How Do You Know If You Have to Take Your Car to the Local Garage?


We depend on our cars and other vehicles every single week to get the kids to school, pick them up, get to work and back, and go out on weekends. Where would we be without them? Of course, as with anything, it is also a good idea to make sure that the family car is in good working order.

Knowing When to Book an Appointment

The good news is that professional and experienced garage services in Dorset have you covered when it comes to servicing, tyres, brakes, and so on. But how do you know when you should book an appointment with your local garage? Here are some telltale signs of car trouble that you should be vigilant about:

  • Engine Noise: Every engine will make noises of one kind or another but the trick is to know when there is a change in the regular noise profile. If you suddenly hear banging, knocking, or hammering from the engine, don’t wait to take it into the local garage. It could mean a minor adjustment to the fuel mix but it could also indicate a much bigger problem.
  • Squeaking: Does your car squeak and whine loudly when starting up? It could be that your serpentine belt or one of the other belts is old and brittle. This is a simple matter of having it replaced.
  • Brake Problems: Your brakes are integral to your safety on the roads. If your brakes are too soft or they are grinding, make a booking as soon as possible.

Stay Safe on the Roads

We can’t control everything in life and it is always a risk getting into a car and driving somewhere. The least you can do to minimise this risk is to ensure that your car is well looked after by a local garage service.



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