7 Must Have Items on your 4×4 Ride


If you happen to be the proud owner of a shiny new 4×4 that is sitting in the driveway, there are a few essential accessories you will need before you drive off into the outback. Remote locations mean there are no shops where you can buy items you need, so make sure you have everything covered. Here is a list of items no 4 wheel owner should be without.

  1. A Reliable Winch – This is a must, as it can help you, or other motorists who get stuck for any reason. Ideally, this would be fixed at the front of the vehicle, and can use either nylon or steel cable, depending on the weight limitations. If you are in Western Australia, and are looking for 4×4 accessories in Perth, there are online suppliers of any item that you might require.
  1. A Tyre Deflator – For those times when you reach a change of terrain and need to let some air out of your tyres. This gadget is easily connected to any wheel, and will slowly deflate the tyre, while giving you a reading on the existing pressure.
  1. An Air Compressor – Essential for inflating tyres after a puncture, not to mention pumping up air mattresses, this handy little gadget runs off the vehicle battery. If you have an inflatable dinghy, the compressor will soon make light work of that.
  1. The Right Suspension – Off-road demands the best settings and with independent suspension will give you a smooth ride, regardless of terrain. If you live in Western Australia, visit westcoastsuspension.com.au today
  2. for the latest generation of 4×4 suspension and accessories at affordable prices.
  1. Roof Mounted Tents and Awnings – If you plan on spending a few days in the outback, you will need something to keep the vehicle out of the sun, and stopping over is a pleasure when you can set up a tent that adds valuable space to your living area.
  1. Adequate Lighting – There are times when we need to illuminate an area a little more than the standard headlights can manage, and with reversible LED spotlights, you can direct a powerful beam to any direction. Some owners have a row of spotlights attached to the roll bar, which gives you more than enough directional lighting for any situation.
  1. A Roof Rack – Essential because there is never enough room for all the equipment you want to take, especially on a long trip. Bikes, inflatable boats, barbeques, and bags can all be secured on the roof rack, expanding your storage space. If you are looking for 4×4 accessories at discount prices, a simple online search will reveal a quality supplier of all things off road, and with no retail outlet, prices will be lower than normal.

Off road driving is becoming popular with urban motorists, while the outdoor lifestyle has long incorporated these rugged vehicles, and with the latest generation of accessories, off road driving has become much more convenient and comfortable.

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