Best Mountain Bikes


The best mountain bikes available today can give you an eco-friendly way of getting about town, or de-stressing after a long day of work. Today, the modern mountain bike has seen the benefits of the constantly-developing world of technology, and can offer more than just a comfortable ride. The best mountain bikes today now have everything from ergonomic seats, to shock absorbers, smooth transmission systems, and more.

One of the best things about mountain bikes today is that they don’t require a large amount of money to buy; some of the best ones are actually relatively cheap. This will make it easy for beginners to delve straight into the rugged and fun world of mountain biking without making too big of an investment. Meanwhile, experts who know what they want will still have their own pick of the best and most expensive mountain bikes today.

Here are some of the best mountain bikes available today, at different price points:

  • Decathlon Rockrider 8.0 – Decathlon is probably one of the only bicycle superstores in the world. While you may be expecting WalMart quality when you think of a superstore, the Rockrider is anything but. This low-cost mountain bike is also one of the best in it’s class, so if you are a beginner who is looking for a basic bike with a front suspension system, changeable gears, and sturdy construction, then take the Rockrider into consideration.
  • Vitus VEE-1 – With no gear shifters or even a suspension fork to speak of, bikers looking for a simple, no-frills bike that will stand the rigors of the outdoors and daily transportation may get what they bargain for. The lack of features may put off more hardcore riders, though, but even the some dedicated bikers will find that the minimalistic approach that the VEE-1 takes proves it’s worth.
  • Diamondback Response Sport – This affordable heavyweight boasts Shimano Deore gears, disc brakes and a modest RockShox Dart 2 front suspension kit. The trimmings aren’t the only thing big on this bike; the tires are just as massive as the beefy handlebar that sits on the strong frame. If you want a great bike that is packed with features, yet easy on the wallet, then the Response Sport may be what you are looking for.
  • Specialized Enduro S-Works – For the biker with deeper pockets, the Enduro S-Works oozes good looks and precision machine work in every corner. From the durable Traverse alloy wheel set, to the Fox RP23 shocks and Avid XX R hydraulic disc brakes, every penny spent on this mountain bike will have been put to good use. And with a 2011 Editor’s Choice award from Bicycling Magazine, you know it has been tested to the fullest extent.
  • Ibis Mojo – With funky styling to go along with a rock solid build, this bike has mojo indeed. With many models falling under the Mojo line of bikes, bikers may pick from a wide range of precision parts and durable construction to ride in style and comfort with. Many of the Mojo bikes are constructed with Titanium, and large amounts of durable carbon, making them very lightweight.
  • Scott Genius LT10 – You won’t have to be a genius to figure out what makes this mountain bike great: The LT in the name stands for “Long Travel,” making prolonged trips up and down a breeze thanks to the durable carbon frame. With RockShox Lyrik RKR suspension, Avid XO Carbon Disc Brakes and DT Swiss wheels, you may think twice about taking this looker out into the rough.
  • Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon – You may have guessed by the name that the frame is made of carbon. Everything about the bike can be customized before buying, from the tires, components, and many more parts of the bike you may not initially take a second look at. The carbon frame stays constant throughout, but also comes in different colors to match the tastes of all kinds of riders.
  • Hardrock Comp Disc – With a premium-grade aluminum frame, beefy tires and disc brakes, you will get a lot of features when you take this bike out for a spin. Other features, like a SunTour XCR Fork and an adjustable hydraulic SpeedLock lever, the low price point may come as a shock to even veteran cyclists.
  • Jamis Durango – Sharing the same name with a larger Dodge automobile, you are sure to get the same durability and mileage with this bike, even while next to a decked-out 4×4. The lack of disc brakes may be something unheard of at this price point, but make no mistake; with 27 selectable gears and comfortable hardtail construction still makes this mountain bike a bargain.
  • Saracen TuffTrax – Another modestly-priced heavy hitter is the TuffTrax from Saracen. With a rather lax set of tires and a limited selection of gears, veteran cyclists may feel a little short-changed with the feature set. Newer bikers, however, may find hours of fun on this particular bike for the price point.

With so many offerings at all price points, a mountain biker has so much freedom of choice when faced with a purchase decision. Constantly developing technology combined with an ever-evolving sport add to the overall level of fun any biker will have on the road, too. With the best mountain bikes available today, you too may find a new hobby to kill your spare time with.

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