Know the Top Car Extended Warranties Of 2016


There are various car extended warranties for the protection of your vehicle. You should take care of selecting the best car warranty for your vehicle so that your car stay protected for long and it provides coverage for many years. As a US car owner, you should know what can be the best car warranty so that you get an assurance that your vehicle is protected.

Here are some of the top car extended warranties, have a look on them-

  1. Endurance-

It is one of the most popular car warranties that provide lengthy and good mileage coverage options for the customers and also offer 24 hours support to the customers. It is one of the trusted names in the market due to the large extended warranty scheme it has. We all know that car problems happen at the most possible time; and if you are not having good warranty, you will have to pay large amount of money for the car repairs soon after the car manufacturer’s warranty expire. In such times, the extended car warranty can solve all the problems. It will help you with all sorts of repairs after the car’s own warranty expires. Endurance offers good mileage coverage as told before. This insurance offers 5 years of additional coverage up to the miles of 160,000 miles. This mileage range is considered average in the countries like Canada and US.

It offers three types of warranty plans- secure, supreme and superior, they all rage from basis plans to the comprehensive ones as per the requirements. When you require using the warranty, this insurance policy will need only $200. Most of the other car extended warranty companies provide the repair deductible, while some of the warranties give the choice of$100-$200. Thus, Endurance is one of the best car warranties giving good mileage coverage an also customer services. This gives peace of mind as well.

Car Warranty Sevice

  1. American Standard Auto Protection-

It is one of the most popular extended car warranties for your car if you want some lengthy coverage that goes beyond of the original car manufacturer’s warranty. ASAP provides various types of standard coverage of the car and policy options you will always expect to offer, the coverage includes roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and 365 days support. It offers the lengthy Warranty options for the low as well as higher mileage cars. This warranty is one of the top ten warranty coverage for the cars. This extended car warranty is for 6 years and 160000 miles. It is one of the highest extended car warranties in countries like US and Canada. This car warranty offers three plans that you can choose from for your new and used vehicles- Total performance, Total Shield and Total Care. One of the features of ASAP is that you can spread the payment of the policy for about 3 years. When you are using the policy to have your car repaired, ASAP send the payment directly to the repairing facilities of customer’s choice. If you at last sell the car, this extended car warranty will be transferable to the next owner of the car.

  1. Easy Care

It is another type of car extended warranty that covers the policy after the car’s manufacturer’s warty finishes. It offers multiple levels of coverage for the customers worldwide. The car owners get the coverage up to 5 years and also up to 120000 miles. This car extended warranty covers the cars that are 2 years old and under the coverage of 24000 miles.

The list of extended car warranty does not end here. If you want to know more, visit and find out the best car warranty coverage so that you can remain tension free.

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