Choosing The Right Vehicle For Your Needs


Choosing a new or pre-owned vehicle is fun and exciting.  There are hundreds of possibilities in all different shapes and colors.  If your budget allows you can choose the sleek, sophisticated Range Rover Evoque, alternatively your budget or preference may be aimed at the smaller end of the car market.  There is no right or wrong choice, just the vehicle which best suits your needs.

Vehicles like the Range Rover Evoque are designed to be fast, stylish and take you anywhere in comfort; whether on road or off.  Other vehicles may emphasize environmentally friendly engines or very small price tags.  It can be difficult to choose the right vehicle, the following tips should help:


The first criteria you should consider when choosing a new vehicle is how much space you need.  If you are married and regularly take your in-laws out you will not be able to manage with a two seat sports car!

Equally, some large vehicles have very small boots as most of their interiors are dedicated to passenger comfort and the shape of the car does not provide a large boot; this could be an issue if you need to pick up DIY supplies or carry business equipment around.  There are some vehicles, such as the previously mentioned range Rover Evoque which offer comfort, space and power; but these will usually be at the top end of anyone’s budget.

Specification and Options

Whether you are choosing a brand new car or a pre-owned one you will need to decide which options you consider essential and which are luxuries.  Many people will see a GPS system as a luxury, even if it is standard on high end vehicles.  However, if you travel hundreds or thousands of miles in the line of your work you may consider it an essential piece of equipment.  Once you have decided which accessories you need, you will be able to start narrowing your search parameters.


The budget you have available to run your car should be considered before you purchase the vehicle.  Powerful, fast cars will often be those that use the most fuel.  If you drive a large number of miles or have a very limited budget you will find it essential to look at the fuel economy of the different vehicles available in your price range.  This may even become more important than the look of the vehicle.  Of course, if money is not an issue, the Range Rover Evoque offers one of the best options for style and performance.


You may feel it is important to portray the right image.  For instance, if everyone in your street owns either a Porsche or an Aston Martin you may not wish to be the one who arrives home in a Fiat 500!  However, the aforementioned Range Rover Evoque may be acceptable!

You may also feel that you need to have the right vehicle to display your status to work colleagues or to friends and family.   If this is important to you then the vehicles you consider should reflect the image you wish to portray.  It is worth noting that it is better to purchase a vehicle based on your own preferences and needs, not on what you think others will expect you to drive!


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