Know the different types of tow trucks around and choose the right one


Tow trucks are a common site on major roads. There are lots of reasons why a car might need to be towed, from a breakdown, to delivering the car to a buyer. Towing is a convenient way to get a vehicle from A to B, without adding mileage to the car, and often means you can move more than one vehicle at once. However, there are lots of different types of towing, each one suitable for different vehicles, so here is a guide to the types of tow trucks, and when they should be used.

Wheel-lift towing

A common type of car towing that’s often used by breakdown recovery trucks; wheel-lift tow trucks have a large hitch fitted to the back. The vehicle that is to be towed is wheeled onto this hitch, which fits behind the wheels, and is lifted slightly. This is a simple way to get a car to the nearest garage.

Flatbed trucks

A flatbed truck is often used when delivering new cars, or moving expensive vehicles such as classic cars. The car is driven onto the flat back of the truck and secured in place. Companies such as Executive Towing Services use this kind of truck as it prevents damage to the car during transportation. Sometimes you’ll also see lift flatbed trucks, which have an attached boom to lift the vehicle onto the flatbed. This is ideal for moving cars when there is limited space.

Boom trucks

If a towing service is needed to recover a stuck vehicle, or the truck can’t back up to the car, then boom trucks are often used. These trucks have a large ‘boom’ attached, which is pulled out from the back of the truck. The boom is then slid underneath the vehicle, and the car is pulled into position. It can then be moved out of the way, and towed to a safer location. Care needs to be taken when using a boom, as it’s easy to accidentally damage the car. However, if the car is already damaged and is blocking traffic, then it’s a convenient way to get it moved.

Integrated tow trucks

Some tow trucks have both wheel-lift and boom tows available. In general, these trucks are used by people who want to move vehicles quickly. This could be because they’re being repossessed, or because they are parked illegally. Some larger integrated trucks also have a lift, so they can easily pick up cars in busy areas such as city streets.

When someone needs to get a car from A to B, it can be an option to drive it themselves, but this is often very inconvenient. By using a tow truck, it can be moved quickly and safely, without as much risk of damage. So, whether a car is being sold or being repossessed, there are lots of options to get the car to a different location. The truck that will be used will be chosen according to the client’s needs, such as how far the car will be transported.

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