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Defensive Driving 101

Every day, there is news about road accidents. As studies show that numerous influences cause highway crashes, these incidents can be prevented. Aside from the government’s road safety programs, motorists – more than ever – must follow the rules and regulations set by the transportation officials. Enumerated here are common road safety tips both drivers and traffic officers must abide to lessen if not to entirely eradicate highway accidents.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Road signs highlight “Don’t drink and drive’ and yet several people are still arrested and even met their untimely death because they are under the influence of abusive substance or alcohol. Alcohol and drugs slow down reflexes which may cause mental preparedness to drop.

Several causes have been filed against motorists who are driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated (DWI) and even drink-driving. These offenses have claimed many lives, and some are still under criminal court proceedings. However, even the best Houston DWI defense attorney handles their cases; the fact that they have killed someone because of their actions is already something too much to think of.

Obey Traffic Rules

Cliché yet true. Always abide by the set of traffic rules each city and district implements. Traffic rules are designed with safety as its principal motivation. The road traffic guidelines are made not only for motorists but pedestrians as well.

Simple direction like following the lane must not bore motorists same with keeping distance between vehicles. Signal lights are made not to be forgotten but to gesture to drivers and pedestrians nearby that one is about to make a turn, change lane or the vehicle is experiencing a system malfunction.

To obey traffic rules means to show respect to oneself, to fellow motorists, to pedestrians, and to the government. Drivers must dismiss the thinking that no one is watching; thus they will, for instance, beat the reg signal. It is also prudent that they remove the mentality that all traffic cops accept a settlement, therefore will continue disrespecting road guidelines and directions.

Regularly Check Vehicle

As much as possible, have the car inspected before a long drive or even before and after use. Ensure all warning devices and lamps are in working condition. A few minutes of examining the tires, side mirror, and brakes are more prudent than spending the most of one’s life in jail or in a trial. Also, never compromise on the quality of tires. Have them inflated with the right air pressure to avoid tire bursts from happening while still on the road.

Wear Seat Belts

Seat belts may hinder specific movements as of the moment, but they are life-saving. To add, wearing a seat belt is in the law. There are numerous road accident cases shown that many individuals strapped to their seat belts are spared from severe injury. The lap-shoulder belt systems, for one, protect these passengers and motorists against severe and fatal head and neck injuries. Reports have it that most cases of unbuckled passengers and drivers suffer head and spine injuries after a road accident. These injuries have caused them thousands of dollars in medical bills and to some, even led them to a lifetime of debt and even bankruptcy.

Upgrade Car Features

Drivers may adopt antiskid break systems in their vehicles to manage the risk of car skidding. Reflectors are also practical add-ons on the rear of the car to help other motorists easily detect approaching vehicles.


Pedestrians, especially children, and elders, always come first. A few minutes to wait is all it takes to allow them to cross the road. Give them that pleasure. Give the same respect to fellow motorists. Avoid over-taking. Never be tempted, too, to speed up to show off or irate a driver close behind. Speed may give a thrill, but it may also speed up the drivers’ arrogance and thus kill in the process.

Arrogance, carelessness, and indifference may lead one to face road accident, claim a life, damage property, and disturb others. It is better to read caution signs, apply prudence while driving, and show respect to avoid road accidents from happening.

Driving Tips

Article 47 Conveyance Advice For 2018: The Advantages Of Partnering With Your Local Road Haulage Specialists

The UK’s road freight industry is worth over £23 billion and upwards of 280,000 lorry drivers are responsible for shipping 170 billion tonnes of goods each year, which is why motorway conveyance plays such an integral role in today’s commercial and private landscape.

Thus, we’ve created this brief article to help you understand the aptitudes and proficiencies of your local road haulage services in SN10.

Comprehensive Assistance for All of Your Shipping Requirements

With robust fleets of modernised equipment and highly trained teams of drivers at their disposal, today’s best-rated haulage providers are able to handle a wide range of tasks:

  • Conduct risk assessments, efficacy studies, and inspections to ensure streamlined transportation methods regardless of the items in question
  • Facilitate extensive shipments and deliveries throughout the United Kingdom and Europe
  • Cater to odd, abnormal, and wide loads with modified flatbeds, low loaders, and lorry loaders
  • Utilise industrial cranes, hoists, and winches to protect your products, implements, and provisions
  • Establish personalised routes, throughway courses, and police-assisted escorts when required

As such, these resourceful experts can ship everything ranging from boats and cabins to industrial machinery, aerospace equipment, military apparatus, and a seemingly infinite number of alternative products with unprecedented efficiency.

Safety, Security, and Logistical Excellence

Additionally it’s important to note that your local road haulage company prides itself on being able to adhere to all regulations, stipulations, and guidelines to mitigate your exposure to risks and superfluous fees:

  • ADR-trained drivers and CSCS-accredited services
  • DGSA approved and verified by UVDB
  • Complete liability coverage and project-specific insurances
  • Fully inspected and certified vehicles and equipment

To boot, these shipping experts can provide timed deliveries and real-time tracking tools without charging a fortune for their services. Be sure to reach out to a local haulage provider as soon as possible for a tailored consultation.

Driving Tips

A Good Driving School Can Be a Lifesaver for Many People

Reputable driving schools are not only for teenagers but also for adults who need a refresher course or who never learned to drive in the first place. Driving schools teach various classes for people of different driving abilities, and all you have to do to get started is look them up online. These companies’ websites give you all the details you need to decide which class to take, and they make their prices competitive so that everyone can afford to work with them.

Accommodating All Types of Drivers

Driving schools offer many specialised classes, including classes for:

  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Intensive courses that help you manoeuvre the local terrain
  • Refresher courses
  • Courses that concentrate on special conditions such as wet roads or night-time driving

In other words, a good, low cost driving school in Enfield will help you learn everything you need to know, and everything you wish to know, so that you can feel confident the next time you get behind the wheel of a car.

Working Hard to Personalise Their Courses

Driving schools work hard to make sure all their courses are pertinent and relevant to your needs, which is why they offer so many different types of courses. Whether you are a young person learning to drive or someone who has not driven in a while and needs a refresher course, these schools can accommodate you. They can teach you how to drive any type of vehicle and in any weather condition, and they never stop updating the information they teach because they want you to be as prepared as possible from now on.

Driving Tips

Why Ford Cars are Safe to Drive

If you are looking for a car prioritized on safety measures, Ford can top your list of brands. To know more why driving a Ford car is safe, read on.

To make every travel safe for the user Ford puts in all possible efforts loaded with a wide range of features focusing both on avoiding an accident in an Active way and protecting the passengers even if a collision is unavoidable in a Passive way. Here are technology and safety measures you get in every Ford car, as described by the Connecticut Ford dealer.

Emergency Assistance

The most prominent component of potential live-saving measures from Ford SYNC is an Emergency Assist that gets activated with pulling up an airbag or shutting down the fuel pump, at any event of an accident. The Emergency Assistance automatically makes calls to the local emergency services and shares the exact GPS location of the vehicle.


Ford cars are equipped with all possible airbags to ensure safety for the driver and the passengers. It is placed even along the curtain and sides, a pack of 6 to provide an all-round protection. In the All-New Endeavour, an additional driver’s knee airbag has been included. They play actively with the help of advanced sensors ensuring a prompt yet controlled response on demand.

The Braking System

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) clubbed with the Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) work together to maintain the balance of the brake force between the front and the rear wheels to prevent from getting locked. It is an effort to provide greater control to the driver and bring stability while stopping the vehicle all of a sudden.

Conductive Alloys

Every Ford vehicle is having fuel lines are manufactured with alloys to make them more conductive, and to prevent sparks. The Fuel tanks placed in Ford vehicles are laid in a pattern to ensure that they don’t get easily damaged. Moreover, the fuel supply to the engine gets cut off automatically whenever there are any chances of falling undue impact on the fuel tank.

Better Wiring

Ford vehicles picked up only thick gauge wires to load the distribution of load and to enable better capacity. They have inserted Special wire clamps to maintain the highest standards of safety. Additionally, there is a wire insulation system with a special anti-static coating to keep the electric impulses flowing without any accumulation. Ford dealer Connecticut recommend only Genuine Accessories issued by Ford to install in the Ford vehicles.

Summing Up with Ford MyKey Technology

To sum up, Ford proved its sincere efforts to keep you safe through this special technology that got introduced in Ford vehicles to set the maximum speed limit, a seatbelt reminder and control of the audio system volume. Specially crafted to create a peaceful ambience, Ford MyKey is made easy to use. It needs only the insertion of the key into the ignition, and start the car. Rest is only following the simple instructions that are pre-set as a program with the kind of restrictions you want.

Driving Tips

Experiencing the Craze for Audi Cars Across the World

When you pull up the vallet off your Audi, the waiting folks simply wish to be driving your car instead. It is regarded as one of the most luxurious, stylish, impressive and distinguished cars available in the market. Audi Dealership Santa Cruz is one of the outstanding Audi dealers of the world. The friendly customer support team, experienced technicians, automotive innovation and elite services are all the major attributes of the Audi dealers across the globe, which make it one of the sought after choices for the car enthusiasts.

Let’s find out the main reasons for the over growing craze of Audi across the world.

  1. Attractive and Beautiful

The audi cars are the most attractive cars on the road. Though they have the conservative design, but it has an appeal on its own. This style is known as the “Style By Stealth”. And, this makes it one of the most beautiful cars in its league. They have an influence on the customer’s fashionable trends and aspirations.

  1. Best Designs

It’s almost like sitting in one’s own living room, when sitting in an Audi car. The luxurious interior design offers an ultimate level of comfort zone to the passengers. Also, the materially used for the cars and designs, the audi cars are supposed to be one of the best ergonomic cars of the domain.

  1. Advanced Technology

Audi is known for its competitive advanced technology in the market. The cutting edge technology with the infotainment system is simply outstanding. The intuitive control system present in the cars make it popular among the mass. The latest advanced technology has made Audi gain a significant reputation in the market.

  1. Makes use of green technology

Can you believe that the pioneer of racing cars are the ones, which make use of the green technology extensively. The diesel driven engines have reduced the emissions of carbon dioxide to a significant level. Also, the enhanced economy of fuel utilization to a significant level has improved the efficiency and performance of the Audi cars to a huge extent.

  1. Way to Electrification

Audis are developing plug in hybrids and electric cars possessing e-tron versions developmental versions.

  1. Wide collection of Vehicles

Audis are said to have a huge collection of various line up of vehicles. This includes right from the luxury sedans, coupes, SUVs to sports and racing cars as well. The premium manufacturer of cars has a wide collection of cars from all the various domains of the auto makers.

If you’re in and around Santa Cruz and have a high fascination for Audis, Audi Santa Cruz dealers are right there at your service. They offer customer friendly extensive support system with utmost dedication and commitment. You have absolutely no reason about the service, quality and collection of the cars at all. There are highly qualified engineers and technicians along with the knowledgeable sales support team, which introduce the customers to the inventory of Audi and also provide them with the latest technology and Audi cars.

Driving Tips

Driving is made easier to learn with the help of driving schools!

Business industry has faced rapid developments in the recent decades which in turn have led to various modifications in the life of people. One of such would include the increased interaction and the traveling interest among people. With various advancements made in the automobile industry, the transportation facilities for people have been greatly increased. Today, the majority of the people around the world owns various automobiles that help them to travel to various locations with an ease. And it greatly avoids the need for dependence on the public transport units. However, traveling via such private vehicles also requires certain factors that have to be considered for the effective travel experience. The first and the foremost factor would include one’s safety and also the others. And it is ensured by means of their effective driving skills. There is even organizations available today that provides professional training classes that help people to improve their driving skills in order to engage in any of the travel. Such organizations or institutions are commonly known as the driving schools. They are the first choice of preference to most of the people who would like to improve their driving skills. Andy1st is one among such driving schools located in the UK region.

Instructor in driving schools!

As mentioned earlier, these driving schools are the best place for anyone to brush up their driving skills and get licensed as a driver. Thus, these organizations comprise of professionals who would provide a complete set of training in the driving and provides clarified information for various doubts that arise among people. And these driving schools also provide the opportunities to start a new business organization by providing the driving instructor training. This training would greatly assist people to help others in improving their driving skills. And there are certain regulations that have to be met in order to be a part of such instructor training classes. This includes that the person should be above the age of 21 and should have a valid driving license for a minimum of about three and a half years. And the number of points on the license is also an important role in the admission of the training program application. An individual should possess not more than 5 points in his/her license to ensure the acceptance of his/her application by the Driving Standard Agency. And the training consists of three sets of tests, the first would include the computer based test, the second would the practical test to test the driving skill of the individual and the final one would include the practical test to validate the instructor’s ability of the individual.

Selecting the suitable one!

With the increased need for traveling and the availability of the modern transportation vehicles greatly increase the interest people to engage in more of the driving actions. However, with such increased traveling the necessity for advanced safety features also becomes more important. So the need for such driving schools is increasing every day. One could find various such organizations more commonly in the nearby locations. However, it becomes necessary to select the suitable that provides the good quality of the training sessions and helps people to perfect their driving skills. Andy1st is one among such driving school located in the UK region.

Driving Tips

What You Need To Have Before Taking A Roadtrip

Road trips can be quite a fun experience to share with your best friends or your family, however, you should never go unprepared. Even if you are renting a car, always make sure to rent a car that has great car insurance, which means that they also include the roadside assistance policy. If you need some good recommendations of great assistances, you can check out the

No matter where you want to go, you should always have everything planned beforehand. However, there are many things that can go wrong, which is why it is also important to take some of the essential items with you.

Important items

Things that you should always have by your side, and that could save you in such situations where your car breaks down are; water, food, blanket, and a phone. You should also keep in mind that you should never exit the car on the side of the traffic, always make sure that you exit it from the other side.

Plan the route

Every destination will have at least 3 different routes you can take to get there, which is why you need to find the route that is perfect for you. This way you will also be able to make a schedule, since you know where you will stop for meals, bathroom breaks or just to rest. However, to the original schedule, you should always add a day or two, in case something happens.

Use your devices for navigation

While in past we had to rely on maps to take us to destinations where we have not been before, today almost every device has a navigation system that will surely tell you the right way. Always make sure that you have your smartphone with you!

Road trip GPRS

Today, almost every device can help you navigate

Road trips can really be unpredictable, which is why you need to make a checklist that you will go through before leaving. The list below might help you decide on what items you should take on your trip:

  • If you are taking a long trip with family and friends, and you are not one of the drivers, you can pack yourself some entertainment, like a book!
  • Some car food would also be nice, for example: baby carrots, sandwiches, grapes …
  • Packing a small pillow with you is also a very smart thing, especially for longer trips.
  • One of the most important things to pack is toilet paper, since you can use it for wiping practically anything.
  • If you a traveling in a group, you can consider bringing some friendly games, like cards, travel bingo or word games.
  • Try not to get locked out of your car (yes, it happens), and just in case bring spare keys.
  • Another important thing that you should always have by your side is the first aid kit, together with a flashlight.
  • Packing a pair of spare clothes and a car charger is also one of the necessities.

Final word

In the end, the most important thing is always the roadside assistance that is usually included in your car insurance contract. There are many good agencies that offer good road assistance, one of which is Roadside Assistance in Melbourne by Roadside Response. Always make sure that even when you rent a car that you have the roadside assistance included in your contract.

Driving Tips

The 5 Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Knew

Unless you have ever been behind the wheel of a HGV, the average motorist has no clue about what it is like to be in control of one. HGV drivers pass through extensive training starting from CPC qualification from certified, professional bodies such as to 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years. Yet, people often love complaining about HGVs while the news articles that are constantly churned out do not always paint HGV drivers in the best light, but challenges that those drivers encounter are beyond their understanding. This article would like to share with you the five things that HGV drivers would like other motorists to know.

1. HGVs are Quite Hard to Manoeuvre

This point might seem rather obvious, but the average UK driver still gets incredibly impatient when a HGV has to block traffic for a couple of minutes while manoeuvring the trailer. We do understand your frustration but try to consider that we are moving an 18-metre vehicle weighing as much as 40 tonnes with limited visibility, usually around tight corners. The higher the level of experience of the driver, the better they will be at it but even then it will still take several minutes to manoeuvre safely. Please give us some trust and space since we want to be out of your way as much as you do.

2. HGVs Require Longer Braking Distances Than Cars

It is worth taking into account the braking distance of a HGV when driving either behind or in front of one especially on the motorways. While it might not be possible for you to stop relatively quickly, typically about 100 feet, a HGV that’s fully loaded will require 3 times this distance or even 5. If you are driving in front of a HGV without paying attention to the road, an emergency stop can cause serious problems and is usually the cause for motorway crashes that involve HGVs. When you see a HGV, ensure that you brake in good time and exercise patience as a HGV slows down to approach roundabouts and intersections.

3. The Speed of HGVs is Regulated

If you look closely behind some HGVs, you will notice little signs that say “speed regulated at 70”. The signs means that a HGV is not allowed to go higher than 70 miles per hour that is to electronic limiters. It is the reason why you often find HGVs using the far left hand lane in motorways. Still you will be surprised by the number of drivers that get frustrated when they follow an HGV. HGVs are not trying to slow you down, it is just that they are unable to go any faster.

4. HGV Drivers Cannot See as Much as Other Drivers Think

Due to the size of lorries and large vehicles, drivers have a somewhat limited field of vision. HGV drivers have to pay attention constantly and have to constantly be on the lookout for other vehicles. However, other motorists and pedestrians should ensure that they are visible and do not get in the way of a HGV that has limited visibility.

5. The Road Belongs to Everyone

According to the average driver profile that was compiled in 2007, the average UK driver is noticeably frustrated by non-commercial drivers that seem to not understand that the road belongs to everybody. The survey revealed that the average UK road user did not have a care or patience with HGVs that they do with other road users. However, HGV drivers are only doing their jobs and are not trying to get in the way or inconvenience people.

Driving Tips


This world being the hub of humans of every kind can give you the people who are not putting the effort to buy the stuffs by their own money but in fact they love to earn it by stealing. So when they see the car being standing on the road, they try to steal it. Click here to more about steps by which you can protect your car from being stolen by thieves. These steps are really important but very basic so do obey it for your good.


The most basic thing is to lock your car to prevent it from being stolen. Almost 50 percent of cars gets stolen because of being open or unlocked.


Hide your keys somewhere only you know. Don`t even give it or show it your fellows. You never know they might copy it and use it against your knowledge.


Your car being parked in a well-lit area will give you and the people or neighborhood the clear look if some thief tried to steal it or touch it oddly


Park in an area where lots of people are present. In a crowded area lots thieves will not even think of stealing or they will be caught.


People usually in a hurry leave their car windows open and the thieves easily jump in the car by that or open the lock from opened windows by putting hand inside the car and then steal the car easily.


If you will leave your valuable assets in the car then they will think that you are very rich or have been in a hurry that you left your stuffs in the car and they will try to steal it eventually if they didn`t think about it at first.


Park in your garage if you are near to it. If you are not in near your house garage then park it somewhere who has the locked door or main gate so the thieves can`t come near it.


This is the most common and better mode of securing you car from stealing. If you have installed a security system in your car then the thieves will not try to steal it. They will not waste the time to remove the system and also will not risk to ping the alarm which is going to call the police to reach the place where the stealing of car is happening. Install a good system, don’t be cheap. The system is not going to cost you more than your car which is really precious. There are very advanced systems available in the market, which can even allow you to see or track your car in smart phone. So , you can be in contact with your car and also the security agency to prevent the car from being stolen

Driving Tips

Make Sure You Know Who to Call if Your Car Breaks Down

You do not want to break down on a roadway and not know whom to call. Therefore, familiarise yourself with companies in your local area that offer 24/7 vehicle emergency breakdown and towing services. A company that features emergency services should be a rapid response provider. They should offer all-inclusive services such as roadside breakdown assistance, auto recovery and repair, and at-home repairs and maintenance services.

Coast Along the Shoulder and Stop

That is why you need to make sure you have the number of an emergency service saved, especially if you find yourself stranded on a deserted highway. If you do experience mechanical problems whilst travelling, move over to the side of the road immediately. When coasting along the shoulder, make sure you are well away from the bends in the road before you stop.

Stay in Your Vehicle and Call for Help

Should your engine die on a busy highway and you cannot get off the road, do not attempt to leave the car. Whilst sitting in the car can be stressful, you should not try to cross a trafficked road yourself. That is why you need to know who to call for W10 car breakdown and recovery services.

If your car breaks down at night, switch on the auto’s interior light so that you can be seen. If it is still day, turn on the blinkers on your car to show that your car is not running. Always stay with your car. If you call an emergency roadside service that responds immediately, you will receive the assistance you need in a very short timeframe.

Whilst people may want to help, it is better to obtain assistance from a service company. Remain in the car and tell anyone who offers to help that a service provider is en route. If you stop in an area that is not heavily travelled and have flares, place them several metres behind the car. Raising the bonnet also serves as a warning that your car has broken down.