5 Things To Know When Looking After An Electric Car


The shift to the use of the electric car is the best car switch one can ever make. Electric car users get several benefits and also help in environmental preservation since they do not release pollutants. Additionally, electric car owners are not victims of fluctuating fuel prices and high maintenance costs. This type of vehicle demands very minimal maintenance services to ensure they continue running safely. Some of the most important things to practice ensuring the car stays in perfect working condition are discussed below.

  1.     Remember Basic Maintenance Rules.

The standard vehicle protection and maintenance rules also apply to electric car users. Both the interior parts and the exterior parts should be checked to ensure they are properly functioning. Some of the maintenance practices include checking on the coolant levels to ensure it is enough and in proper working conditions, blades replacement, wiper fluid replacement, and waxing or coating the car surfaces.

The electric car’s paint coating is similar to other normal cars and therefore requires care to be maintained. They require cleaning, waxing, and the use of sealants such as Nexgen Ceramic Spray or The Last Coat among others. These types of products are used to protect car surfaces by providing a protective film as well as make the car appear shiny and glossy. There are however several products in the market with varying qualities and some of the information written on them can be misleading. Before settling for a product to use on the vehicle it is advisable to do research on the best products and check on various reviewers’ opinions such as the Hydrosilex review. The product reviews normally provide details about the durability and reliance of ceramic products.

  1.     Washing Electric Cars

The battery and electric motor are not prone to having automatic car wash damage when the vehicle is cleaned using automatic car wash systems such as jet wash, tunnels, and rollovers. The most vulnerable parts of electric cars are protected from water intrusion since they are sealed. The traditional hand washing technique can also be used to wash this type of car. It is also recommended that the best products are used to wash the car and that sealants are used to protect the painted surfaces of the car to avoid damaging the exterior appearance of the car.

It is also essential that the owner should know how to wash the car after ceramic coating. Detailing products used on cars require maintenance to ensure that they last long and preserve the car. Car washing and cleaning can be easy but when sealants are used it needs more attention for effective protection against dirt and water. The owner is required to use appropriate cleaning products such as nanocoating soap to gently wash the vehicle. Additionally, the car should be washed using the old normal bucket method and not automatic wash.

  1.     Avoid Overcharging the Battery

Overcharging the electric car battery causes serious issues that result in the decline of the battery lifespan. The battery should be charged to around 80% and should never be left with little or no charge for long periods to avoid negatively affecting the battery’s health.

  1.     Parking the Car

It is recommendable to park the electric car under shades to increase the overall life span of the battery. Shading the car also helped to maintain the car temperatures and prevent overheating of the battery due to exposure to hot weather conditions. The heat from the sun also affects the charging of the battery and may also drain the battery charge.

  1.     Brake Maintenance

Driving at extremely high speeds stresses the electric car batteries and brakes. It is therefore good to maintain average speed limits and do regular brake maintenance services on the brakes.


Electric car maintenance care tips are just similar to those used in normal gasoline car care and maintenance. Electric car owners however have an extra responsibility in ensuring that the brakes, coolant, and other car parts are in good conditions and working properly. The cars also need to be charged to the appropriate battery percentages. Other than the benefits owners get from using this type of car, they are needed to ensure it is maintained and protected to ensure durability.

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