Plan Your Next Road Trip in A Spacious Auto of its own Kind


When it is about choosing, buying or driving an auto vehicle, then Toyota is the name that could fulfill all the expectations of a driver, an owner and of those who would travel in any of its autos. Toyota range of autos is wide and high tech. Amongst all the hot selling models, Toyota Sienna Limited is a name that attracts the buyers a lot. This luxury, spacious and comfortably minivan has everything that a family would need and expect. And of course a part from Toyota Sienna’s own features, you will enjoy top quality in terms of safety and performance that Toyota offers to its prestigious customers.

To experience the luxury and comfort, you must visit our one of the auto showrooms or visit and take a test drive and to know all about this magnificent vehicle. You will definitely decide to choose this magnificently designed and manufactured minivan not only for your comfort but for the luxury traveling of your entire crew.

Spacious for your crew

Planning your next road trip with family or friends? Your Toyota Sienna is going to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. You can take as many family members as you want. It can fit 7 people of your family.

Entertaining features

Music seems to be an integral part of travelling. And if you are travelling in your Toyota Sienna, then you can have the best music experience along the way. Entune Audio App suite has everything that you would wish for. It will not only let you hear hi frequency and high pitch music of HD quality but on high resolution screen of 7-inches you can watch weather updates, sports news and stock exchange updates. In short, this auto mobile will keep you entertained and up-to-date all through your journey. Installation of JBL Premium speakers will give you superb quality of sound.

Your expected mobile living space

You cannot consider this auto just a family hauler. It can also be used as a mobile living space in case you are going for long distance journey. The spacious cabin of this minivan can make the adults feel easy and comfortable during long journeys. Every seat installed in this vehicle is spacious yet comfortable. The second row of seats has a sufficient space to relax and enjoy. Every seat has 66inches + leg room and 37 inches +leg room. Now let us talk about third row. It provides 61inches + hip room and 50 inches + leg room.

Carry cargo with ease

While traveling you need to take sufficient luggage with you. For luggage you need to look into the cargo space your car has. You can take sufficient ad required cargo for your trip in your magnificently spacious Toyota Sienna. You can fold the rear seats in the second row. It will provide 150 cubic inches space for your luggage. If you fold the seats in third row then will get 87.1 cubic inches space for the cargo. In case you do not want to fold any of the seats, even then you will get 39 cubic inches space for your suitcases and ice boxes. These specs assure you that you can take anything required during your travelling or can bring back sufficient things back home.

All in all, for family travelling, nothing can suit you better than Toyota Sienna. Visit Teile-Direkt.chfor more details on its specifications.

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