Choices You Must Make of the Crane Packages Now


When erecting large objects, factories, multi-story residential buildings or facilities for cultural purposes. It is impossible to do without tower cranes. Thanks to such lifting equipment, up to 90% of construction and installation works are carried out. The use for the heila knuckle boom packages comes here now.

Tower cranes: types and classification

The structural diagram of modern crane machines of various manufacturers is of the same type – this is a counterweight, boom, work platform, tower, lifting and moving mechanisms, as well as a cabin where all control systems are located. The classification principles of such special equipment are:

Type of platform, which can be fixed or rotary

The second is a steel spatial frame, where the drive mechanisms of all the crane lifting units are installed. There are also provided components that provide the crane stability during operation, travel / lift limiters and a counterweight, which assumes the cantilever load from the load on the hook. The fixed platform is equipped with a special device – the head, located in the upper part of the tower and producing mechanical movement of the boom.

Boom design

It can be suspended and hammer-shaped. The boom is equipped with a displacement unit for the working winch and is a frame steel structure assembled from bars of square, round or triangular cross section.

Tower crane

Distinguish between options assembled from solid and lattice metal structures. In the first case, the tower turns out to be more massive, with a somewhat difficult view for the crane operator. But it – unlike the lattice models – is practically not subject to external adverse atmospheric influences. Naturally, with the exception of the maximum permissible wind force, which can violate the stability of the technique?

Installation of tower cranes and their technological capabilities

Tower cranes are periodically dismantled – during transportation to a new place of their use. As a result, it is important how quickly the equipment can be prepared for work.

The most time-consuming operation is the assembly of the boom. Often, it is produced on the ground – horizontally, in this form rising upwards, after which it is finally connected. There is another method of assembly, in which the installation is carried out in the vertical direction. In the first case, mobile hoists and winches of the crane itself are used, in the second you cannot do without an automobile crane machine.

After the boom is assembled, installation and subsequent balancing of the working platform are carried out, for which a set of reference weights is used.

How to choose the right crane model?

The choice of model of a tower crane is carried out according to the following parameters:

The greatest carrying capacity

With values ​​up to 25 tons, rotary models are more technological, in other cases, cranes equipped with a fixed tower;

The maximum lifting height

Here, also at relatively low altitudes (up to 100 m), mainly machines with a turret are used, and at high values ​​with a movable head. Take off arrows. Swivel mechanisms are used when the required departure value does not exceed 100 m. As you can see, tower cranes are a technique that can greatly facilitate the implementation of construction work, the main thing is to choose a mechanism suitable for a particular case.

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