Car & Home Emergencies


Ready for the Real World

Liberty Insurance have just launched their ‘Ready for the Real World’ campaign, designed to educate consumers on the importance of preparing for home and car emergencies, and what to do in these scenarios. In advance of the campaign launch Red C Research conducted a survey on their behalf to find out more about how Irish people are affected by emergencies.

Problems on the road

Conducted among a sample of approximately 500 Irish adults, the research found that more than half of all drivers have continued to drive while a warning light was displayed on their dashboard, with 1 in 10 continuing to drive for over a week before addressing the issue.

22 percent of drivers don’t feel capable of pumping air into their tyres, 41 percent are not confident that they can change a tyre or jump start a battery, and half do not feel confident about changing oil or water. More than 1 in 10 drivers do not feel capable of doing any of these tasks alone.

Overall, when performing these tasks, the research showed women to be less confident than men. Fewer than two in three women aren’t confident changing a tyre, jump starting a battery (64%) or changing water/oil (67%).

In general, it would be good for both new and experienced drivers to learn a few of the basics, like changing tyres, for those car emergencies. However, Liberty Insurance offers 24hour breakdown assist and home start as standard to all their car insurance customers.

Responding to emergencies

The ‘Ready for the Real World’ research shows that a spouse or partner is first point of call for one in three in a home emergency and three in ten in a car emergency. Fewer than one in four would call a tradesperson first in a home emergency.

So what are the most common home emergencies? Interestingly, a blocked drain or toilet is the most common home emergency and a quarter have experienced a burst pipe or roof damage.

Just over 1 in 10 say they do not have the emergency number for their home insurer.

Another surprising fact to come out of the research was that 3 in 10 believe calling their breakdown assistance emergency number would affect their no claims bonus, with younger drivers way more likely to believe this.

Commenting on the research, Deirdre Ashe, Director of Customer & Markets at Liberty Insurance, said:

“At Liberty Insurance we understand that not everything goes to plan and we’re here to help in those situations. Our research shows that drivers and home insurance owners are prone to emergencies. It also makes clear that we need to be a lot more prepared for these situations, both on the road and at home, and know what to do and who to talk to.”

“For a start, we need to dispel the idea that calling an emergency assistance number will affect someone’s no claim bonus. It won’t. If a driver has been in an accident or has a technical fault with their car, they need to get help immediately for their own safety, and for the safety of other drivers.“

Make sure you’re Ready for the Real World with a car insurance policy with 24/7 breakdown assistance and a home insurance policy with emergency assistance.

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