5 True Facts on Car Parts You Should Know


Maintaining a car includes a detailed care of the parts that play an important role in keeping your car in shape and its performance remains unaffected. For every car owner, it becomes necessary to know a bit about those parts and develop a basic understanding of all the related things that revolve around the wellbeing of your car, if not all of them.

To start with, every car owner should be aware of the fact that there is no guarantee that an expensive car would not ask for any maintenance work to maintain its excellence. On the contrary, these cars have more high precision parts that needs more care and regular check-up. Generally speaking, if you search with the keywords like car dealership near me you are more likely to get car care services that would imply taking care of the engine, suspension, tires, accessories, widescreen, air filters, AC, dashboards and the list goes on.

Car Engine

The part that makes the car run by making optimum use of the fuel or energy is the engine. The car engine is a part without which your car would be held equivalent to a metal box. Taking care of this part includes, changing its oil in regular intervals, checking all it parts, if they are in good shape, and finally replacing parts of it, to boost up the performance level, when your car gets old.


The clutch in a car plays the role of engaging and disengaging the transmission of the power. The clutch can be worn out over time and because of over-use. To keep it under control either in terms of amount or over time you need to get it tested, whenever you realize, there is a change in the feeling, while pressing its pedal.

Fuel Injector

The Fuel injection in a car is a system that admits fuel into the internal part of the combustion engine. Today, it is considered as one of the primary fuel delivery systems used in automotive engines. The injector needs to be in shape as a bit of its malfunction would badly affect the overall performance of the car.


The car battery makes all the car parts work in tune with each other. It makes the car electrical parts work. The batteries go down quite often, once the car has travelled the insurance covered distance. Maintaining the battery would include regular check ups and replacement of it when required.

Car AC

The Car AC performs hard tasks, whenever you make it work. The car passengers can be exposed to a high-risk situation if there is any leakage in its ducts as it can set the car on fire. Checking it up is nothing lesser than insuring your life while you drive.

Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers according to any car dealership experts, are the support guards for your car that saves it from getting damaged after all the jerks and bumps the car experiences on road. Keep a check on this part to expand the lifespan of your car against rough driving conditions.

Car Tyres

Though needless to say, why tyres are important, it is required to know that imbalanced car tyres can spoil the suspension and overall performance of the car. One should check that all the tyres of a car must be of the same variety.

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