused. So, mentioned below are few tips for the new learners that they should keep in mind while driving. This list has been completely customized keeping in mind the newbies and the people who will be driving with them. Even if you’re with the practicing drivers, you need to stick to the ground rules. There is a listing of dos and don’ts that you need to follow to get rid of any potential trouble.

Know your car

One glaring mistake that most of the people make is not knowing what their car is. By this, it is meant you should analyses and be comfortable with the car. Before you begin, it is necessary to get familiar with the theory of the cat. If you know the basics, you will be read0079 to ride it better. Also, you should be aware of how the clutch functions and the way the gears are arranged. Next, you should learn that you should avoid the mistake of lowering the apparatus in case of high speeds.

Seating position

Most of the amateur drivers should learn it is how to maintain their seating position. Sometimes even the experienced drivers make this mistake which further increases the possibility of the accidents. You should be entirely placing yourself in a comfortable position. Make sure you have your back straight with the buttocks placed in the seat. This helps to avoid the injury. Most of the classes for driving lessons in Tallaght teach how to sit correctly.

You should place your chair accordingly, so you get to have a proper view of all around. Do not forget about adjusting the height of the seat. As per the general rule, your height must be half that of the height of the windshield. Make sure the chair is placed so that you do not need to put too much pressure on the knees.

Avoid distraction

If you’re the one handling the car, you should be very attentive and careful of how you’re riding. Always make sure to put up the seatbelt and follow the rules. If you’re on the road, make sure you are avoiding all the distractions, and your overall focus is on the way. Most of the people use the phone while driving which is highly distracting. Moreover, as per the rules, you should not drink and drive. If you are the newbie in the field, refrain from eating and having loud conversations while driving.

Put the seat in accordance to pedals

The seat of the vehicle should be set up depending on the pedals. You should be able to push the brakes and clutch accurately. Most importantly you should remember that the knees should be bent about 120 degrees for the convenience.

Apart from remembering the rules, you should make sure you are comfortable too. If you’re not comfortable, you will surely avoid safety and commit mistakes which will be dangerous.

Driving Tips

Reliable Tyres from a Trusted Supplier in Your Area

Driving with worn tyres can be extremely dangerous, so when you notice that your tyres are considerably worn or are constantly losing air, it’s probably time to have them changed.

From a reputable tyre supplier, you can gain access to a huge inventory of tyres where the tyres for your vehicle will almost always be available and ready for purchase. In addition to supplying you with the tyres, you can also have your tyres fitted in your supplier’s garage so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Easy Online Searching

A trusted tyres supplier in Stourbridge will make it easy to find the right tyres by offering an easy to navigate, online searching system. All you will need are your tyre’s details, which will typically include the following:

  • Tyre Width
  • Tyre Profile
  • Rim Size
  • Speed Rating

If you are unable to find these details or aren’t sure where to look, your suppliers can also point you in the right direction. The more accurate you are with your search, the better your tyres will be for your vehicle.

Other Tyre-Related Services

As tyre experts, your suppliers will typically offer a range of additional services that might include the following:

  • Wheel Alignments
  • Brakes
  • Alloy Wheels Repair
  • Wheel Accessories
  • Tyre Sensors

When you are working with a trusted supplier, you can get everything you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready to be driven safely and with efficiency.

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Professional Driving Lessons to Fit Any New Driver’s Needs

Driving is an important part of everyday life. People drive to get back and forth from work, shuffle the kids to school, go out to dinner, travel and so many other things. Most people need vehicles to get around on a day to day basis. Driving and the roadways can be very dangerous. Learning to drive and drive safely is important not only for your safety, but for the safety of those you share the road with.

Driving Lesson Courses Offered

Driving lessons are a great idea for those learning how to drive. The best driving lessons in Birmingham offer real world experience in a methodical way in an environment that is as controlled as possible. Students can learn to drive an automatic transmission, manual transmission or both. Courses offered include:

  • Manual Beginners Only Course
  • Manual 1-hour Course
  • Manual 2-hour Course
  • Automatic Beginners Only Course
  • Automatic 1-hour Course
  • Automatic 2-hour Course
  • Pass Plus Course
  • ADI Training
  • Crash Courses

Both manual and automatic courses are available for bulk bookings. This includes five 2-hour courses.

Why Take Driving Lessons?

Taking driving lessons will help you become a more confident driver. A more confident and comfortable driver is a safer driver. Taking courses from professional instructors will ensure that you feel fully prepared when it comes time to take your driving test. The professionals offer on-road experience in vehicles that are well maintained, ensuring that your courses are smooth and informative. When learning to drive choose the professional instructors to give you the know-how to expertly and safely drive on the road.

Driving Tips

How To Choose The Right Trailer Parts Supplier In UK?

It is often seen that you buy a product and later on you notice that the same has some major flaws and lacks important features. The whole fiasco could have been avoided if only you paid a little more attention and made an informed buy safety Points For Driving Safe And Preventing Road Accidentsng decision. Buying spare parts for your trailer is similar to buying the same for your car. In both cases, you need to pay extra attention unless you don’t mind spending a fortune on a part that failed prematurely!

While on the road, both your car and your trailer need to be in their prime electromechanical condition that will make sure safety to you, your family and others on the road.

It is essential to get to know some important pointers before buying parts from a trailer parts supplier. Here are five important aspects you need to consider before making the purchase:

Get to Know your Seller

With globalisation and competition at its peak these days, it is hard for the average Jane/Joe to identify the fake from the genuine trailer parts supplier. It is strongly advised to buy spare parts for your trailer from a supplier that has a good reputation and impeccable track record.

Compare the Market Prices of the Parts

So, it is your first time that you are buying spares for your trailer and clearly you don’t have any idea about the prices of the same!? Head on over to the Internet and compare prices of the part with those offered from different manufacturers. Don’t fall for the deal that seems irresistible. To be on the safe side, it is always best to hop from one trailer parts supplier to the other and take brief notes about their offers.

Verify Whether the Parts are Fabricated by an OEM or not

The best possible and faster approach is to verify the registration number on the spare part with that on the OEM’s website. If the part was manufactured by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) then they will have a record for the same which means, it’s genuine. It is best to avoid parts that are offered by the trailer parts supplier at a heavy discount. The reason!? The part could be a fake and the seller might be in a hurry to get rid of the stock!

Keep a Weather Eye for Warranty/Guarantee

It is of utmost importance to buy spares for your trailer that comes with warranty period. It is an important feature to look out for as it is the insurance where you will be able to ask for a replacement from the manufacturer/seller if the part fails prematurely.

Check Whether the Spare Part Seller Provides Installation Services

There are two types of spares for your trailer. One – that can be replaced or fitted by you easily. Two – the ones that need technical expertise and a bunch of specialised tools. It is best to buy parts from a seller that provides installation services to their patrons. A trailer parts supplier that also provides professional inspection and tuning for your trailer is a preferable attribute if you are planning on a long road trip.

One might feel like they can do well without considering the above points. Well, to be frank, you can but the chances of you being stranded in the middle of nowhere are really high if you do so. It is best to make sure that the trailer spares supplier is compliant with at least three of the above-mentioned points.