JK Ranger Tyre series for SUV Cars


JK Tyre is one of the most popular tyre brands in India. JK Tyre had recently launched a series of SUV tyres, called the Ranger series of tyres in India. Ranger is a multi-territory, elite SUV tyre segment, intended to take into account the SUV section in India. With the JK Ranger series, JK Tyre plans to enlarge its quality in one of the quickest developing sections in the Indian automobile industry, for example, the Sports Utility Vehicle portion. JK Tyre will likewise supply this new range of tyres to its universal markets. Accessible in ten sizes, the Ranger arrangement will come in two sorts, All Terrain (AT) and Highway Terrain (HT). Thusly, JK Tyre plans to serve the two polar finishes of the SUV tyre advertise.

While the AT is gone for the developing clan of rough terrain driving fans, the HT is gone for the individuals who use SUVs for driving on the black roads. JK Tyre says that the Ranger arrangement of tyres offers predominant grasp both on and off the landing area. The sidewalls are worked to persevere through the unforgiving landscape that is typically experienced rough terrain. The company guarantees that the tyres provide superior grip and traction. Such a grip on the tyres can stop SUVs from 100 to 0 in just four seconds.

The brand had set up a rough terrain course to exhibit the capacities of the AT tyre and the underlying impressions are extremely positive. The tyre offers great grasp on slushy mud and furthermore when crashing into and out of ditches.

The Ranger SUV Tyres are equipped with special DUAL Tread Compound that is specially designed to provide unmatched stability and control. With such a superior grip, the rider does not have to worry where to go and not to go.

There are two types of tyres available in the Ranger series:

The Ranger AT has been designed for cars like Bolero, Sumo Victa, Scorpio, Thar and Safari. The Ranger HT, on the other hand, has been designed for cars like Innova, Audi Q3, Duster, XUV 500, Scorpio, Thar, Xylo, EcoSport, Fortuner, Vitara, Pajero, Sport, CRV and Land Cruiser.

JK Tyre claims that the Ranger SUV tyres have been thoroughly tried universally by expert race drivers on different landscapes and have been surveyed as stand out in taking care of, grip, handling and braking. JK Ranger AT Series is asserted to stop in 4 seconds; be it dry street or wet street (Dry street 100 to 0 kmph in under 4 seconds and for wet streets 80 to 0 kmph in under 4 seconds).

The brand is additionally thinking about natural and inorganic development in the developing markets of South-East Asia. The organization as of now has 9 plants crosswise over India and Mexico with a yearly production of around 20 million tyres. JK Tyre is focused on developing its impression in new geographic locales over the globe.

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