Don’t Fight Alone After a Motorcycle Accident


Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be very serious and even deadly. While automobile accidents can be too, driving a motorcycle is much different. A motorcycle does not have any barriers around it that can deflect some of the damage from an accident. This means that the injuries can be much more serious. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, the injury involved can prevent you from working and paying your bills. If the other vehicle in the accident was at fault, you may be able to receive payment beyond what the insurance company will pay. With the help of the attorneys at Attkisson Law Firm, you will likely have a promising result to your case against the at-fault driver.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are several ways to cause an accident. Some of them are caused by an error of the driver. Whether the error is caused by distraction, inexperience, intoxication, or road rage; drivers can cause a lot of damage by not driving responsibly. There can also be violations to basic traffic laws that will cause an accident. For example, speeding is a main cause for accidents. Also, not following traffic signals or changing lanes illegally can cause an accident. No matter what violation causes the accident, the effects of the accident can be very serious when a motorcycle is involved.

Types of Injuries

The lack of barriers on a motorcycle can cause serious injuries for the driver. There are the less intensive injuries which are referred to as soft tissue injuries. These injuries can include; scrapes, bruises and cuts, sprained or torn ligaments and muscles, or whiplash. Then there are the more serious injuries that can cause real damage to the rider. Riders can experience 2nd or 3rd degree burns from coming into contact with the engine or exhaust during an accident. They can also experience injuries to their spinal cord, internal bleeding, injury to their brain or other organs, and possibly broken bones. These serious injuries can bring about very expensive medical bills and they can cause the injured to be unable to work.

What to Do After an Accident

While some accidents are very serious, others will allow the injured to walk away from it. In the event that you are able to get up after a motorcycle accident, there are very important steps you should take to secure your case. While most people may not be thinking about a lawsuit at this time, it is important to consider certain things after an accident. As soon as you are able, you should call your insurance company to report the accident. Before you do however, you should have as much information as possible to give to them about what happened. For instance, you will want to know the police report number or at least the officer’s information. Also, you will want to have the other driver’s insurance information as well as, any witness’s contact information. Remember to never admit fault to anyone as this can seriously hurt your case in the future. Make sure that your insurance company does not find you at fault if you are not. This will substantially raise yourinsurance rates and will stay on your record for several years.

Working with an Attorney

After you have gotten treatment, you should speak with an attorney about your case. Most insurance companies will want to pay out the least amount of money, even if your expenses involving the incident far exceed what they are trying to give. To help prove your case there are several factors. Your helmet is a key piece of evidence. It can help prove that the other party is responsible, if left in the condition it was in after the accident. The police report is also a key piece of evidence as the officer will put information such as; who was at fault, the weather condition, whether a citation was served, and witness information. Photographs can show the damage done by the accident. It can also show the point of impact and will provide a basis for playing out what happened. Debris is another important piece of evidence. It can show what damage was done on the motorcycle and surrounding areas. Medical records will prove the injuries that came about from being in the accident and can prove what the injured is entitled to for compensation.

What You can Do to Help

To help your case you should never discuss your injuries with anyone except your attorney and your doctor. Keep track of your medical expenses and any medical evidence. This can include any bottles of medicine or other supplies prescribed by the doctor. You will also want to keep track of all days missed from work to recuperate from your injuries. This can be a part of your compensation at the end of the case.

Who Should You Sue?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, there are different people that can be sued for damages. Most of the time the other driver will be the person responsible. There are times when an accident is caused by faulty equipment. This could be a recall on a part of the motorcycle that causes you to have an accident. Lastly, there are cases where you could sue the government for your accident. This can happen when the condition of the road is the main factor in causing your accident.

No matter what caused your motorcycle accident, getting back to normal can take time and this can often mean not being able to work. Dealing with insurance companies to take of the expenses involved can prove to be pointless at times, especially when your experience is severe and costly. This is why you should always hire an attorney when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. They will calculate the amount of time and money will be involved to get you back to where you were before the accident occurred. No one should be left to struggle after an accident, especially one who was not at fault.

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