How To Be Proactive With Your Engine’s Maintenance


Cars are complex machines, with multiple components working together in cohesion. Engine remains the heart of any vehicle and it’s very important to adhere to routine car maintenance if you want to prolong the life of your vehicle. Things like dirt, oil, and other particles can affect the engine, causing premature damage. Make sure to stick to our proper maintenance schedule and follow these tips to ensure your car’s engine longevity.

Keep Changing Engine Oil Regularly

Keep wear and tear of the engine to minimal by regularly checking engine oil. It’s important that all the parts in engine are well lubricated so that they function smoothly. Oil change and grade prevents friction and helps avoid overheating which can cause serious damage to the engine. People living in the UAE and Dubai need to be extra careful as the dry and dusty surroundings will result in more particles to accumulate in the oil. Enjoy longer engine life with routine all changes.

Maintain Your Engine Cooling System

It’s critical to have a well-maintained cooling system if you want the engine to run efficiently and smoothly. Any problem in the cooling system can lead to costly repairs. A coolant mixture comprising of water and antifreeze circulates through the ports in the engine absorbing excess heat. Radiator is cooled by the engine fans, preventing it from boiling. Check the hoses and connections as any leak or rupture needs to be fixed or replaced.

Inspect for Engine Oil Leaks

Routine auto maintenance that includes oil care and maintenance is important for the overall health of your vehicle. Check for corroded or damaged oil seals. If you find a problem its best to book an appointment with professionals like Dubai Tyre Shop that offer complete maintenance and service solutions. Damaged or punctured oil pans also cause oil leakage, affecting the performance of the engine.

Check Your Belts

Rubber belts are vital for the smooth and fluid functioning of your engine. If you hear squeals or shrieking noise from under the hood, then it’s time to visit your local car shop. They will check for signs of wear and cracks in the belt.

Don’t Ignore the Engine Light

Never ignore the engine light as it’s a clear indication that the engine oil needs to be checked. Flashing engine light means there is some failure or severe problem with the engine. If you continue driving your car without getting it checked then it’s likely affected fuel consumption and cause costly repairs.

Save Time & Money

Being proactive with your vehicle maintenance will surely help you save a lot of money. Besides keeping a check on the engine, take a good look at other parts too including tyres. Leading brands like Dunlop Tyres recommend frequent checks on tyre pressure and balancing. If you’re looking for reliable place to get tyres in Dubai or experts that can give your vehicle an overhaul, then book an appointment with Dubai Tyre Shop.

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