Best Maintenance and Servicing Tips for your RV


Owning a Recreational Vehicle will surely provide you with marvelous and plenty of memorable experiences. But to keep experiencing the same, will need you to take good care of this amazing travel partner, which will provide you the best of both worlds, like the privacy of your own vehicle and the comfort of a hotel, while you stay on the move.

Here it is important to remember, that an RV will not move of its own, and has to be towed either by an SUV or by a pickup truck. So, the maintenance of an RV will include servicing both the RV interior and the towing vehicle, as well, reminded the owner of the Ankeny RV service center. 

Brake Response

The RVs are considered heavy vehicles. But RVs would not come as a self-moving vehicle. They need to be towed either by trucks or SUVs. But when the entire RV starts moving and picks up a higher speed on the vehicles, the braking system faces immense pressure, if not duly supported by the braking system of the RV so, it is of high priority to keep a check on the braking components of the RV. From the brake pads to the brake rotors, from the braking lines to the brake fluid, every part must be inspected thoroughly before starting a road trip with your RV. But what is the most important in all of these, is to check the braking response, if it is taking longer to slow down the vehicle, and bringing it to a complete stop. 

The Water Reservoir

To have a comfortable holiday trip with your RV, you need to have a sufficient supply of water that needs to be filled before you start the journey. That reservoir needs to be maintained well to make sure, it doesn’t get soiled and unusable. Before the starting of a journey and after a trip, the reservoir must be cleaned and sanitized to avoid any generation of fungus or other chemical issues. 

Seals on the Slides 

Irrespective of the kind of RV you choose, they will come with a lavish interior cabin that will be divided into many sections like a seating place, bedroom, kitchen, and washroom. All these demarcations will be done with sliding doors that will have several rubber seals. These rubber seals are susceptible to cracks and damages that can overall affect the smoothness of operations. So, these rubber seals need to be checked and replaced, if cracks and stiffness are noticed. 

Caring for the Tires and Wheels 

While rounding up the discussion, the mechanics who offer complete RV service in Ankeny, especially reminded us about the fact that like all other kinds of vehicles, the RV too will move on wheels and that too, with more numbers. So, right from the tires, to the wheels, the entire system must be in place, to make sure, this huge vehicle is rightly balanced. Hence, before you plan your next holiday trip with your RV, get a complete service done that must include wheel balancing and alignment, tire pressure check and inflation, tire rotation and replacement, if necessary.

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