Defensive Driving 101


Every day, there is news about road accidents. As studies show that numerous influences cause highway crashes, these incidents can be prevented. Aside from the government’s road safety programs, motorists – more than ever – must follow the rules and regulations set by the transportation officials. Enumerated here are common road safety tips both drivers and traffic officers must abide to lessen if not to entirely eradicate highway accidents.   

Don’t Drink and Drive

Road signs highlight “Don’t drink and drive’ and yet several people are still arrested and even met their untimely death because they are under the influence of abusive substance or alcohol. Alcohol and drugs slow down reflexes which may cause mental preparedness to drop.

Several causes have been filed against motorists who are driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated (DWI) and even drink-driving. These offenses have claimed many lives, and some are still under criminal court proceedings. However, even the best Houston DWI defense attorney handles their cases; the fact that they have killed someone because of their actions is already something too much to think of.

Obey Traffic Rules

Cliché yet true. Always abide by the set of traffic rules each city and district implements.  Traffic rules are designed with safety as its principal motivation. The road traffic guidelines are made not only for motorists but pedestrians as well.

Simple direction like following the lane must not bore motorists same with keeping distance between vehicles. Signal lights are made not to be forgotten but to gesture to drivers and pedestrians nearby that one is about to make a turn, change lane or the vehicle is experiencing a system malfunction.  

To obey traffic rules means to show respect to oneself, to fellow motorists, to pedestrians, and to the government. Drivers must dismiss the thinking that no one is watching; thus they will, for instance, beat the reg signal. It is also prudent that they remove the mentality that all traffic cops accept a settlement, therefore will continue disrespecting road guidelines and directions.

Regularly Check Vehicle

As much as possible, have the car inspected before a long drive or even before and after use. Ensure all warning devices and lamps are in working condition. A few minutes of examining the tires, side mirror, and brakes are more prudent than spending the most of one’s life in jail or in a trial. Also, never compromise on the quality of tires. Have them inflated with the right air pressure to avoid tire bursts from happening while still on the road.  

Wear Seat Belts

Seat belts may hinder specific movements as of the moment, but they are life-saving. To add, wearing a seat belt is in the law. There are numerous road accident cases shown that many individuals strapped to their seat belts are spared from severe injury. The lap-shoulder belt systems, for one, protect these passengers and motorists against severe and fatal head and neck injuries. Reports have it that most cases of unbuckled passengers and drivers suffer head and spine injuries after a road accident. These injuries have caused them thousands of dollars in medical bills and to some, even led them to a lifetime of debt and even bankruptcy.

Upgrade Car Features

Drivers may adopt antiskid break systems in their vehicles to manage the risk of car skidding. Reflectors are also practical add-ons on the rear of the car to help other motorists easily detect approaching vehicles.    


Pedestrians, especially children, and elders, always come first. A few minutes to wait is all it takes to allow them to cross the road. Give them that pleasure. Give the same respect to fellow motorists.  Avoid over-taking. Never be tempted, too, to speed up to show off or irate a driver close behind. Speed may give a thrill, but it may also speed up the drivers’ arrogance and thus kill in the process.

Arrogance, carelessness, and indifference may lead one to face road accident, claim a life, damage property, and disturb others. It is better to read caution signs, apply prudence while driving, and show respect to avoid road accidents from happening.

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