12 Tips To Know Before Buying a Truck

Buying a big truck is a big decision that any one individual or an organization can make. Choosing the right truck for the right job is very essential if you want to exploit the full potential of your business. The following tips will come in handy the next time you go shopping for a big truck.

12 Tips To Know Before Buying a Truck 2

What to Look Out For Before Buying a Truck:

First and foremost you should ask yourself the following questions: Is the truck proven as reliable? Are there are customers who have purchased for a similar role as yours? In order to get a more vivid picture of what you require, you can visit your local supplier and give them your specifications. You can also talk to other users; usually users will be very frank to you and hence you will be able to get a more realistic picture of the particular truck model. You also need to pay close attention to the duration of time within which you expect the truck to serve you.

The second most important factor that you need to look into before purchasing a truck is the level of quality. There are many manufacturers who sell big trucks. It is very important that you have a rough idea of the performance of a particular truck before purchasing it. The best way to ascertain the quality of a big truck is by visiting the various truck manufacturers’ websites. Usually all the information that you’ll need about the trucks is available at your disposal here in the form of customer reviews.

What is the truck’s cost of operation? The cost of operating the truck is yet another important area that you need to look into. It is always advisable to go for economical trucks. However, you should never compromise on the quality and size at the expense of the truck being economical. You can always get more information about the costs of operation from your supplier.

The next most important factor that you need to look into is the availability of local customer support. A good local customer support ensures that if incase your truck breaks down there will be prompt maintenance assistance to help you out. A good local customer support should be properly equipped, specialized and experienced.

The availability of spare parts is yet another important factor that you need to look into before purchasing a big truck. It is important that you verify with your supplier about how quickly the trucks spare parts can be availed to you whenever need arises. You also need to verify whether the spare parts are available within your locality. It is also important that you verify whether the spare parts are universal or they have any unique specifications.

Before you purchase a big truck, it is important that you seek proper training from a licensed and approved truck driving school. There are many driving schools out there but if you want proper training, you need to enroll with a quality driving school. The truth of the matter is that even if most driving schools look the same on the surface, each driver training program comes with a difference. Basically a good driving school should be in a position to offer you: certified driving instructions, skilled training and a valid driver training certificate. Do not make your choice based on the price, instead ask your friends about their own experience with driver training. This way you will be able to get the best truck driver training possible.

Before you purchase a big truck, it is important that you first of all ascertain whether you really need a brand new truck or a second hand. Generally second hand trucks come at a more affordable rate.

Another important thing to do before purchasing a big truck is to make a comprehensive list of all the important features. This list should mainly revolve about the general performance of the engine; for example, how much weight can it tow? What is the ideal color to go for? How many cup holders does it have? And so on. At this stage you’ll be able to make up your mind on what sort of big truck you need.

It is also advisable to visit the internet in order to learn more details about big trucks. To do this, you’ll need to simply type the words “big trucks”; “new trucks” or “used trucks” on your favorite search engine. If you want a particular make or model, then you can still enter these details in your search engine for a more refined search. The great thing about doing an online research is that you’ll be able to get finer details at your own convenience. Basically, all goods cost much cheaper on the internet than in the local shops. At the same time it gives you an opportunity to sample out various customer reviews before making any purchases.

Once you have listed down all your requirements, you can visit a local dealership for further assistance. It is also advisable that if you want a particular model or make, that you visit a dealer who specializes in retailing it in particular. At the same time if you opt for a second hand truck, visit a local used trucks dealership so as to get the exact picture on the ground. By making personal visits to your local dealer, you create a better position to negotiate over the prices and discounts whenever possible.

Another important thing that you need to do before purchasing a particular big truck is to carry out a test drive. Once you have narrowed down your list of preferences, the dealership company should be in a position to offer you a test drive so to get you ready for the final decision.

Lastly, settle for a budget that does not strain you too much. Always opt for a payment scheme that suits you comfortably. At the same time if you are purchasing a truck for an organization, remember to maintain proper documentation for tax purposes.

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Tips On Buying A Sports Car

Buying A Sports Car – Top Tips

Whether you’re going through a mid-life crisis, you’ve had a windfall of cash or you simply can’t suppress the temptation any longer; buying a sports car is always a big step. It is a big decision which can often be made in rash spontaneity, but it’s worth following a few simple steps to ensure you garner the maximum enjoyability and sensibility from your sports car.


This is an imperative issue to address, sports cars are not known for their practicality. They are often purpose built machines which are tweaked and tuned for speed and performance. This might feel fantastic on the swift drive home from the dealership, but when you arrive home and see your other half waiting with the kids for a school run; you might have a second thought. Consider your personal and family needs, is a sports car really the right decision for you?

Type of Car
The age old question for those looking to cars for performance is convertible or coupe? Coupes are closed roof and convertibles are open roof. Ironically, cars without a roof often see detrimental performance and speed because of the heavy strengthening beams which have to be built into the bodywork. Convertibles will also see a dip in security of they operate in a soft top guise, with the material easily sliced by duplicitous thieves and troublemakers. Convertibles are now being offered with a solid metal roof but you will find a complete lack of luggage space because of the folding mechanism.

Driving Ability
Stepping into a Porsche 9/11 doesn’t guarantee you the option of handbrake turns and tight chicanes. Sports cars are highly strung and finely tuned, developed for drivers of considerable talent and as such can be a far cry from the family saloon that you feel comfortable driving. The power can often be surprising to those unused to it and it’s worth considering starting slowly or investing in some high performance driving lessons.

Essentially the most important question, it’s not worth bankrupting yourself for the thrills and spills of owning a sports car. Even if you can afford the list price, consider the higher fuel bills, servicing and insurance costs.

Owners can take heart however in the decreased depreciation of their sports cars; they often keep their value as used cars much better than their more utilitarian cousins.

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Tips To Buy a Commuter Car

When most of us buy a car, its primary purpose is for use in the daily commute. This means that when we’re shopping for a new vehicle, we should look for features that make the day-to-day drive as smooth and comfortable as possible. Those features may not be fun or flashy, but they’re the things that make sitting in rush-hour traffic a little easier to tolerate.

Here are a few things to look for when you’re buying a commuter car:

1. Automatic Transmission (or a tall first gear)

Most popular cars these days have an automatic transmission, and this is a good choice for the stop-start traffic that you’re likely to encounter during the daily commute. If, however, you’re buying an older vehicle, or price constraints force you to look for cheaper manual cars, try to get one with a tall first gear and enough torque to let you navigate slow, stop-start traffic without having to change up and down all the time.

2. Comfortable Seating

What makes a comfortable car seat is rather subjective. Some people like lumbar support, other people find that it gets in the way. Some people like to sit fairly upright, others prefer a bit more of an angle to their seat. Whatever you prefer, pay careful attention to how you sit while you’re going for the test drive. Are you sure that you’ll enjoy driving this car for more than a few minutes? If you have any doubts, spend a few minutes adjusting the seat to see if you can make it more comfortable. If you’re still not happy, don’t buy.

3. Low Vibrations

A noisy, bumpy commute is not a good way to start the day. If you’re bothered by noise, or do a lot of driving and don’t want to have to deal with feeling every bump in the road, then choose a car with a softly sprung suspension and smaller wheels. Note that soft suspension doesn’t handle as well as sport-tuned suspension. Most car makers try to offer a compromise between confident handling and a gentle ride. Experiment until you find what feels best for you.

4. Fuel Economy

Hybrid cars are a good choice for people that want to keep running costs down, but most well-looked after newer vehicles should offer decent mileage. Don’t underestimate the importance of that BMW service appointment in keeping your car in top condition, though. Fuel efficiency can decrease massively with general wear and tear.

5. Interior Features

Don’t underestimate the little things. A well designed cup-holder, a place to store your key-cards and work mobile phone, and a good radio will make life a lot easier while you’re on the road. Sat Navs are standard on many new cars so try and negotiate one to be specified if you are buying new. If you like listening to the radio, try to get a car with steering-wheel mounted controls for the stereo. This will let you turn the volume up and down without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes off the road.

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Influence of Cars in Your Life Style

On the highway, you are bound to see a swarm of vehicles from different manufacturers. Similar models are bound to be different all because of differences in personal tastes and preferences. First impressions are always lasting. This implies that some distinguished aspects of your car tell lots about you and your lifestyle. These impressions can be wrong at times. However, the bottom line is that they communicate lots to the world at large maybe because of stereotypic beliefs. As you read on, you will be able to see a number of car characteristics and what they might communicating about you.

Influence on style and social status

Different models are meant for people of different social status. The model you drive tells los about some important aspects of your personality and/ or social status. From the model you are driving, you can be either a conservative, an economically prudent person, an environmentalist or just trendy. Well, these are just images that do not hold the last word about the driver. However, it is important to make this an important consideration before you go shopping for your next model.

Your personality

Personalities are diverse. The colour of your car leaves a lasting impression about you. For instance, when driving a red car, chances of being an energetic and bold individual are very high. On the other hand, when driving a dark coloured model you are bound to be elegant and determined in life.

It transfers developed traits about the manufacture to the driver

As the clock ticks, car manufacturers acquire reputations from the type of units they manufacture. Interestingly, this characteristic traits end up being transferred to the drivers. As previously mentioned these are mostly stereotypic ideas. However, statics prove that these perceptions are mostly right. For instance, with a jeep there is a very high chance you are the type that loves fun and adventure.

Financial implications

We live in times where financial consequences are too hot to handle. It is therefore important to go for a models that demands only what you can offer. In addition to this, your most preferred model should precisely deliver what you want. With the right model, your lifestyle is not compromised in any way. Instead, the car will just be an asset for you.

Family and Friends

With passengers aboard, it is important to have a model that gives your loved ones the comfort and safety they need. A car with their interests factored in plays a significant step in making your loved ones feel warn besides you. A model solely attached to your personal interests is definitely meant to confine you to singlehood.

The bottom line

It is important to make your decision to buy a car an informed one. After a driving test booking, it is clear that you are on a mission to acquire a new car. Buying a car is normally a tasking process as there are many considerations to make. After picking your winning model, it is important to ensure your newly acquired asset is insured against all vehicle related risks.


Top 5 Semi Truck Models

When it comes to delivering the load, a semi truck needs to be as maneuverable and comfortable as it is powerful and reliable. The best trucks in the market combine these qualities to create the most efficient, dependable, and nimble vehicles that will get the job done in the most resourceful manner. These are the top 5 models of semi trucks on the road today – the Volvo, Mack, White, Peterbilt, and Freightliner.Top 5 Semi Truck Models 7Volvo VN 780 – Big & Tall

When it comes to long days and weeks on the road, a driver will want to be driving the Volvo VN 780 – especially if he is tall. This particular model of Volvo semi truck is specially designed with height in mind while still delivering on all the other points.

Featuring a contoured design that contributes to its aerodynamic reputation, this Volvo truck is unusually comfortable for drivers to maneuver. The cabin is designed to accommodate a man measuring as tall as 6’10” while the sleeper cab stretches a lengthy 77 inches. Full cab insulation contributes to the features designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for drivers.

Mack – In it for the Long Haul

The Mack Pinnacle series of semi trucks are in it for the long haul. When a company has a particularly hefty load to transport, it is the Mack semi truck they depend on to deliver goods across the country efficiently.

The Mack Pinnacle semi trucks are crafted with a lightweight hull and plenty under the hood so that they can effectively handle steep grades or long hauls, making easy work of any highway they traverse. With the power of its fuel-efficient MP engine and high horsepower, the Mack truck provides low-end torque for every trip.

Kenworth – World’s Most Aerodynamic

The designers and builders of Kenworth T680 pride themselves on their innovative combination of aerodynamics, advanced technology, and luxury that makes the company efficient and provides for the needs of their drivers. This Kenworth model features a hefty Class 8 heavy duty engine with all the bells and whistles to get the job done.

It is fuel efficient, responsive, and performs on low RPMs to maintain torque. Integrated harmonic balancing, rigid CGI head and block, and rear gear train location also contribute to the Kenworth semi truck’s list of features.

Peterbilt – Standard & Tradition

The Peterbilt semi truck model 389 is the standard in Peterbilt quality and tradition. Stylistically classic, model 389 retains the legendary semi truck aesthetic yet features new and improved technology and aerodynamics.

Model 389 offers the driver comfort via better front and rear lightweight suspension that also accommodates an increased load capacity in the back. Underneath the hood, a new cooling system increases capabilities for an engine with higher horsepower than the previous model. In the cabin, the Platinum Level interior provides a comfortable working environment via a GPS system, LED backlit gauges, HVAC system, and padded dash.

Freightliner – Best in Reliability

The Freightliner M2 106 semi truck is the truck companies want for performance and efficiency. Although it is one of the best in delivery and pickup, it is also high ranking in the categories of utility and towing. And although it is a heavy duty truck that delivers dependability, it is also exceptionally maneuverable in the tightest of situations.

The M2 106 is powered by the Cummins ISB (or ISC) engine to get the load to its destination. This engine is the lightest in its class so that this Freightliner truck is considerably more efficient than others. Additionally, the ISB/ISC engine features the greatest power and torque ratings across the board for its medium duty class.

Even with these 5 models of semi trucks, there are still many out there to choose from. With the 5 top ones, you should have a great pick that better suits you and your job. No matter what type of truck driver you are, you are bound to find a great truck with this list.

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Four Things to Know Before You Sell Your Car

So recently you’ve noticed that your ’82 Oldsmobile just doesn’t seem as hip as it was back in the day, and you’re ready for an upgrade. You’ve posted the ads and told your friends and family to spread the word, but what now? Do you just wait for an interested buyer to call you? Not quite. There are a few things you need to do before meeting with potential buyers in order to prepare for their questions and concerns. Do it right and your chances of selling quickly and at a price you’re satisfied with will be much higher. Let’s take a look.

Anticipate Questions

Nothing is worse than an unconfident salesman for closing sales. The last thing you want to happen when a potential buyer asks you a question is freeze and stumble for answers. Anticipate the questions you may be asked: What is the mileage on the car? Have there been any accidents requiring repair? Has it been regularly maintained? Are there certified airbags installed? Try to think what a person looking to buy your car would want to know about it, then find out the answers to these questions if you don’t already know them.

Get the First Impression Right

Before arranging an appointment for the viewing of your car, it is important to make sure your car looks presentable. Wash the exterior and clear out any personal belongings and garbage you have inside. Wipe down all the interior surfaces and vacuum the seats and floor mats. If you have any bumper stickers or personalized items attached to the car, it is probably best to remove them also. Also, if there are any scratches or bumps, get them touched up. The bottom line is you want your car to look as unused as possible. Many people already have reservations about buying a used car, so it is in your best interest to make your car look as much like it has never been driven as possible. No matter how well your driving habits are, if your car is not well-kempt, many buyers may not even consider looking into it further.

Make a For Sale Sign

Making a “for sale” sign will only take you a couple of minutes, and is one of the best ways to advertise that you are selling your car. What better way to sell something than to turn it into a mobile ad and let it sell itself? Whether you leave it on the side of a busy road or drive it, the fact that a car is mobile means that hundreds of people passing by will see that is for sale. Furthermore, people will be able to see the car in person right away, giving them a much better idea of what it’s like than an online ad for example.

Get Your Paperwork Ready

Selling a car isn’t as simple as getting the cash and handing the keys over. You will need forms from your local vehicle registry office in order to sign possession of the car over to the buyer. This is very important because the car would still be technically registered to you if you neglect to officially sign it over, meaning you could be held responsible for any crime or ticket that was actually the result of the new owner’s actions. You will also need the owner’s manuals, the service history and invoices, and whatever forms your local registry office may require you to fill out. It would be a good idea to have all of these papers ready so that you won’t be scrambling to hand the car over when you’ve finally made the sale.

Driving Tips

Improve Older Driver Safety With These Car Features

Driving is a complicated task that involves both mental and physical abilities, and aging has a direct impact on both. Knowledge and skill are factors that increase with experience, but advanced age often leads to specific health issues that can adversely affect the safety of even the best drivers.

Everyone ages differently, but all of our bodies eventually start to break down. By the age of 60, factors like flexibility, range of motion, and strength can decrease by up to 25 percent. Drivers who are over the age of 70 also experience an increased incidence of arthritic joints, which can restrict their mobility even further.

Improve Older Driver Safety With These Car Features 10

Maturation is a fact of life for every driver, but there are a number of modern technologies that can help counteract many of the effects of aging. These features can lead to increased safety on the road, and some of them can also have a positive effect on comfort.

Five Vital Features for Every Mature Driver
There are a number of features that can help keep mature drivers safe and comfortable on the road, but there are five in particular that apply to virtually every situation. Regardless of any specific health issues, every mature driver should look for:

Everyone should be concerned about crashworthiness, but it’s especially important to seniors. Good crash test ratings are essential, but it’s also important to check rollover ratings.

Active head restraints.
In certain types of collisions, the sudden change in momentum can cause a motorist’s head to move violently forward and then backward. That can cause severe injuries to older drivers, which head restraints with active padding can help prevent.

Side and dual-stage airbags.
Side airbags are important because they help protect the head, pelvis, and other vulnerable areas of the body. However, dual-stage airbags are even more important. The force of regular airbags can cause severe injuries to older motorists, but dual-stage airbags can automatically adjust to the weight of a driver or passenger, severity of a crash, and other factors.

Anti-lock brakes.
Brakes that are equipped with hydraulic or vacuum boosters don’t require a lot of force to activate, but some older drivers still have trouble with panic stops. Anti-lock brake systems automatically pulse the brakes, so the driver doesn’t have to pump the pedal.

Traction and stability controls.
In the same way that anti-lock brakes can help a driver maintain control when stopping, traction and stability systems can prevent the loss of control in other situations. These systems can help compensate for slow reaction times during acceleration and cornering.

Address Specific Health Issues
There are also certain conditions and issues that can be addressed by specific features. Drivers who have leg and hip issues should look for vehicles that include six-way adjustable seats, which can also be helpful to small-statured drivers. A low door threshold can also make it easier to get into a vehicle, and many people have trouble getting out of concave, bucket seats.

Power seats are often helpful to drivers who deal with arthritis and fine motor skill problems. These drivers can also benefit from large dashboard controls, keyless entry, and thick steering wheels that are easy to grip. It’s also typically easier to open the doors on a sedan than a coupe because the latter tends to have longer, heavier doors.

There are also features that can help with a limited range of motion, vision problems, and various other health issues. The key is for each driver to identify his or her own health issues that can be alleviated through safety and comfort features.

Consider Aftermarket Solutions
In addition to the features that can be found in new cars, there are also a number of inexpensive aftermarket devices that can help improve comfort and safety. Depending on the specific issues that a mature driver has to deal with, some of the most helpful accessories and devices include:

a.Larger rear-view mirrors
c.Pedal extensions
d.Steering wheel covers
e.Seat pads and cushions
f.Steering wheel spinner knobs
g.Back up cameras


Tips To Get Your Car To Use Less Gas

Gas prices seem to be raising everyday, and the option of cycling fifty miles to work everyday is appearing more and more appealing. Most people have been forced to wave a sad goodbye to family road trips and all other fun car-related activities, because they just cannot afford it. However, what if there was a way to get your car to use less fuel, without having to get a new expensive hybrid?

Well there is a way, and it is not too hard to make your car more fuel-efficient. Just follow these simple steps and you will be amazed at how much more you will be able to get from your car for less fuel.

Tips To Get Your Car To Use Less Gas 12

  • Less aggressiveness please

It may feel fun and you may think you are getting to your destination faster by speeding, but not only is this dangerous and illegal; it greatly increases your fuel consumption thus, reducing your fuel economy. Research has shown that most cars are at the peak of their fuel efficiency when being driven at 55 miles per hour.

Any faster and you begin to waste. A recent study on the Toyota Camry showed a speed increase up to 65mph from 55mph resulting in a drop in fuel economy by up to 5mpg (miles per gallon).

Rapid acceleration and sudden braking will also not do you much good. It can lower your fuel economy by up to 33%. Get your foot off the gas peddle and set your car on cruise control the next time you hit the freeway for a long journey; you will be surprised by how much fuel you will be able to save by just allowing your car to be.

  • Get some clean air in there

You might not have known this, but there is a very big connection between your air filter and your fuel economy. The air filter is essentially designed to keep particles such as dirt and other materials from getting into the engine’s cylinders as they can cause massive havoc in there, resulting in lower engine performance.

Simply replacing a clogged filter and thus avoiding these particle problems has been proved to help you save on your gas mileage by 10%. Considering it would only cost you, about $20 to do yourself, this is an investment well worth your while.

  • Inflate your tires right

Having your tires inflated to the proper level should save you about 12 cents per gallon of fuel. It is recommended that you do a check on your car’s tire pressure once every month at least.

Wait until your car has not been used for at least 1 hour and the tires are cool then check the tire pressure. You should find a sticker at the driver’s door, which will specify the correct pressure needed for your vehicle’s tires.

  • Oil matters

You need to get the right oil, not only to ensure your engine remains in tip top shape but also because using the specified oil in your engine can enhance your fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

Never use oil of a lower density than that which has been specified by the car manufacturers as this can damage the engine. You can find out the right type of oil to use by checking out the manual or the gas cap if the car is a newer model.

An oil change as frequently as specified by the manufacturer is also essential to keep things flowing smoothly, resulting into optimum engine performance and thus optimum fuel efficiency.

  • Shed off the extra weight

Stop wasting gas by hauling along unnecessary stuff in the trunk of your car. Every extra 100 pounds that you carry, has been proven to reduce your fuel economy by up to 2%. Simply ease off the load, this includes anything being carried on the roof rack, you could save up to 8 cents on every gallon.


Maintaining Electric Cars

The maintenance of electric cars has been debated many a time by car enthusiasts and the commoners alike. There are different notions among the public about the same. Some think that maintaining an electric car will be a heinous task, while some argue that it is far easier than a regular petrol/diesel car. Some say that the availability of mechanics who have expertise in servicing electric cars are rarely found, while some others say that the companies themselves provide such services and hence there is no headache. All in all, this is one major issue when people consider buying a car that runs on electricity. What is the truth? Let us dig in deeper.

Maintaining Electric Cars 14
Car mechanic fixing a broken engine at the garage

The major maintenance associated with electric cars is the maintenance of the battery pack. It isn’t a scary task. You’ll have to recharge the battery regularly, as you would for any other electric device. When the battery dies out, you’ll have to replace it. The other maintenance tasks to be taken care of are mostly the regular ones associated with any other car.

First of all, an electric car never turns out to be a trouble maker. The belief is that they are neat, non-messy vehicles. That isn’t a wrong notion. The engine isn’t cluttered and has fewer parts. This places everything in a well-arranged position.

Electric cars are charged using vehicle chargers. You can charge your car at home. Isn’t that an advantage when you think of having to take your non-electric car to a gas station to fill gas every time? Most of the cars can be plugged to the standard electrical outlets. The higher the outlet voltage is, the lesser the time it takes for charging. Another viable option is to charge the car using a vehicle charging station. It can be bought and kept at home. Most companies promote this option, since it is capable of a more quick and efficient charging. The vehicle charging station is designed solely for this purpose and it’ll hence provide a higher voltage. This will reduce the charging time drastically. A one-time investment for the charging station will be worth the buy.

The range that can be covered by an electric car depends on many factors like the battery pack, curb weight and so on. When the charge decreases and reaches a low level, the drive will start becoming rough. This serves as an indication that the car needs to be recharged. Gauges and similar instruments help you keep track of the energy of the vehicle.

When it comes to regular maintenance of an electric car, there isn’t much to be done. The batteries have to be checked regularly, say, once in a month. Check if the batteries need water. Also see that the connections are held tight in place. There aren’t issues that cause too much trouble. Apart from the battery pack, all the maintenance is the regular works like checking for air in the tires, proper working of the brake, clutch and suspension, etc.

If there happens to be some major trouble with your car and if it is out of your league to fix it, take it to a mechanic. In most cases, electric cars come with a good service period. If that is the case, you don’t have to worry about whether the local mechanics will know to fix the problem or not. Electric car companies have experts specialized in servicing electric cars. Even otherwise, since the number of people using electric or hybrid cars is on the rise, more mechanics next door are gaining expertise in maintaining and repairing them. In the worst case, if you are not able to find any mechanic in your neighborhood, you can call up any of the electric car companies that provide service. These companies have a fleet of mechanics trained specially for servicing these cars. This is important to them too, since they have to promote the concept of these cars and establish a strong foothold in the market. But you should realize that this task shall not be as easy as it is for your normal car. If you are not staying anywhere near a city or if you are in an area where electric cars aren’t popular at all, then you might be at risk. Just like the fact that electric cars aren’t available in every other shop out there, the mechanics won’t be found in every nook. You can also insure your car like you do for any other car. Manycar dealers have growing options for buying or selling electric cars. This highlights the increasing popularity of these eco-friendly cars.

On the whole, maintaining electric cars is a manageable task. Charging the car regularly and replacing batteries can be done by any one. If you travel only short distances regularly, you can definitely think of going green. At the least, you don’t have to avoid buying one, thinking that maintaining it will be troublesome.

Driving Tips

Depreciating Car Values a Thing of the Past

Anyone buying a car knows the worst thing is the car depreciating in value. After years of hard driving, body work repairs and age, a car automatically starts losing value. By the time you decide to resell and make a change, you are lucky to get back your full price you paid. What’s worse is some people don’t even get back half of what they paid and that doesn’t leave much of a down payment on a new vehicle.

All vehicles depreciate in value somewhat by the time you decide to sell; some cars more than others so careful purchasing can be in your favour when buying a new family car. Of course if you have invested in a classic car it will probably increase in value if you look after it and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Depreciating Car Values a Thing of the Past 16


It is a proven fact that cars with more documentation, old MOT certificates, service repair receipts and current V5 documentation get a higher price than those with limited paperwork. Buyers like to see the vehicles history, they enjoy paging through the service book and the old MOT certificates. This offers them a sense of security and you will enjoy a good price for the vehicle this way.

If for any reason you don’t have a host of paperwork for the car, this is going to be your downfall when selling. You can expect an immediate reduction in the price. So the answer is only buy vehicles that have a wad of papers, which you can use to your own advantage when selling.

Keep up to Date with Services

Vehicles of all kinds need regular services. This is what makes the vehicle’s engine run smoothly. While this may sound obvious, it’s often something that isn’t kept up to date. Services not only ensure your vehicle is in the best mechanical condition, but can help keep you safe on the roads.

A broken down car on the side of the motorway is an accident waiting to happen, especially in wet or snowy conditions. If your car is updated with services and MOT’s, then you have the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and the chances of you breaking down is minimal.

At the same time this is a fantastic selling point. Keeping your car up to date with services means your service book will be up to date. The prospective buyers can see the vehicle was cared for and has been looked after, this can increase the overall value of the vehicle and ensure you get the best possible price if you intend selling.

Beautiful Body Work

Then comes the body work. If you leave your vehicle to rust away then you know you are not going to get a good price. The smallest scratch from a shopping trolley at the supermarket car park can leave a rust spot on your vehicle. This is not the best selling point. You can get a rust treatment, add it to the area to ensure your vehicle doesn’t suffer from rust and is always in the best body condition.

Rust treatment should be considered a regular maintenance thing, especially if you live close to the ocean with that sea breeze blowing over the vehicle on a daily basis. The most dangerous thing for any car is sea water and the sea breeze has salt in it, which gets into the vehicles paintwork and causes rust.

While living near the ocean is an advantage in terms of views and lifestyle, it does horrific things to a cars bodywork. It gets under the vehicle and rusts from the underside. It gets into scratches and dents and makes unsightly holes that will automatically reduce any asking price you had in mind. Rust treatment can be added to any scratches or while doing any body repairs to reduce the risk of rust coming through, an ideal solution when you live in a seaside location .