Owning an Electric Car_ Everything You Need To Know

Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in

Owning an electric car can bring forth a barrage of questions that you need to be answered before you invest in one. The overall costs of buying an electric car, the available options and solutions for charging your car at strategic outlets, all of these questions need to figure in your planning stage so you can make an informed decision regarding your car investment. If you have not been able to find all of these questions answers at one place, here is a detailed overview to help you attain all of the pertinent information you need to know about owning an electric car.

Where to charge and cost incentives

Most metro cities have now adapted public charging points for street and public place charging of electric cars. However, for long-distance driving, it is wiser to plot out your travel route to check for available standard and fast charging points or major transport car parks that offer charging facility for long-distance car travelers. Most public charging ports are for Ev charging cable type 1 however; you can also buy type 1 to type 2 ports to make sure you are covered in terms of access for both kinds of charging point availability of your car.

For at-home charging units, you will need to install the setup and you can apply for a government grant to cover part of your monthly charging costs. The incentives provided for charging are based on encouraging the environment-friendly investment on the part of car owners. The Government will, in turn, raise the grant money through the excise and VAT duties levied on the electric car sales per year.

Purchasing electric vehicles

Buying an electric car will not be any different than planning a purchase for an ordinary fuel run car. However, car prices calculate the incentive surcharges to reflect the overall prices on their websites. If you are not sure, ask your dealer whether the car price you are negotiating has the surcharges inclusive within the asking price. Alfa Romeo Tonale and Fiat 500 EV are some of the most popular car models in the market for electric car enthusiasts.

The Hyundai Kona and Jaguar iPace are luxury versions if you are looking to upgrade to a sleeker and advanced version of electric car for this year. Some popular brands are also in the development phase to announce electric SUV models being launched within a year for medium to large families to enjoy the complete facilities of owning a large-sized family car without compromising on fuel consumption.

The future of electric car sales is bright with most brands hearing what the buyers need and restructuring their cars and charging options accordingly. The latest trend would be for a smoother transition to the EV usage with more availability of high-speed points of charging for electric vehicles at strategically closer spaced zones in major travel routes.

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