Beginner’s Guide to Off-Roading Mods


You’ve been dreaming of off-roading. You’ve saved for years and finally purchased a truck or van, and you’re just itching to take it out on the open road. That vehicle needs some tweaking before you head out on your big adventure. Off-road conditions are challenging; you need to invest in some upgrades to get where you want to go – and back home safely again. But where do you start, and how do you keep yourself from getting carried away? Here’s a beginner’s list for off-road vehicle modifications.


It should come as no surprise that the right tires are essential to off-roading. Aggressive tires give your vehicle better traction over obstacles such as rocks, sand, roots, and ruts. Burlier tires are less likely to experience failure on the road, which means more time driving and less time repairing flat tires. In addition, bigger tires also give your vehicle a bit of a lift. That extra bit of ground clearance might be just exactly what you need to get over any terrain.

Suspension And Lift

If your passion for off-roading takes off, a suspension modification is inevitable. Lift kits that give your truck a fierce look aren’t just about aesthetics; performance is a key feature. Aftermarket systems offer critical reinforcements, enhanced handling, and a smoother ride. A suspension upgrade will also improve aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and safety. And getting your ride farther up off the ground helps you successfully navigate obstacles that would stop a standard vehicle in its tracks.

Body Protection and Skid Plates

Protecting your vehicle extends its life and keeps you out on the road. The trail is rough on vehicles. The last thing you want is for that obstacle to tear up your undercarriage as you go over. Body armor and skid plates protect the essential components of your truck and give you peace of mind.

Bumpers and Bull Bars

Bumpers and bull bars protect the front of your vehicle as you plow through grass and brush, sand, and forest. With the extra protection of a bull bar, you can go where you want and need to go without worrying that you’ll come home with major damage to your front end. With the help of a bull bar, you’ll come home looking as good as you did when you went out.

Roof Rack

 A roof rack won’t improve your performance, but it will increase your storage capacity. Off-roading takes a lot of gear; a roof rack gives you a place to keep it all.


Your standard headlights probably won’t cut it off-road at night. It’s easy to get carried away with lighting mods, but a good place to start is a lightbar. It adds essential high-quality LED light to light up any trail. That said, your actual choice depends on the type of off-roading you plan to do, so talk to a dealer before making your final selection.

The best part of off-roading mods is that you can add more as you go along. Start slowly and plan to discover your needs and wants as you gain more experience.

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