7 Important Tips for the Maintenance of Your Motorcycle


Motorcycle is a vehicle that makes the rider proud and confident. No wonder, a lot of people are passionate to own a motorbike.

But once you own this powerful two-wheeler, it’s also important to take good care of it so as to make it look new and perform to an optimum level.

Once you hire skilled Australian motorcycle importers like Dazmac Logistics and get your motorcycle, your first job will be learn how to maintain your vehicle. Here are a few tips.

1. Clutch Adjustment

As you know clutch is used for changing the gears at regular intervals during a ride and therefore are used much often.

A clutch must be adjusted appropriately and must get the required amount of free play.

It should not be tightened too much, as an over-tight clutch would make it slip without your knowledge and also can cause increased fuel consumption.

2. Clean Air Filter

If you regularly travel in dusty conditions, the air filter will get clogged up in a short time. So, make sure you clean it regularly.

You should also change it at recommended intervals.

3. Engine

Engine is as important for your bike as heart is to your body. Regular servicing and tuning of the bike would keep the engine running smoothly and reduce your fuel bills.

Special attention should be given while maintaining valve clearances and cleaning the carburettor. Carburettor float chamber and other parts should be cleaned after every 1500 kilometres of travel.

Next, it’s very important to clean the spark plug and make sure the gap is rightly set. Or else, replace the spark plug since it’s the most important link in correct engine combustion.

The spark plug should be cleaned preferably for every 750 kilometres if your motorbike is two-stroke and for every 1,500 kilometres if the bike is four-stroke.

4. Check Engine Oil

For the smooth performance of your motorbike, its engine oil is very much important. Therefore you should check the engine oil level regularly and maintain an appropriate level.

Check if there is any oil leakage.

Over time, carbon is deposited in the engine oil and makes it thick. This creates a drag in the movements of internal parts of engine.

Keep in mind that operating your motorbike on dirty oil would not only increase your fuel consumption but also will shorten your engine’s life drastically.

5. Transmission System

The chain of your motorbike will need a regular cleaning, adjustment and lubrication. Paraffin is best to wash the chain, along with a soft brush and piece of cloth that will remove the dirt collected on the chain.

Remember not to use water for cleaning chains because it can rust the chain links. Once all the dirt is removed from the chain with the help of paraffin and brush, take a clean dry cloth and wipe the chain.

If you want to export your motorbike as you’ll be using it in another country, call a quarantine cleaning company like Dazmac Logistics or you can visit your trusted local logistics company.

6. Check Tyres Regularly

Just like with a car, a motorcycle’s tyres should also be checked regularly. Check their air pressure and confirm that the air pressure is maintained at levels recommended by the manufacturer.

Also check if there are any scrapes or cuts on the tyres since such wounds can anytime cause accidental blowouts.

Also remember to check your tyre treads once a week at least. Check wheel alignment and balance as well.

7. Maintain Brakes

Remember to keep both the brakes holding the tyres correctly spaced always. Too loose or too tight brakes can be dangerous.

It’s recommended to tighten the brakes as per the rider’s personal requirement and style.

Use these tips to maintain your beloved possession properly and enjoy riding!

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