Facebook Transformation from Promotional Tool into Car Customer Service Center


Facebook has turned into an ad platform for basically every sector. One out of 5 people stay connected with their Facebook friends. In addition, Facebook holds demographic of 18 – 34 years. This means you can have gigantic social advertising and worldwide exposure. It has been a convenient tool to share content with interested visitors, who would possibly convert into customers.

In the past, car buyers would approach your auto consumer service department for any complaints via phone or email. Today, audiences move towards the social media for venting their frustrations about their car issues because they may not be getting a response. According to social media trends, there is an escalation in the response from social network fans regarding, after sale activities.

Facebook noticed this need and announced sweeping changes on its business pages. This will help car brands to interact about the after-sale activities much better. This announcement was made in the year 2015 with an aim to turn promotional pages into customer service hub.

Brands having high positive engagement on social media will be viewed favorably in comparison to the ones with little interaction. Actually, a social signal means a genuine interest due to positive reputation among customers.

How Facebook is transforming itself into a customer service hub?

‘Call to Action’ icon was placed with an aim to allow consumers get in touch with car customer service department.

‘Contact Us’ messages helped customers and brands to connect more conveniently with one another.

Facebook refurbished the direct messaging system. Response rates for individual inquiries using this system was monitored and recorded. How many messages went un-replied and speed of response was reported. Car manufacturers responding quickly to inquiries earn a badge. It identifies their best customer service activity. This encourages potential consumers to approach the car brands customer service via this private channel.

The latest idea incorporated is the setting of average response time by the brand manufacturers. It allows the inquirer to get an idea of when they can hear from the customer service. Car dealers can even set message outside their regular working hours that sends an auto-responder.

Facebook enhanced the business web page even more providing car dealers to add footnotes or categorical tags. All this will help them to add extra information like complaint nature, order number and more. New or repeated customers can be identified.

A new design box incorporated is intended to view consumers past interaction on Facebook page beside public profile information together with message thread.

All this changes ensures that Facebook is firm in making a changeover from a marketing tool to an online customer service hub.

Few reasons why Facebook is all ready to break new boundaries

  • 67% consumers use preferred car’s social media presence for getting customer service response.
  • Growing mobile usage displays how consumers spend their time daily on social media, which means it is vital to consider your social media presence as customer service vehicle

Car manufacturers must recognize that even though social media is a marketing tool, consumers expect more. They are eager to reward the brands, which go an extra mile. You can include car brands customer service on Facebook car customer service online as a channel, which can be worthy.

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