Can a windshield be repaired?


Can a windshield be repaired? The windshields can be repaired depend to the several factors.

What can do with repairing windshield?

Well, if your windshields have small cracks or chips, then you can just repair it. You no need to replace with the new one. The technician will determine whether your windshields are able to repair or not from these 4 factors below:

∙  Size. Most of company are able to repair cracked or chips in windshields that have size 1 inch of diameter or up to 3 inches long.

∙ Types. There are several types of cracks that able to repair. The stars break is cracked radial shape that comes from the point of impact. The circular objects usually due to bulls eye cracks. The half-moon cracks usually because circular objects. Cracks chips is single crack that usually sizes of quarter.

∙   Types of your car.

How to prevent the cracking spreading?

Do not have enough time yet to Windshield Repair? If you are busy person or you need to use your car every day, then this tips below can help you to prevent the cracking spreading to let you drive safely and wait you have enough time to repair.

∙  Buy windshield replacement kits. You can buy windshields repair kit and repair it by yourself. This will seal the glass from outside debris and other elements that can worsened the cracked.

∙                     Hold glass stay in place with applying super glue. For tiny crack, use super glue for reduce the spreading crack.

∙   Use nail polish for temporary. The acrylic nail polish will be a helpful temporary fix for your cracked windshields. Clean the cracked windshields from debris and other elements. Apply the nail polish in both inside and outside of the crack and areas around the cracks. This will help hold the glass together for temporary especially when you drive and far from repair shops.

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