Exploring Australia in a Campervan


Although it is not completely unheard of for people to have their own campervan, few families have the funding or time to own and maintain their own travel vehicle. However, a family looking to travel through Melbourne and other areas of the continent can still utilise this luxury travel vehicle when they choose to rent. These vehicles offer a wide range of highly specialised benefits designed to make long distance travel not only comfortable but also fun and informative. There are many different sizes available to suit different groups.

Family Travel

To put it lightly, travelling with family in tow can be difficult, and you never know exactly what type of problem could occur on the road to lengthen your trip. Younger children will need to stop for toilet breaks more often, will need food more often than adults, and are more likely to become bored quite quickly. However, cheap campervan hire in Melbourne can become a great opportunity for you to share in something more exciting, especially for any young passengers.

Campervans come with a wide array of amenities not found in traditional vehicles, such as a kitchen and extra places designed to allow passengers to sleep right there in the vehicle. Whether you have just three people in your group or many more, this can give younger passengers plenty of things to do along the way. With fewer reasons to stop and more to do, it should be easier on everyone in the vehicle to have a great time on their way to the next destination.

Watching the Stars

Campervans are unique in that you never need to stop at a hotel at night to get some sleep. This could drop hundreds of dollars off your travel budget and allow you to truly enjoy more of the land around you as you travel across the continent. If you and your travel companions grow tired of driving, you can simply stop wherever it is safe and legal to do so and get some sleep under the bright stars.

Children especially love the ability to sleep right inside their campervan since they can look up at the stars and watch the sky turn with the earth’s rotation. This is something you cannot do in a city with light pollution, and few hotels are located far from the city border. Only a campervan can allow you to truly enjoy nature as you travel across Australia.


Campervans also allow you to spend your entire trip without once interacting with another person except by choice. In a hotel, you must deal with your neighbouring guests, which may or may not cause trouble at all hours of the night. In a campervan, you can enjoy absolutely no worries about whether or not a stranger next door is about to cause trouble, and your nights will be interrupted only by those travelling along with you in the campervan.

The ability to park nearly anywhere and enjoy complete solitude is one of the many advantages associated with this vehicle. You will save money on accommodations as well as food, making a campervan the only vehicle worth hiring for any long distance travel.

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