Is Vehicle Hire Cost Effective for Your Business


Many businesses, rather than buying company cars, choose to hire them instead. This can work in your further if you are a small business owner and you need the use of a vehicle for certain times during the year, but it might be the case that you’d be better off buying a couple of cars for your business to use. Here are some things you can consider when deciding whether to hire a car or buy one for your company.

How often is the car needed?

If you need to use the car on a regular basis, it might be time to stop paying for car hire and buy one for the business to use. However, if you only need to use it on occasions, such as to attend meetings further afield or to deliver some items to a different location, you might not save any money at all if you buy a new car.

What do you need the vehicle for?

Commercial vehicle hire Dandenong is very popular, and if you need the vehicle for something other than simply travelling from one destination to another, it is definitely worth hiring one rather than investing in a special type of vehicle. For example, if you need to make deliveries once a month but never need to use a large vehicle at any other time, hiring a van for a couple of days won’t cost as much compared to the monthly costs of actually buying a vehicle and owning it outright.

Is it important to have a new vehicle for your business?

If a modern and classy appearance is very important to you and your business, it might be better to hire car in order to be able to have the look you want without having to spend all the money on the vehicle itself. If you don’t use it too regularly, you can still keep it within your budget and achieve everything, which you need to achieve.

Is there a commercial or business discount you can receive?

If you are planning on hiring several vehicles for several periods throughout the year, companies might be happy to offer you some kind of business contract. In many scenarios, companies will do tenders to find a suitable vehicle hire service. During the tender, different businesses will compete for your business, and in order to win the tender, they will try and offer you freebies, extra services and add-ons in order to sell themselves and win. If you don’t want to do this, you can always contact companies directly and ask them to beat previous quotes you have had from their competitors.

Are insurance policies and other extras included?

It might work out cheaper to hire a car if the insurance policy and everything else you need is included with the rent price. For example, you might be covered in the case of accidents to yourself and the vehicle, and you could also get cover for any other incidents such as breaking down at the side of the road. You should consider all these additional costs when weighing up the pros and cons and deciding whether or not you should buy a vehicle or rent one.

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