A Guide to Transporting Vehicles in the UK


My advice, always employ a professional company to move your vehicles around the UK. And, I’ll tell you why … this is my story.

My story

My brother-in-law, Mike, is a fountain of knowledge; what he doesn’t know you could write on the back of a postage stamp. Anyway, when finally, after years of sweat and tears, I could finally afford to buy my dream classic car, a soft top, Triumph Vitesse. It wasn’t quite roadworthy and needed a bit of bodywork restoration; I’d had it booked in with Wright’s Bodyworks to sort.

Anyway, Mike volunteered to collect the car from ‘up country’ to save me a delivery fee. I was grateful and, as it turns out quite rightly, apprehensive.

He had an ancient four wheel drive and a big trailer, dating from the Jurassic Period. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer was, everything!

Long story short: it took an hour to get the car on the trailer, it took another eternity to strap it into place. My apprehension had turned to fear. I was the wide-eyed passenger, clutching the dashboard. I could see the trailer in the wing mirror; it was swaying from side to side. That wasn’t right, surely!

The police agreed, no, it wasn’t right; we were forbidden to drive any further than the next 200 yards to the nearest layby. I concluded that I had made a mistake and that Mike was an idiot.

Seeing the light

I immediately phoned Wright’s Bodyworks to inform them that I’d be unable to deliver the car to them that afternoon, as promised. I explained my dilemma and then discovered something that somehow, I’d overlooked; Wright’s were not only excellent classic car restorers, with a proud trading record spanning two decades, they also had all the up to date transporting vehicles!

I was put through to their relative company, Wrights Vehicle Transport.

They were with us within the hour, my beautiful Vitesse classic car was loaded and secured within minutes. It arrived at the workshop on time.

The lessons learned

Do not rely on Mike, or anyone of his ilk. Whether you’re moving a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, then speak to companies with a credible trading background, companies such as White’s Vehicle Transport.

You are assured to get:

  • Sound advice, a most helpful attitude
  • A comprehensive fleet of specialist transport vehicles capable of multiple car and single vehicle transport
  • Fast, safe delivery with
  • The cushion of, full insurance cover

Call White’s Vehicle Transport and place yourself in the hands of reliable, experienced experts, who always deliver.

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