Do you know what your car’s VIN is? And how does it decode?


VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number works like a car identity card. It is a 17 digit code made up of mixed numbers and letters and they all have their meaning, grouped together or independently. This code transmits a list of information about a specific car to those who know it. It is used around the world and provides manufacturers, mechanics and anyone else with truly-valuable information.

These 17 digits have information about the country of origin, the factory where it was produced, says the Model Year, the market it is intended for, the type of engine, weight, measurements, power of the vehicle, etc. Each character has a purpose. Besides, it guarantees the buyer of the vehicle (new or used) that he is actually buying the vehicle he is seeing and not any other one in disguise. It is easy to check VPN status of your vehicle. Just click here and get a free-check online.

Identify the manufacturer –

  • 1 Digit – Geographic area: The character that opens the VIN identifies the geographical region of the globe.
  • 2nd digit – Country of origin of the brand: This character refers to the country of origin of the brand.
  • 3rd digit- Constructor: The third letter in the sequence is combined with the previous two and results in the code for the type of bodywork.

Characterize the vehicle –

  • 4th Digit – Weight and power: Contains a code that represents the vehicle’s weight and power.
  • 5th Digit – Platform: Identifies the type and vehicle, light or heavy, and which platform is used.
  • 6th Digit – Model: This is a special code used by the manufacturer to identify the specific model of the vehicle.
  • 7th Digit – Bodywork: It is another digit that identifies the type of bodywork, such as sedan, coupe, etc.
  • 8th Digit – Engine: Here we find information about the engine, displacement or number of cylinders for this engine, Hp, Torque, etc.

The following three characters –

  • 9th Digit – Confirmation: It is the confirmation digit of the VIN that serves to verify the veracity of a VIN. It does not give any information about the vehicle.
  • 10th Digit – Model Year: The tenth is the digit of the Model Year. It could be also the registration year of the car.
  • 11th digit – Factory: Represents the factory where the car was produced.

Where’s the VIN in your car?

From 12th to 17th, you can identify your vehicle (VIS characters). Your car’s VIN code can be found in different areas of the vehicle. Look at under the hood. Inside the pillars A or B is another possible location. It is usually marked on a plaque. It could be at the base of the windshield, or in the engine compartment, door frame, etc.

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