How to Increase Your Car’s Value


If you want to increase the value and appearance of your car, you may want to consider mobile valeting. This type of cleaning and restoration service is offered for the following kinds of vehicles or transport:

  • Small, medium, and large autos
  • 4 x 4s
  • Vans
  • Boats
  • Motorhomes

Service Offerings

You can choose from mini or full valet services. For example, if you opt for mini local car valeting services in Plymouth, you will receive the following services:

  • A hot water hand wash and wax shampoo is completed, and then the car is dried
  • All the door shuts are cleaned
  • The tyres and wheels are cleaned before being rubber dressed
  • The interior is vacuumed
  • The litter is completely removed
  • The door cards and dashboards are dressed
  • The interior windows are cleaned and polished
  • Fragrance is added to finish the interior

Full Valeting Services

If you choose full-service valeting services, your vehicle’s exterior and interior will both be fully cleaned. Exterior services include degreasing as well as the removal of tree sap and mould. In addition, the wheel arches are steamed and the exterior plastics are restored back to black as well. Interior cleaning for a full valet also features pet hair removal and the cleaning of the ashtrays. All of the carpeting and seats are also shampooed. The windows are cleaned and polished so they are streak-free.

Optional Services

You can also ask for other services such as an alloy refurbishment. You may also be interested in having your engine steam-cleaned and dressed. Machine polishing is available, as are stone chip touch-ups.

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