Looking After Your Company Cars


Many businesses require some form of transport, and investing in a company car can make everybody’s lives a little it easier. Whether you have just one company car or several, which your staff members use, there are things you can do in order to look after the cars as much as possible and preserve them for as long as you possibly can.

Have them cleaned on a regular basis

Make a note in your diary to get the cars cleaned at the same time each week. This will help you to create a habit, and you won’t forget to take them for cleaning each week. This will preserve them and keep them in good condition, and it will also be a good reflection on your business. If you don’t have the time to keep taking the cars to be cleaned every weekend, you can always hire a company who will come to your premises and clean the cars for you.

Hire a good company to transport them from one location to another

If you ever need car transport Sydney to Melbourne, for example, you need to hire a good company which specialising in transporting cars. You can only drive one car yourself, so you need to ensure that the cars are going to be moved such a long distance in a safe and secure way. With registered companies, you will have insurance, protection and great customer service along the way.

Make the staff aware of how the cars should be treated

Some people tend to treat things with disrespect if they don’t belong to them. If any of your staff members are going to be driving the car, make them aware of the fact that they should be looked after all the time. Set some rules, for example, no eating in the car or no smoking while driving one of the company cars. If there is any damage to the cars at all, you are well within your rights to deduct the cost of repair from the staff member’s salary. If you’re worried about how this would work out, you can get them to sign a contract before they are able to drive the car for business purposes.

Get comprehensive insurance

You need to get insurance, which covers the vehicle in every possible scenario that may happen, even if the accident happens as a result of the driver’s poor driving or decisions. This ensures that the car is always going to be protected, and even if it’s totally damaged and taken off the road, you will be reimbursed the full value of the vehicle so that you can go and replace it. Since it will be used for business purposes, you will need to make sure that the insurance policy you take out covers the drivers and the car when they are driving it for business. Some policies will only apply if the vehicle is being driven for personal use, so make sure you choose the right policy to cover the car in case anything unfortunate does occur.

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