2019 Ram 1500: Is it the Best Truck for Tradesman

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Ram has been considered as one of the leading brands who make wonderful pickup trucks. The Ram 1500 has been a best seller for decades, as it used to provide a reliable account of performance, when it came to transport heavy and bulky loads or towing a trailer behind. With every new edition the performance of the Ram 1500 gets better with the help of improved technology and as a result of clever engineering. The 2019 edition of the Ram 1500 shows many such traits that make it enlisted among the best pickup trucks that benefit its owners by serving the purpose of every possible trade that needs a pickup vehicle to run miles across carrying and towing heavy loads.

Aero Dynamic Exterior Design

As heard from the Fresno Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer, the first move of redesigning the 21st-century Ram truck was to shed down the extra weight. Hence Ram trucks were built with a ladder frame, that claims to be100 pounds lighter than their earlier counterparts. Thanks to the wider use of a high-strength steel in tune an aluminum transmission as a crossmember. The overall weight that was cut down a total of 225 pounds of volume on the V-8 crew-cab 4x4model.

The next step to develop everything around the concept of making the truck look better, was the needs of a structure that simultaneously be strong and reliable enough to carry the load within a steel body frame that look handsome. Mixing up the body with a reasonable amount of aluminum for the hood and tailgate was a clever decision in saving material cost, while making it look visually sleeker and more aero friendly. To make this target meet, Ram decided to rake the windshield by another 2 degrees than that of its outgoing model. A venturi roof design now got introduced to smoothen down the airflow over its trunk bed,  and the sides which are now 1.5 inches taller than before to reduce the parachute-like effect. The redesigned grille shutters are reactivated to help the new Ram simply move ahead slicing through the air. What more? They remain closed during passing through cold temperatures to heat up the engine as quickly as possible.

The Drivetrain Juice

Driving the 2019 Ram 1500 with the unchanged 5.7-liter iron-block pushrod V-8 engine was something that any driver will enjoy. The heightened horsepower of 395 and even greater torque of 410 lb-ft were much more than just being ample to move the Ram which has now become a lighter rig with undiminished enthusiasm. You won’t feel the need to pump up the artificial exhaust even once as all the eight cylinders do their job quietly with ease. The active noise canceling feature silence the natural noise still further to keep the cabin stay quiet even while revving through off-road patches.

Connectivity Features

At the Fresno CDJR dealer showroom, we entered the interior of the 2019 Ram 1500 which is not only highly refined in its taste, but also more functional now with the latest technology integration. There are more number of USB ports to charge your devices, a Ramcharger to make charging quicker and a reconfigurable center console that offers vast options for storing handy items to ease out the journey.

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