Professional Driving Lessons to Fit Any New Driver’s Needs


Driving is an important part of everyday life. People drive to get back and forth from work, shuffle the kids to school, go out to dinner, travel and so many other things. Most people need vehicles to get around on a day to day basis. Driving and the roadways can be very dangerous. Learning to drive and drive safely is important not only for your safety, but for the safety of those you share the road with.

Driving Lesson Courses Offered

Driving lessons are a great idea for those learning how to drive. The best driving lessons in Birmingham offer real world experience in a methodical way in an environment that is as controlled as possible. Students can learn to drive an automatic transmission, manual transmission or both. Courses offered include:

  • Manual Beginners Only Course
  • Manual 1-hour Course
  • Manual 2-hour Course
  • Automatic Beginners Only Course
  • Automatic 1-hour Course
  • Automatic 2-hour Course
  • Pass Plus Course
  • ADI Training
  • Crash Courses

Both manual and automatic courses are available for bulk bookings. This includes five 2-hour courses.

Why Take Driving Lessons?

Taking driving lessons will help you become a more confident driver. A more confident and comfortable driver is a safer driver. Taking courses from professional instructors will ensure that you feel fully prepared when it comes time to take your driving test. The professionals offer on-road experience in vehicles that are well maintained, ensuring that your courses are smooth and informative. When learning to drive choose the professional instructors to give you the know-how to expertly and safely drive on the road.

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