Best Ways To Get To And From The Airport Without Your Car


There’s absolutely no doubt about it that parking at the airport with your car at one of the many airport parking lots is always a really viable option for a lot of people when you are going to be going out of town for a little while, but it shouldn’t necessarily be something that people have to rely upon these days. Of course a lot of parking lots at some of the major airports around the country are pretty expensive and cost around twenty to thirty dollars per day that it stays there, and that definitely can add up if you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time. So what we are going to be talking about in this article is just a bunch of different options for you to get to and from the airport without your car, and once you start traveling to the airport without your car you’ll definitely understand that this is the best option when you need to catch you next flight.

There are definitely a lot of interesting and easy options to get to airports, and of course this is going to vary with each and every city throughout the country and the world for that matter, but there are always going to be some pretty consistent options for everyone who maybe don’t own a car or are just trying to save the hassle and worry about leaving their car in an airport parking lot for an extended amount of time. We will be going over some of the more convenient and cheap options of getting to and from the airport but we are also going to be talking about some the more luxurious options that can get you to and from your local airport in style. We all know that flying in a plane is a pretty awesome experience and is kind of luxurious in itself, and the truth of the matter is that there are actually are a bunch of ways in which you can get really affordable car services to and from airports for you and your traveling partners. Anyone who has a family of children understands that packing up a car and getting it ready to go to the airport and do all the things that you need to do in order to get your kids ready to catch a flight is typically a nightmare no matter who you are, but that is why we are here to tell you some really great options so let’s continue talking about some of the best ways to get to and from the airport without your car!

So one of the really cool options that we want to mention first and foremost is taking an airport car service that is really affordable and stylish to say the very least. This is something that not everyone is going to be able to do of course, but if you have the means we highly recommend you do a car service to and from the airport because you can relax and prepare for your traveling ahead of time, so it just makes sense since you are about to be traveling in a plane that you take a little break from driving and relax on your way to the airport as a professional driver navigates his way around traffic or just throughout your city in style.

Another easy option is using a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft, but of course these apps aren’t necessarily going to work when you are trying to get picked up from the airport necessarily, but what we have been seeing in recent months is that more and more airports are allowing Uber drivers to come pick up people from the airport in certain areas, and so if you are planning on taking an Uber to the airport you’ll be fine, but getting picked up you should know the rules of your local airport, or your destination for that matter, before you arrive there. Of course you could always get a regular taxi ride but a normal taxi ride is going to cost you a lot more than what an Uber would cost so you should consider these options. One sneaky way to get around some these hassles that happen with these ride-sharing apps is to take a shuttle from the arrivals sector of the airport to a rental car company or a place just outside of the airport, and it will definitely be chill to get picked up from some of these locations. So that’s the secret of using Uber at a lot of American airports, just keep it a secret!

Of course the most luxurious option that you can go for, and this is probably something that you are going to want to do if you are traveling with some of your friends or family, is to hire a limousine. Of course a lot of us see limos all over airports all the time dropping and picking people up, and this is just something that traveling is all about, and it is of course super stylish, so if you have the means riding in a limousine can’t really be beat, and if you are going to be staying away for an extended amount of time it actually could be cheaper than leaving your car at the airport in one of their parking lots, which goes to show just how expensive those parking lots are.

So we are super happy to have you here on this page and we know that when it comes down to it there are so many options that you can choose when you don’t want to take your car to the airport, and we know that if you follow some of our little tricks and secrets you’ll be totally fine and be able to save a bunch of money and then use your money on more fun things besides getting to and from the airport like life should be.

And don’t forget the old fashioned way to get to and from the airport is have a friend drive you there!

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