Buying a Car Online? Finding the Best Shipping Methods and Affordable Car Shipping Rates


Vehicle shopping can be both exciting and stressful for many people. Visiting the neighborhood dealership and scanning the cars for sale can take up a lot of time and be mentally taxing, sometimes frustrating when nothing feels like the right one. Given that we live in the day and age of the Internet, one might think — why not buy a car online? Yes, why not? In fact, it is already very much possible and viable to purchase a vehicle through the Internet, whether the car is brand new or used. How do you make sure the process is done seamlessly? Here are some factors that you should consider.


Think carefully and decide how much you are willing to shell out for a car, above everything else. Whatever you do or see, even if it sounds like a “deal of a lifetime,” do not agree to anything that’s beyond your ceiling. Do your search. Negotiate. And then negotiate some more. It is possible to buy the car of your dreams without breaking the bank.


Are you buying a car for yourself or for the family? What you buy will depend on what you need, while keeping your budget solid. A family with kids, for instance, will benefit more from a minivan or SUV. Do you have active kids? You might want to get a van with remote-operated doors and windows. But if you budget does not allow it, try a two-door sedan, instead.

Buying Online

Once you’ve ironed out those details, the next step is to finally buy that car online. Contact the seller to ask questions, negotiate, ask for more photos, and get references and more. Bargaining with an online car seller is actually less stressful than haggling with the salesman at your local dealer. You can negotiate at your own time, at your own pace and without having to meet face to face. That way, you can also make a decision at your own schedule and only when you’re ready. You don’t have to deal with a person breathing down your neck trying to pressure you into buying. Online, you can take as much time as you need.

You can even ask for your first choice’s lowest price and then show that to other sellers to see if they can offer you a much friendlier rate. Continue this process until one gives in and agrees to a price that’s finally within your budget.

Car Shipping

So you’ve settled on a car and made a deal with the seller. The next phase is to finally get it shipped to where you are. There are many companies offering car shipping services in the US. If you’re buying internationally, there are also US firms that are partners with many international car shippers to ensure a smooth delivery. In most situations, getting your vehicle delivered to your home is safer and a lot less stressful than picking the car up yourself. No need to buy a plane ticket and travel just to get it and then endure having to drive back home.

Ask your selected provider about their affordable car shipping rates. Open containers are cheaper than enclosed carriers because your vehicle will likely be riding with many others and the cost of transporting is divided among you. But if you ordered a fancy car online, it is better that you go for enclosed trailers (although you should be ready to pay a much higher rate).

The next step is to choose between roro shipping vs container shipping, both of which are safe ways to transport your vehicle. Roro (roll on, roll off) is actually the cheapest and simplest/most efficient shipping method. How is it done? Your car will be driven to the RORO boat and secure to the designated decks. They will be transported inside the vessel, protected from the elements. RORO is popular if you are car shipping internationally. However, RORO transport’s coverage is not all-encompassing as container shipping. RORO has global routes, yes, but container shipping can pretty much reach anywhere you can think of.

Do you have more questions about shipping your vehicle locally and internationally? Get in touch with us and our friendly team will be happy to assist with whatever inquiries you might have. We’ll make sure that you find the best way to transport your vehicle at the price that you are comfortable with.

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