Into the Unknown: Protecting Motorcyclists on the Road

Riding a motorcycle can give you a rush of adrenaline and thrills, but those aren’t signs to be reckless. Here are three things that all motorcyclists need to know.

For some people, motorcycles are like death contraptions because they involve many road accidents. But to others, motorcycles could be considered the best thing since sliced bread. While it’s true that riding motorcycles are riskier than riding cars, it’s not the vehicles’ fault that these accidents happen. Rather, it’s the people driving them.

If motorcyclists and motorists are more careful or mindful of others on the road, it can greatly reduce the number of accidents every year. So if you want to contribute to reducing the rate of accidents even further, here are three things that you need to remember at all times:

Safety Is the Number One Priority

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to get involved in a lethal accident than passenger vehicles. They are also four times more likely to be injured. That’s why motorcyclists need to prioritize their safety.

The first step in protecting yourself on the road is wearing the appropriate safety gear, such as the helmet, non-slip gloves, goggles, and leather jacket or pants. You can also wear reflective or bright clothing to ensure that the other motorists on the road will see you, especially at night.

Most motorcycle accidents on the road occur because the drivers didn’t see the motorcycle driving in proximity. So, make sure to avoid driving in other motorists’ blind spots and to always use the right signals. This way, you can reduce the possibility of getting involved in a motorcycle accident.

Because motorcycles don’t have roofs, you’ll be vulnerable to the elements and other external factors that rarely affect car drivers. For instance, it could be the sun’s intense heat or heavy rain, and it could even be snow or ice on the roads. That’s why you should always check the weather and be observant of hazards before riding your motorcycle.

Regular Maintenance Is a Must

Much like any vehicle, motorcycles are man-made inventions that are prone to eventual wear and tear. It’s also possible for a motorcycle to sustain damages because of the impact of a collision with other vehicles or structures, and in severe cases, it can even break into pieces. That’s why routine maintenance is not merely suggested; it’s required.

By making sure that you’re regularly maintaining your motorcycle, you can prevent any serious accidents because of faulty wiring or loose knobs. You can also use a motorcycle tune-up service to ensure that your vehicle is functioning in an optimal condition at all times as an additional safety measure for you.

Routine maintenance should include checking the oil levels and tire pressure. Unlike in automobiles, the wheels of a motorcycle won’t have to be balanced too often, but they can be inspected along with the suspension and motor. Plus, even though a motorcycle’s engine is smaller than that of a car’s, it still has to be maintained regularly to ensure its value through time.

Having Insurance Is Important

Riding a motorcycle into the sunset is all fun and games until you get involved in a roadside accident. If you’re not insured beforehand, then it would have already been too late to protect yourself and your finances from taking a big hit. That’s why you should consider getting motorcycle insurance before you even start riding it.

Of course, the insurance coverage will vary from person to person, so your best bet would be to consult an expert about what type of policy you’ll need to protect yourself from personal injuries and financial losses. By getting yourself insured, you can reduce the fear that comes with riding motorcycles and simply enjoy the ride.

There will always be risks to your safety every time you’re on the road. Whether you’re a pedestrian, passenger, motorist, or motorcyclist, there’s always a slight percentage that you can be involved in an accident. And most of the time, it’s not even going to be your fault because other motorists may be careless or reckless in their driving.

So, getting motor vehicle insurance will help protect you from these unforeseeable circumstances. You could be on your best behavior as a motorcyclist because you’re following all the traffic rules. Still, it only takes one undisciplined driver to jeopardize everyone’s safety on the road. Don’t let that person be you.

Every time you go outside of your house, you’ll face a risk to your health and safety. That risk will increase twofold if you’re going to ride a car, and even more so if you choose to ride a motorcycle. But that fear of the unknown shouldn’t stop you from living your life, which is why you have to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself from being in unlikely circumstances.


Best Upgrades To Make Before A Long Motorcycle Ride

Since the weather is getting warmer, now is the time to start thinking about taking your next vacation. If you’re an avid motorcyclist, why not try a road trip on the back of your bike? Bike Bandit recommends that You may have considered it in the past, but there’s no time like the present, right? However, before you begin long distance motorcycle riding, there are a few things that you should upgrade on your bike, especially if all you do is commute or ride casually on the weekends. Here are some top tips to get you started:


What kind of helmet do you have? What about your jacket? For casual riders, they may have clothing and gear that works well for day trips, but won’t hold up after spending eight hours on the road. Comfort is more important than anything, so make sure that you have a high-quality jacket, a protective helmet, and decent riding gloves.


When talking about motorcycle upgrades, most people will think of things like the brakes or clutch. However, for a long-distance ride, you need extra storage unless you’re planning on wearing the same thing every day. Check out different saddle bags (hard or soft) and figure out what will work best with how much stuff you can bring and how it feels when you ride.


As we mentioned, comfort is king on the road, as one slightly annoying thing will become unbearable after a full day of riding. Make sure that your seat is extra padded and won’t result in numbness or soreness when you get off. Also, if you’re traveling in cold months, a good motorcycle bodywork will be to have it heated.


If you haven’t checked or changed your tires in a while, then you might want to do so before heading out. These are going to take the most abuse, so make sure that you have a rugged set that will last thousands of miles without breaking down.

Overall, think about the parts that you use most on your bike, and upgrade anything that is slightly off or you don’t think will make it on a long journey.


Motorcycle imports can get you unique motorcycles

Sometimes you would like to buy that spectacular motorcycle that you saw in a movie or in an Internet advertisement but they are not sold in your city. An excellent option is to find out if there are motorcycle imports that can offer you the possibility of buying an imported motorcycle. This type of company imports exclusive or unusual models and may already have the motorcycle you are looking for available. It is very likely that you can find a wide variety of motorcycle imports through the Internet. Some of them have a basic website with the information you need to buy an imported motorcycle or they may even have an online catalog of the motorcycles they have available and/or those they can import.

They also provide peace of mind

Sure, the excitement of buying the motorcycle you’ve always dreamed of is beyond you, but you should take it easy because there are other aspects to consider. The first thing is the documentation of the motorcycle. A professional motorcycle importer will be able to advise you on the requirements, costs, taxes and any other procedures that you need to comply with in order to successfully purchase your new motorcycle. There may be specific legislation for importing motorcycles from another country. The motorcycle importer you choose must have the experience in handling the permits and in complying with the regulations in force in your country. You can’t risk buying a motorcycle that you won’t be able to ride because the transit authorities won’t authorize it.

Last but not least: Insurance

Insurance is an important part of buying your new motorcycle. All motorcycle imports should be able to advise you on the companies that offer motorcycle insurance, their types and costs. You should consider several aspects when choosing a motorcycle. Remember that there are rules that regulate the types of vehicles that can transit through a certain country. Make sure that the motorcycle you are going to buy complies with these rules, since the cost of the insurance will depend on it. It is also important to evaluate if the motorcycle imports can provide you with the spare parts you will need in the future. Be aware that insurance companies need to evaluate if it is easy or not to get the spare parts in case of an accident. The more difficult a part is to find, the more expensive the insurance you will have to pay. Finally, ask the motorcycle imports you visit if there are any authorized repair shops in your city that are capable of fixing the motorcycle you have chosen.


The best places to visit by motorbike

Having your own set of wheels still represents a certain air of freedom to your life, especially as a late teen and perhaps even more so as a young adult. You’d likely be the outright owner of your car as a young adult, whereas the driving teenager typically had to beg their parents to either buy them the car they’re driving, or they simply borrowed it. The freedom associated with this kind of mobility, which we tend to take for granted these days, takes on a whole new form when you go out and about on two wheels instead of four.

There are some places around the world which are best visited by motorbike for a number of reasons, but most of which reasons boil down to the associated practicality.

Southeast Asian Islands

The primary reason to be visiting this part of the world would likely be to stretch each penny you spend to get the most out of the destination. This kind of thinking is part of the local culture, with otherwise pure-tourist destinations such as Phuket Island, Thailand, affording even the thriftiest of travellers some of the luxuries associated with an exotic island destination. Motorbikes are a huge part of everyday life here, with just about every make and model in existence available for rent or for sale. That’s if of course you don’t want to get around in the motorbike variation of the many taxis they have.

During peak hours (late morning and early evenings), road traffic gets crazy, but on the left shoulder of each four-wheel vehicle the traffic flows freely, as motorcyclists squeeze by to get to wherever they’re going in due time.

Motorbike spares are so easy to come by as a result of the huge biking culture, so you can literally stop anywhere to get your bike fixed or serviced, if the need ever arose. You can also fuel up just about anywhere, perhaps while you grab a refreshing drink and ponder the next leg of your sightseeing bike ride.

The Cape Provinces of South Africa

You’d probably need to pick out a bike that’s best suited for longer distances if you’re going to be taking in the sights of the Cape Provinces of South Africa. A Honda Gold Wing would make for a good choice, because, as much as there isn’t really a huge biking culture in South Africa, you wouldn’t struggle to find motorbike spares for the Honda brand.

Otherwise there is perhaps no better way to truly experience the beauty of the Garden Route than on a motorcycle, as the highlight of the Cape Provinces (Eastern and Western Cape).

Reading, England

Riding up to Reading from Marlow makes for the kind of motorcycle ride that can turn into a real adventure, as you’d likely come up against the elements, like wet weather. Make it a single-ride adventure by planning for it as a long ride to cover in one go. In case you might need some running repairs, visit Fowlers to check which parts would be readily available for your long-distance bike, which would likely be in the form of a Trimuph Tiger 1200, a Yamaha Venture Transcontinental, or perhaps even the previously mentioned Honda Gold Wing.

Before heading into the more open stretches along the recommended A4155, you’ll probably experience that freedom associated with travelling by bike, which just never gets old, as you roll into the traffic congested roads along Henley on the River Thames.


Top Maintenance Tips For Your Motorbike Chain

For the bike lovers, their bike is everything for them and they cannot compromise with its maintenance and this maintenance is incomplete without motorbike chain care. Yes!!! Motorcycle chain maintenance is as much necessary as other parts maintenance such as oil changes, tire maintenance etc.

Important items you need for chain maintenance

To make sure that chain cleaning is done in an ideal way, a variety of sophisticated designed chain maintenance oriented items are available in the market. The prominent ones have been shared here without which the discussion about motorbike chain care tips will not be considered complete.

  • O-ring friendly chain lubricant – Choose chain lubricant wisely as the market is flooded with it.
  • Various wrenches – It is next on the list and quite important too.
  • A new cotter pin – You will need of it while adjusting the chain tension.
  • Rags – It requires at the time of wiping the grime off the chain.
  • A soft brush – you may also use an old toothbrush
  • An O-ring friendly chain cleaner – Make sure what is the type of your chain
  • A rubber mallet, a rear wheels stand and A tape measure -and these all three things are optional

Top motorbike chain care tips

Needless to say, chains are typically the mechanical heroes of the bike as they do play an important task every time of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. Let’s check it out how to do maintenance of bike’s chain.


This is essential to keep inspecting your chain prior to every ride to make sure there is no damage or wear.

  • Check if there is any tight spot by rotating the rear wheel. In case, it does not rotate freely then you need to install a new chain.
  • Check the rear drive sprocket emphasizing apexes of the teeth are in their new shape and not curved.
  • Also, check that there are no rust spots indicating towards insufficient lubrication or poor corrosion protection
  • If the sides of the teeth are worn, they are hinting that they have not been eating well with the chain.


Cleaning is essential to enhance the long life of the chain. Before lubrication, it requires to get the cleaning done properly. The amalgamation of dirt, grit, and lube can make a grinding paste leading towards reducing chain life.

  • Make sure that Petroleum Based Cleaner, detergent or wire brushes are not being used. Go with “Spray-on-rinse-off” specially designed formula to make proper cleaning of chain happening.
  • Moreover, you also need not-to-go with high-pressure jets or pressure washer since it is not good for chain’s health.

Dry The Chain

Motorcycle chain needs to get dry before the lubricant should apply on it. You may take your time to make it fully dry. Moreover, you also need to remove all the chain cleaner prior to lubricating so that chain’s life will be get enhanced.

Lubricate The Motorcycle Chain

After doing proper chain cleaning and making it dry, it requires applying lubricant all across the chain. Make sure that you prefer the best kind of chain lube.

  • Plain Chain -It requires slathering on the lube and removing the extra. It needs to keep plain chain continually coated with a lubricant to make sure it is working properly.
  • Sealed Chain – The placed grease insider the O-rings plays a significant role to lubricate the chain. It also helps to keep chain free from rust.

Following the above-mentioned motorbike, chain care tips can really help you to get properly working motorbike chain. It also helps to increase the life of motorbike chain in a great way so that you will have a tension free bike ride every time.


Top 5 Mountain Bikes that can replace Mahindra Mojo

When mountains are calling, you just need to pack up your bags and go for a long ride not bothering much about the weather or rough terrains. You should choose the best bike for yourself to ride on the mountains. Mahindra Mojo is one of the best bikes to ride on the mountains without bothering about the sharp turns or poor weather. This bike will provide every type of comfort that you are looking for while going to the mountains. Mountain trips are always memorable one’s and if you are also planning one of those and Mahindra Mojo Price is coming your way then we will advice you other beast in the same category. Now let’s have a look in top 5 mountain bikes that can surely beat or replace Mahindra Mojo.

Royal Enfield – Himalayan

Royal Enfield is one such bike which can accompany you anywhere in the world whether it is a rainy place, mountains, rough tracks or highways. These bikes are specially designed for the longer routes only. But now the company has launched Himalayan model designed purposefully for the mountain tracks only. The craze for Bullets and mainly Himalayan can surely replace Mahindra Mojo in no time. This bike has the ground clearance 220mm meant for crossing deep rivers or crossing bigger rocks.

The dimension for front wheelbase is 21inches and rear one is 17 inches comfortable for any type of surfaces. The silencer is also placed on some height so that you can easily cross rivers. It has the comfortable sitting height and headlamps are placed higher than the previous models. It also consists of enough space for keeping the luggage without any inconvenience. The engine quality is really great for taking it on the mountains easily.

Bajaj Avenger Street 220

Bajaj has also launched the two models; street 220 and street 150 giving it a sporty look and comfortable riding on mountains and rough tracks. If you are not satisfied with the Mahindra Mojo price, then Avenger Street 220 is the bike for you.

It is a light weight bike with a ground clearance of 169mm. It has the fuel tank measuring 14L. It contains the front telescopic suspension with anti friction bush. Its engine and capacity of producing maximum power and torque makes it perfect for riding on the mountains.

Ducati Scrambler

This high price Ducati bike is surely a thing to look at and is purely a beast for the mountains. If you can spend little above 6 lakhs then this is the bike for you to take it to the mountains with its high durability, comfortable riding, reliability and you can bet anything and everything on this bike easily.

Kawasaki KLX250SF

This model from Kawasaki was launched in 2009 and had been awarded many times for its high altitude durability. Its light weight, and designed especially for the mountain tracks makes it one of the best in this category.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM is the latest style statement among the youth nowadays because of its light weight, sporty design, comfortable riding on any surface. All the models of KTM can easily be taken to the mountains but KTM 390 duke is one such bike which can leave Mahindra Mojo behind in all aspects. The tyres of this bike are designed in such a way that they are highly durable on rough surfaces as well.

Its frame, telescopic fork, brakes and swing arm are all so comfortable and reliable for taking it to the mountains or any rough weather place anytime. It also contains the ABS technology and its price is little over 2 lakhs. Its lighter weight and 373cc engine are enough to describe its reliability on the mountains.


What makes hero splendour the choice of people?

You can find out many bikes in the market which are selling like hot cakes. But if you want the perfect one bike in the normal price then hero splendour is the best option. It would be your choice from the first sight and you will desire to have it. There are many great things and featured which plays a role in making this bike a great piece for a ride. The bike is fully immersed with features to make your experience of ride valuable.


One of the great and inspiring aspects of this bike is that it is not costly. Anyone can afford it and can get the charms of having the best bike. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for this bike and you can own it only about $780.

Engine Specs

The engine of hero splendour new model is really marvellous. It has been designed to make you allow for having the right click. The engine is so powerful and it comes with the power of 8.36 PS. In the same way, the powerful engine provides the best torque which is about 8.05 nm. It has 4 gears to make your ride feasible. You can also find that changing the gears will make any interruption in your driving momentum. You can drive smoothly with the high speed of 95. When we talk about the mileage then you would be shocked that it is 102 kmph.

What’s best?

In modern days we all find such bike which is really great and which can make you allow to have the modified version of technology. In this bike, you can easily find that it is really a remarkable piece. Hero splendour ismart can make you allow for having the fastest ride. The shape of this bike is also much defined and it will make you feel for having the nicest look. You can find that along with this bike you will love to visit any place. You can have the long trips and also for short trips it would be best for you.

In many ways, you can find this bike splendid and marvellous. Hero splendour is really splendid and it will show you the beauty of riding a bike.


An Overview Of Apache

Technology is daily updating the already present stuff in our lives and it’s the same technology which is stepping towards innovations. When we pay a look at the new bikes so we would be stunned by their amazing featuring. In the same way, apache rtr 200 is an innovative piece from the world of technology. This model covered many aspects of your need and give you a comfort ride. There are many features which are added to this bike to make your ride comfortable. However, an overview of different key factors about this bike has been illustrated below:

The Beauty of Engine

The engine of apache comes along with fabulous features and up gradation. There you can find that the engine is so powerful and its power is 21 PS at 8500 rpm. The engine is 4 stroke and it will experience you the nicest ride. The bike is consisted upon 200 cc so you can find the best speed. The torque is about 18 Nm with 7000rpm. These all ingredients make the engine delightful and finest.

Fuel Kind

The bike is economical and it’s not costly to bear the expense of this bike. You can find that it can give the mileage of 35 kmph along with the speed of 129 kmph. This will make you allow to have the bike either you are rich or poor.


The bike is designed by the professionals and there are many changes which are made here. you can find the apache 200 rtr photos which will really give you suitable access. You can find the beauty of this bike by the first look. In that regard, each and everything will be so nicest for you. Such cuts are added here which shape to this bike and give the rider the nicest experience.


You might be thinking about some heavier digits about the prince of this bike but the story is not like that. Apache rtr 200 price is not much costly and you have to pay only about $1500 to get this bike.

This is an overview of some features of this bike but you can also find many other features by experiencing.


Apache RTR 160 Review- Gets Best Experience While On Road

I am having an Apache RTR 160 from the last 7 months. Truly speaking, I have become a great fan of this bike when I rode it for the first time. The most important thing that will make you crazy about this bike is the rock stable handling and the power and thrust of the engine. This bike is being powered by the 160cc mileage that gives about 15.5bhp power at the horsepower of 12000rpm. This bike can ride at a distance of 60km per hour in just 5 secs average. Yes, it is pretty fast for this segment.

Talking about the speed, it is the fastest 2 wheeler vehicle in this segment. Though, the mileage is less as compared to the other varieties, but it can be compromised with the pickup of the bike. So, the mileage factor does not become the issue for the riders who want the SPEED along with the stable handling with the pinpoint breaking facilities. Apache RTR 160 is having roto pedal disk breaking facility in the rear front. The roto pedal enable cooling of the disk in the faster rate and stops this bike quickly.

Now, this RTR is available in double disk version that is one more disk in the rear front. This bike is equipped with the adjustable clip on the bike handle bars for providing the better grip to the hand. You ride this bike for the first time and you will see that your beast is controlling the ride by itself. With having all these features, the apache rtr 160 price is comparatively less. This bike is available in various color versions like it is available in cherry red, grey and black. This bike is also available in the yellow color as well.

Though, this bike has a negative impact that it makes a tappet sound that is produced from the valve of the engine. The performance of this bike is noteworthy. Thus, if you are looking for a bike that stands out from all, it is better to go for the Apache RTR. Never compromise the apache rtr 160 mileage, the speed is good.


Bajaj V15 launched in India- reasonable priced bike

India’s one of the popular 22 wheeler manufacturer, Bajaj launched its new motorcycle known as the V15 today that is claimed to be one of the most exclusively bike made with metal body. The metal is from the India’s first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The new model Bajaj V15 is the special motorcycle that makes an entire segment in the Indian 2 wheeler manufacturing company. This motorcycle can be the most reasonable priced bike that is available in the market and it loved by most of the men around India.

The company Bajaj has done well in the both entry-level and the high-level segments. So, to make an aggressive approach in the mid-segment, Bajaj has introduced the V15 motorcycle in and around India. This bike is placed in between the two popular bikes like the Discover and the Pulsar. In the first instance, one can notice the striking design that is derived inspiration from the military equipments. This well made bikini receives the Vshaped headlamp added with the pilot lamps. This bike has the pumped up fuel that takes the V insignia and the seat gets the pillow cover in the seat. You can check the Bajaj V15 review in the internet to know details about the bike.

This new Bajaj V motorcycle always gets the title – the Invincible. This auto cycle proudly says that V is not an ordinary machine and gets the upright stance that exceeds the limit of the solidity and attributes that motivates the Invincible INS Vikrant that metal contains in the body. The Bajaj motorcycle has the DTS I engine at the mid portion, and whole range of other important class leading characteristics. This is the metal machine that born to be born stands still. Read out the Bajaj V15 Specification to know the exterior and interior of this bike.

This all new Bajaj is powered with having one cylinder, SOHC 2 valve and the 4 stroke, air cooling DTS I engine. The capacity of the engine is 149.5cc. this motorcycle delivers 12 php power at the speed of 7500 rpm. Bajaj V15 price in India is about 65k exterior to the showrooms of India.