5 Truck Accessories To Give Yourself & Your Truck This Holiday Season


As you shop for holiday gifts for your friends and family, don’t forget to treat yourself to a few must-have truck accessories truck running boards take advantage of the seasonal sales to buy a toolbox tonneau cover and other items for your truck. Check out the top five accessories your workhorse of a truck deserves.

Tonneau Cover

Never deal with snow in the bed of your truck again. A tonneau cover is a great way to shield your truck bed from the worst effects of weather for year-round protection. Pack in any item without worrying about water damage. A durable cover also prevents loose items from flying out of your truck and creating a roadside hazard. Hard tonneau covers can be locked to prevent the risk of theft.

Compare hinged, retractable, folding and roll-up covers to find the best one for your budget and truck. Because truck beds aren’t all the same size, you’ll need to search for a cover that fits your specific vehicle. There are many pros and cons to each style and to hard or soft material, so use an online store to check reviews and specifications before making a purchase.

Audio System

Gone are the days when a basic radio was the highlight of your drive. Modern audio systems offer Bluetooth connections with your smartphone to stream your favorite music and enjoy hands-free phone calls. Throw in satellite radio and MP3 capabilities to cover any mood as you drive. New speakers are easy to install and offer improved audio quality throughout your truck cab.

New Rims

Off-road warriors need new rims to navigate difficult obstacles. For everyday drivers, new rims can replace damaged ones or match your lift kit. Choose new rim size and adaptors to alter your driving performance, or simply swap out stock rims with stylish replacements. Check out rims for sale online to get all the necessary specifications before you purchase these replacement parts.

Floor Mats

Shield your floorboards from mud, rain, and debris. Floor mats and liners are designed to trap mud, hold water and avoid turning your cab into a muddy mess. Some floor mats are designed for your exact make and model of vehicle, while others offer general sizing and lines to trim them down to fit. Compare materials to find an option that fits your budget and protects your interior from daily use.

Seat Covers

A coffee stain on your new leather seats can ruin your day. Whether you’re driving a work truck or an off-roader, you still deserve clean, stain-free seats. Look for neoprene seat covers to treat yourself this season. These covers prevent moisture, UV rays, and dirt from damaging the upholstery. Simply remove the cover, give it a good washing and replace it for straightforward detailing.

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

You can’t always wait for the holidays to treat your truck to some quality accessories. Shop for these five items online to prepare for a convenient driving experience. Online shopping makes it easy to select custom seat covers for cars rims and a tonneau cover that transforms your ride and helps you to cruise in style all year long.

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