6 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping your Car


Car transportation is an unwieldy plan to do in looking for company services to move your car across the country safely and affordably. Shipping can be processed on the internet in just a single snap, but not all service providers offer the same level of services. And so, it is prerogative to read the company’s terms and conditions to impede nasty circumstances along the journey. You may also read reviews from previous clients to know more about their reputation, and its quality of service.

There can be some differences and thus, check these loopholes when you are transporting cars in other places or country like car shipping in Canada. Below are the six mistakes to avoid in shipping your cars.

1. Insufficient documents

Clear and complete shipping documents will ensure that the company can keep its business smoothly in the long run. This prevents disruption and nasty surprises. So please avoid this mistake, and make sure to keep necessary documents such as insurance and vehicle registration in an envelope or wherever you think it is safely placed.

  1. Spending too much budget

You need to know how much your shipping company is going to charge their offered services. The shipping fee will vary between companies. Hence, your budget is the main consideration at this moment. The best way to manage the cost is to check if the companies have outsourcing affiliates as your car is being transported. Always choose shipping companies that fit your preference and don’t forget to clarify before availing their services.

3. Not reviewing your preferred shipping company

You may already have an idea as to what company you will go to. But have some time assessing its vehicle shipping services to avoid future conflicts. It is necessary to be diligent to know what is best and perfect for your car transport.

4. Not having your vehicle insured

Most shipping companies offer transport warranty insured to cars while it is under their care, or perhaps, you may suggest having it covered before transporting it. Contrarily, having an uninsured vehicle has to be avoided as it becomes costly if anything wrong happens in transit. A good idea is to do a thorough inspection and take note on what the company can provide.

5. Not knowing the company’s reputation

The shipping company must be registered in the Department of Transportation. If it is across the state lines, it is necessary to be also registered in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You should not avail to a company which failed to undergo due process of the law. Do not rely on verbal promises, or agreement. You can ask references from their previous clients to know the company better.

  1. Putting more personal items on the car

It may look a good idea to put some personal items in the car but honestly, this isn’t a good idea at all. You should keep in mind that it is prohibited by law from shipping cars with some items inside. However, some companies would secretly allow 100 pounds of items. The bad thing is that the company will not hold any responsibility for the damaged and lost items. And if it will be caught, it will be seized by the DOT. So, have it empty than having you reprimanded.

If you have known any other mistakes, or have experienced similar circumstances, don’t forget to consult what is ideal and best for you. Always inquire if necessary, and think wisely.

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