Junk Car Removal Service Offered Here For All 24 Hours


Looking to sell your car for top dollars? If there is junk car, smashed car or an old car lying at your garage space, occupying space, you can take car removals service. There is no need to stress over an old car lying at your yard when you can call us for immediate car removal service. Western Metal Recycling is your one stop destination to availing car removal service and getting paid in cash immediately.

We take this initiative to send your car to the recycling center so that its parts and components are utilized for the manufacture of fresh car. We are the scrap car removal service in the entire Perth region and bear decades of experience in the field. We pay only top dollars for scrap metals in the entire Perth region and you can compare our rates with what you get from other companies. It hardly matters to us in what condition the car is.

It may be hail damaged, salvaged, smashed or may have met with an accident. Here we accept all kinds of cars for recycling. We offer the best deals on old car removals.

Schedule Same Day Car Pick Up By Giving A Call

If you do not want to use an old car anymore, give us a call at our toll free number- 0415227955 and schedule same day car pick up. But, be careful of the deal you sign with us. After you agree to the deal on papers, it cannot be withdrawn. It is all due to the competitive prices we offer that our services are so much sought after.

Our trucks and towing vehicles operate for all 24X7 hours. Just a single call can transform your junk car into hard cash. You may use that money to buy a new automobile. If you are paying insurance for the old car which gathers rust, schedule car removal service. There is no need to drag your old car to the garage when we are there to get rid of it from the site.

We are the leading scrap metal dealer to remove the car from your site in an easy manner. Scrap car removal service will be offered right at your site. We will reach your driveway, garage, alleyway or accident site to get rid of the car. Having qualified towing truck drivers at our end, our junk car removal service is the best. Within 24 hours time, we will complete our car removal service.

We Invite You To Book Car Removal Services Online

Visit our website immediately to book car removal services now. We are best known for old cars removals in the entire Perth and other regions. To know more about our services, you may read the business details. We also invite you to book services via phone.

Giving us a call will simply confirm your service. Just answer to the questions asked by our expert and book car removal service. You must provide accurate information on your car and keep ownership document ready before our professionals reach your site. Our car removal service is absolutely free. In fact, we will pay you for the vehicle in return rather than asking any charge for towing or car removal service.

You can also write your review on our review portal and post your opinion. We love to give you something useful in return for the useless and scrap car you are having. Just give your feedback and let us know how we made you feel. Choosing us for car recycling ensures that all the parts and components will be recycled and the components disposed in an environmental friendly manner.

If you have any query, call us now at 07 3275 2178.

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