Will You Need Insurance For Car Rentals in Reykjavik?

Time and again car rental companies say that car rental insurance is mandatory. When you wish to rent a car from a company, a collision-damage waiver will be presented to you as an add-on. Employees will say that you wouldn’t be able to rent a car if you don’t buy into the insurance. But most car rental Reykjavik companies fine print will say that the liability waivers aren’t mandatory. So, which is right and what can be done?

The Truth About Car Rental Coverage

The city of Reykjavik requires car rentals to offer insurance on their automobiles, but there isn’t a law stating that you, the renter will have to buy it. The insurance coverage here isn’t strictly insurance; it’s more of a profitable and really expensive Loss-Damage Waiver or Collision-Damage Waiver product being offered by your car rental company. Employees of the car rental company sell you these optional add-ons along with a few half-truths so they can profit.

These Collision-Damage add-ons represent a large amount of income for car rental companies as a whole. While customers may be already covered either by travel insurance, auto insurance or via their credit cards, the companies still push for optional damage waivers to be added to the total. It can easily double the cost of the car you’re renting.

Can these car rental Reykjavik turn you away from renting a car with them if you don’t add car rental coverage? The short answer is yes. They can say that they have the right to protect their assets, the general public and the passenger, and that renting a car is a privilege and not a right. Remember that there’s a large cost and extreme liability in vehicle loss or damage.

Car rental agents may be twisting their car rental policies to force people to buy additional car insurance. The truth is, car rental companies are saying that car insurance is really an optional add-on. This coverage becomes sensible for those who are traveling to new places in a foreign vehicle, whether for business or for pleasure. It is an industry standard in the city of Reykjavik. Furthermore, there are now options where you can purchase coverage online at half the price of what car rental companies offer.

It’s always wise to know more about what is optional and what’s not in car rental Reykjavik. If a car rental employee starts telling you that car insurance is mandatory, and that you can’t rent a car without it, you’ll need to be prepared. Brush up on the newest information regarding the city insurance laws and always have the proper documentation with you. You’ll need to be calm and face the untruths with a few facts of your own. Any and all car rental insurance requirements can be found in the city’s laws which can be found online. The car rental employees may have you shoulder that responsibility, but you are not mandated by law to accept the coverage. If you are renting an automobile overseas, then it’s always wise to call a car rental company or check their website for more information. You can also browse websites where insurance requirements are clearly listed according to city.


Don’t Fight Alone After a Motorcycle Accident

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be very serious and even deadly. While automobile accidents can be too, driving a motorcycle is much different. A motorcycle does not have any barriers around it that can deflect some of the damage from an accident. This means that the injuries can be much more serious. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, the injury involved can prevent you from working and paying your bills. If the other vehicle in the accident was at fault, you may be able to receive payment beyond what the insurance company will pay. With the help of the attorneys at Attkisson Law Firm, you will likely have a promising result to your case against the at-fault driver.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are several ways to cause an accident. Some of them are caused by an error of the driver. Whether the error is caused by distraction, inexperience, intoxication, or road rage; drivers can cause a lot of damage by not driving responsibly. There can also be violations to basic traffic laws that will cause an accident. For example, speeding is a main cause for accidents. Also, not following traffic signals or changing lanes illegally can cause an accident. No matter what violation causes the accident, the effects of the accident can be very serious when a motorcycle is involved.

Types of Injuries

The lack of barriers on a motorcycle can cause serious injuries for the driver. There are the less intensive injuries which are referred to as soft tissue injuries. These injuries can include; scrapes, bruises and cuts, sprained or torn ligaments and muscles, or whiplash. Then there are the more serious injuries that can cause real damage to the rider. Riders can experience 2nd or 3rd degree burns from coming into contact with the engine or exhaust during an accident. They can also experience injuries to their spinal cord, internal bleeding, injury to their brain or other organs, and possibly broken bones. These serious injuries can bring about very expensive medical bills and they can cause the injured to be unable to work.

What to Do After an Accident

While some accidents are very serious, others will allow the injured to walk away from it. In the event that you are able to get up after a motorcycle accident, there are very important steps you should take to secure your case. While most people may not be thinking about a lawsuit at this time, it is important to consider certain things after an accident. As soon as you are able, you should call your insurance company to report the accident. Before you do however, you should have as much information as possible to give to them about what happened. For instance, you will want to know the police report number or at least the officer’s information. Also, you will want to have the other driver’s insurance information as well as, any witness’s contact information. Remember to never admit fault to anyone as this can seriously hurt your case in the future. Make sure that your insurance company does not find you at fault if you are not. This will substantially raise yourinsurance rates and will stay on your record for several years.

Working with an Attorney

After you have gotten treatment, you should speak with an attorney about your case. Most insurance companies will want to pay out the least amount of money, even if your expenses involving the incident far exceed what they are trying to give. To help prove your case there are several factors. Your helmet is a key piece of evidence. It can help prove that the other party is responsible, if left in the condition it was in after the accident. The police report is also a key piece of evidence as the officer will put information such as; who was at fault, the weather condition, whether a citation was served, and witness information. Photographs can show the damage done by the accident. It can also show the point of impact and will provide a basis for playing out what happened. Debris is another important piece of evidence. It can show what damage was done on the motorcycle and surrounding areas. Medical records will prove the injuries that came about from being in the accident and can prove what the injured is entitled to for compensation.

What You can Do to Help

To help your case you should never discuss your injuries with anyone except your attorney and your doctor. Keep track of your medical expenses and any medical evidence. This can include any bottles of medicine or other supplies prescribed by the doctor. You will also want to keep track of all days missed from work to recuperate from your injuries. This can be a part of your compensation at the end of the case.

Who Should You Sue?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, there are different people that can be sued for damages. Most of the time the other driver will be the person responsible. There are times when an accident is caused by faulty equipment. This could be a recall on a part of the motorcycle that causes you to have an accident. Lastly, there are cases where you could sue the government for your accident. This can happen when the condition of the road is the main factor in causing your accident.

No matter what caused your motorcycle accident, getting back to normal can take time and this can often mean not being able to work. Dealing with insurance companies to take of the expenses involved can prove to be pointless at times, especially when your experience is severe and costly. This is why you should always hire an attorney when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. They will calculate the amount of time and money will be involved to get you back to where you were before the accident occurred. No one should be left to struggle after an accident, especially one who was not at fault.


What is Tipper Insurance?

If you own a shipping business that transports heavy duty, expensive goods using a tipper, it is must to secure the right insurance policy in place. Tipper insurance lets you have peace of mind whenever your vehicle is on the road, so it is a must to have it even before you operate your tipper for business.

Why tipper insurance is vital for haulage business

Typically, tippers are used in construction and civil engineering for they have huge capacities to haul large amounts of material from pickup point to site. If you are hired to do such tasks for clients, having something to fall back on is vital for your business’ financial health.

If your tipper has excellent driving history, it is possible to transfer the history into no-claims bonus depending on the insurance agency’s offerings. No-claims bonus is quite beneficial especially for new tipper operations. Ask your chosen agencies if they have this since it is not widely available.

Breakdown coverage

Breakdown coverage is a must for any heavy duty vehicle particularly those being used in construction. Drivers often use tipper trucks off road whenever they collect or deliver materials such as gravel, sand, and stone.

The level of wear and tear is immense for these vehicles. As a result, frequent breakdowns are expected. This also affects your reliability as a provider to construction/civil engineering clients. Having breakdown coverage in your tipper insurance not only provides peace of mind, but also possible services such as towing to a garage if your vehicle requires repair.

Continuity of coverage is crucial for your business

Just like many businesses, tipper vehicle services have peak and off-peak months in a year. Christmas and summer months are usually slow months, so you will need to negotiate with your agent to get continuity throughout the year.

Your part is to ensure that your tipper business is always booked each month or at least have long-spanning projects with clients. When your vehicle spends long time in the garage, you will end up losing money.

While it is challenging to find the perfect tipper insurance agency, first thing you need to do is to shop around and compare policies. Make sure to discuss with the agency your specific needs in order for them to come up with a proper quote.. What are you waiting for! Get Tipper Insurance Quotes online.


4 Amazing Benefits from AMMI Comprehensive Car Insurance

When working with car insurance, you should have the assurance that you are receiving the best deal for your money. If you fail to saturate your insurance provider, it could a pose a risk on you as the owner and to other people as well. As a driver, you are always susceptible to accidents and financial loss. In case it happens, the car owner may be liable to pay other damage he caused to other person or to the vehicle itself.

girl enjoy in car

This is why it is important that you look for yourself a good car insurance provider such as AMMI comprehensive car Insurance hire car to cover the monetary losses in your behalf. They will help you fix your problem on the road without thinking of any possible, payment. One of the policies of good car insurance is to provide security and safety to the vehicle’s owner and cover any financial loss and complex legal hassles. With a trusted car insurance supplier, you have nothing to worry about what to happen while you are insured. Aside from that, you can also enjoy several benefits that it offers.

Some of the benefits of car insurance are stated below.

  • Roadside Support

If ever your car break down along the road and needs repairs, they won’t leave you bear the problem on your own. Your insurer company would have to pay the damages and any loss. Every day, you are inclined for a car accident or any car-related crime that may endanger your life. This is why your car insurance company is there to guide you side by side while you manage to get to know the road and the car itself.

  • Lifetime Car Repair Guarantee

A reliable car insurance company offers a car repair throughout your entire life. They shoulder major expenses for repair if ever your car was damaged from a minor accident or unexpected road problem. For as long as you own the car, you are sure of getting this benefit

  • Convenient payment options

There should not be any hassle during payment. It should be easy and quick without wasting much of your time. Most car insurance provider has convenient payment options so as not to tire their customers. While benefiting the client, the company may as well profit from this because the clients will have no reason not to settle their payments on time.

Girl in car

  • Accident tolerance

If in case you met an accident due to failure in one of the vehicle parts, they will have to cover all financial liability, your medication and other money-related matters. Although, most accidents are caused by negligence of the driver, if you are under a car insurance coverage, they will still have to shoulder some of the expenses for repair and for any physical damage or loss.

Just like in buying Jeep extended warranty all these benefits provided by your car insurance company may encourage many people to purchase a new car and experience for themselves what it’s like having those privileges. Your car may be a lot to you because it helps you connect to people and places wherever they are. It is vital that you know these things to give you satisfaction and encouragement.


Know the Top Car Extended Warranties Of 2016

There are various car extended warranties for the protection of your vehicle. You should take care of selecting the best car warranty for your vehicle so that your car stay protected for long and it provides coverage for many years. As a US car owner, you should know what can be the best car warranty so that you get an assurance that your vehicle is protected.

Here are some of the top car extended warranties, have a look on them-

  1. Endurance-

It is one of the most popular car warranties that provide lengthy and good mileage coverage options for the customers and also offer 24 hours support to the customers. It is one of the trusted names in the market due to the large extended warranty scheme it has. We all know that car problems happen at the most possible time; and if you are not having good warranty, you will have to pay large amount of money for the car repairs soon after the car manufacturer’s warranty expire. In such times, the extended car warranty can solve all the problems. It will help you with all sorts of repairs after the car’s own warranty expires. Endurance offers good mileage coverage as told before. This insurance offers 5 years of additional coverage up to the miles of 160,000 miles. This mileage range is considered average in the countries like Canada and US.

It offers three types of warranty plans- secure, supreme and superior, they all rage from basis plans to the comprehensive ones as per the requirements. When you require using the warranty, this insurance policy will need only $200. Most of the other car extended warranty companies provide the repair deductible, while some of the warranties give the choice of$100-$200. Thus, Endurance is one of the best car warranties giving good mileage coverage an also customer services. This gives peace of mind as well.

Car Warranty Sevice

  1. American Standard Auto Protection-

It is one of the most popular extended car warranties for your car if you want some lengthy coverage that goes beyond of the original car manufacturer’s warranty. ASAP provides various types of standard coverage of the car and policy options you will always expect to offer, the coverage includes roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and 365 days support. It offers the lengthy Warranty options for the low as well as higher mileage cars. This warranty is one of the top ten warranty coverage for the cars. This extended car warranty is for 6 years and 160000 miles. It is one of the highest extended car warranties in countries like US and Canada. This car warranty offers three plans that you can choose from for your new and used vehicles- Total performance, Total Shield and Total Care. One of the features of ASAP is that you can spread the payment of the policy for about 3 years. When you are using the policy to have your car repaired, ASAP send the payment directly to the repairing facilities of customer’s choice. If you at last sell the car, this extended car warranty will be transferable to the next owner of the car.

  1. Easy Care

It is another type of car extended warranty that covers the policy after the car’s manufacturer’s warty finishes. It offers multiple levels of coverage for the customers worldwide. The car owners get the coverage up to 5 years and also up to 120000 miles. This car extended warranty covers the cars that are 2 years old and under the coverage of 24000 miles.

The list of extended car warranty does not end here. If you want to know more, visit and find out the best car warranty coverage so that you can remain tension free.


If you livein Northern Ireland:Car insurance in Northern Ireland

Car insurance in Northern Ireland is more expensive than in the UK. However there are many ways to bring down that heft annual or monthly premium, read the guide below of tips and advise on saving big when it comes to car insurance renewal in the North of Ireland.

First piece of sound advise is to shop around and compare quotes from multiple brokers based in NI. In 2012 after a 73% increase in car insurance premiums in a space of only 2 years it was time for an official investigation into the reasons. Why should your address make you the victim of sky high prices from highway robbing brokers? Well maybe that is a bit strong but the outcome was lower rates for fall.

Some reasons given were that a higher number of single carriageways roads and poor lighting all increase the risk of accidents followed by an insurance claim. The legal costs may also be a reason for the inflated prices with Northern Irish judges giving higher payouts than in the UK , which naturally results again in the need to have higher premiums

1 Maximum Security: All immobilizer and park your car securely in garage e or under street lighting.

2 Drive carefully and be considerate at all times to other road users, give way act as if were a pedestrian.

3 Regular services to ensure all your car safety features are 100 percent.

4 Avoid long journeys or if you must plan breaks every 90 minutes or better still share the driving.

5 Avoid if possible driving in twilight as statistics show this is the most common time for both minor and major road accidents in Northern Ireland.

6 Pay annually, this again will reduce your NO car insurance premium .

7 If your family has more than one car take out fleet insurance as again this will result in a cost saving.

8 Shop around for car insurance in Northern Ireland with comparative web sites.

9 Apply and do an advanced driving test as this a sure way to get a cheaper quote.

  1. stay at home , that was a joke with a hint of truth the theory being if you drive less than 2,000 miles per year this may be taken into consideration by the broker agency.

The above 10 tips will if followed result in savings maybe substantial on your auto insurance cover requirements in NI. Stay alter and stay awake when behind the wheel of an automobile. We hope theis article give you fuel for thought on how to a thrifty customer when it comes to buying auto cover in the North of Ireland.


Top 10 Features Your Next Car Should Have

Automobile manufacturers are giving each other tough competition and are on constantly on the lookout for ways to allure people to buy their four wheelers and increase the number of sales. Each model is turning out to be better than the last due to quality up gradation. Also, while you get a new car keep in mind that you need car insurance and there are various websites that allow you to compare auto insurance quotes and figure out which works best for you. Take a look at some of the features that have become popular and needs to be in your new car.

  • Global Positioning Satellite System, better known as GPS is mandatory for any car due to its assistance in helping you find addresses and pinpoint the exact location of a place. The GPS in your car should have a spoken voice and a small screen. GPS is your best friend when you are lost or searching for the nearest ATM.
  • Remote start and keyless entry system is perhaps the best new invention out there. It makes sure that you do not have to stand beside your car and insert a key to either open/lock the car. When you give it the appropriate signal, a radio transmitter joins itself to the ignition of the vehicle and locking system and performs its task.
  • The built in seat “memory” features lets you set up the seats the way you want it to. Also, if someone other than you is driving thanks to this feature, they can adjust the seat according to the preferences and neither of you will face inconvenience when the other drives. This can be combined with the climate control feature which includes both heating and air conditioning to give you the ultimate experience while driving.
  • Forward Collision warning helps to avoid accidents. Many a times, we become careless while driving and this particular feature detects obstacles that is in our way and wars us if we are going too fast.


  • The present day drivers find it convenient when they can connect their Smart phones and tablets to the car. Bluetooth connectivity and Wi Fi connection are really important her because the former allows you to talk without using your hands while the latter permits you to use internet even in the car.
  • When you have the voice control feature enabled yin your car, you can work together with the microphones and voice control software to convert your voice commands into input and direct your car according to your wishes. The instructions are varied and range from changing songs to make a phone call without using hands.
  • Automatic High Beams are your best friend when you are driving at night. A small camera identifies light sources from other vehicles that come in your way and when you are beyond a point, and supposedly out of danger, it switches its lights off.
  • You are using more than one gadget at a time and it is necessary for each of them to have a battery backup. So while you are in your car, you now have the option to charge almost all your devices at the same time, thanks to multiple power outlets in the center console.
  • Blind spot monitoring fills in the loopholes which the traditional mirrors of a car has. No matter how much you try, you will never be able to see the entire area with the small mirror in your car and blind spot monitoring helps you here by giving you feedbacks and warnings about impending danger.
  • In case you are excessively tall or shorter than the average man, you need special wheels and pedals. Keeping that in mind new cars today have introduced pedals and wheels which can be adjusted at will and free you from the unnecessary discomfort while driving your car.