Auto Detailing – Convert A Used Car To A New One


Auto detailing involves series of processes that restore used cars to look new again. Overtime, this practice has evolved into a form of art. With auto detailing, people can once again be attracted to an old/used car because of its new look.

When it comes to car grooming, auto detailing should not be overlooked. As a matter of fact, it comes in handy particularly if the car owner intends to divest or sell the car. This is because at sales point, buyers are usually not attracted to old or overused cars with appalling appearances. Auto Detailing Pro is the leading auto detailing company that pays attention to detail whilst ensuring your car is free from dirt.

However, before auto detailing takes place, it is crucial to critically examine the car, taking three major auto detailing primers into consideration. This first is the paint evaluation. Painting is very important because the sight of the car’s exterior goes a long way in influencing one’s impressions about the vehicle. Hence good spray painting is an initial advice in auto detailing.

Evaluation of the wheel and tire is another important aspect of detailing procedure. Old wheels are usually victims of black stains caused by the buildup of tar from brake dust. Thus without frequent washing and waxing, it will be more tedious to groom this car parts.

The third aspect of detailing evaluation is the car interior. The interior of a car is the true indicator of how it has been used. Owing to this, auto detailing providers pay particular attention to making the inside of the vehicle look as superb as the outside.

In addition to these, here are other pointers that facilitate effective car detailing processes:

  1. It is best to use a cooled garage or roofed space for your auto detailing procedure. This is because, asides the fact that most of the detailing products, like paint and wax do not work well in hot conditions, washing the exterior in the sun is not recommended.
  2. Washing of car should be done from top to bottom – it is easier for water to flow downwards, as explained by the law of gravity.
  3. If a car has just come off the road, it should not be washed or auto detailed immediately. It is important that the car cools for about 20 – 30 minutes before undergoing the detailing process. This is to prevent the damage of hot parts of the vehicle, such as the exhaust components, brake rotors, or even the engine when they come in contact with cold water.
  4. During detailing, there is tendency for wax to form residue around the trim. But with the use of a detailing towel, excessive wax on the car’s exterior could be brushed, sprayed or wiped away.

Most importantly, you should bear in mind that as your proceed on an auto detailing activity, patience and determination are key factors to detailing success. When these are in place, nothing will stop your car from looking radiant and new once more.


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