Don’t We All Just Love The Biker Attire?


Any biker knows that the picture of riding a motorcycle cannot be well painted without including the cool leather apparel. Start thinking how the Harley Davidson dudes look when they ride their monsters! Actually, biker apparel is just as important as checking the engine power on your bike. There is little point to have a powerful machine with attire that does not go with it. Well, the image is only complete when the right and fitting attire is donned!

Motorcycle or biker clothes are items that every biker needs to input a good amount of money in purchasing and use ample time in making the best choice. Getting the right attire is not only about the cost but also about the quality and how well it suits you.

How to select motorcycle apparel

When we are talking about how well suited your apparel is for you, this does not refer to how good you look in it but is determined by other key factors.

Firstly, the clothing must suit your bike’s specifications and features. The kind of gloves you will buy is dependent on the biker handles on your motorcycle. Buying any inferior glove on the market could be creating unwanted potential for an accident. You could lose your grip or end up hurting your hand after a period of usage.

In addition, the attire is determined by their potential to keep you from harm. It is pointless to get a well-fitting and good-looking jacket that does nothing for you when it comes to safety. Riding a bike is thrilling and exhilarating but user safety should not take a backseat as you feel the adrenaline rush.

That said, leather of premium quality is the best material to be used for biker wear. The fact that leather looks good is an added advantage to its qualities that can protect any biker. It is also a tough material does not tear easily and has a cushioning effect. Therefore, in the vents of an accident, it minimizes the extent of injury, preventing disfiguring injuries.

The top biker fashion wear to pay attention to

Many items make up the complete biker gear but some of them you can certainly do without. However, some clothing types are indispensable and one should not saddle up without wearing them first.

  • Leather jacket

One popular piece of biker clothing that provides the most protection for any rider is the jacket. It covers most of the torso from injury during an accident or from incoming debris. It is advisable to get a heavy one according to your weight that covers your chest, back and arms well. Even without an accident to argue its case, the jacket is vital in countering the air resistance when riding at high speeds. If not careful, you can be thrown off your bike so that jacket helps you in maintaining the steady posture on the bike.

  • Leather chaps

When riding, the upper body is the most visible hence one might forget to keep the lower body protected since they often only pay attention to the upper body wear. So remember to get good leather chaps to keep your legs protected. Do not assume they are safe on the ride. They minimize the extent of injury as well in case of any unfortunate accidents.

  • Good gripping gloves

Gloves enable you to gain a firm and strong grip as you ride the motorcycle. They also reduce friction encountered from the grip and obviously protect your hands in case of an accident. As an advantage, they keep your hands from getting icy and numb on cold days. Riding against the wind on a cold day can even get you sick so make sure you get your hands all warm and snugly inside the gloves!

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