Pros and Cons of Private Jet Service


Those are tired of flying commercially, even if it is in first class, might consider private jet service. Whether you have the financial ability to purchase your own private plane or are simply interested in chartering private jet service on an as-needed basis, doing so requires the same consideration as any decision. Like everything else, the choice to use private jet service comes with pros and cons, but what are those factors?


Perhaps the greatest advantage to private jet service is the flexibility it offers. Commercial flight schedules are set by the airport, airline, and FAA. When it comes to private jet service into and out of areas like Chicago, IL, you have greater freedom in setting the departure time for your flight. You can control the when and where of arrival and departure, all your flight crew needs to do is file a flight plan.

Another major benefit of private jet service is the ability to skip connecting flights. While you may be forced to catch a connecting flight on a commercial airline to reach certain destinations, you can fly your private jet to any airfield capable of accommodating its size. This also means you can fly closer to your end destination as the United States has far more private airfields than it does international and regional hubs.

Finally, you save a lot more time. Commercial flying requires arriving at the airport 90 minutes to 2 hours in advance of your flight, clearing security, and boarding only to wait for bags and a ride at your destination. With private jet service, you can pull up, hop in the plane and go within five minutes. The same swiftness is available at your end destination too.


Nothing in life is perfect, and private jet service is no exception. For many flyers, private jet service cost is the greatest con by far. If you own your own private jet, the cost of using that plane can be immense. Just because there are plentiful private airfields across the country doesn’t mean they are free to use. There are fees associated with hangars, maintenance, and pilots in private jet service. Additionally, you’ll foot the bill for all the jet fuel (often $5/gallon or up) rather than sharing that cost with 150 or more people on a commercial flight.

Time on the ground can make private jet service costs even higher. Your plane could be grounded for any number of reasons, and when it is you’re not only missing out on getting to your destination on that private jet, but you’re still paying for hangar space, maintenance, and your flight crew.

Speaking of the flight crew, hiring your own private pilots isn’t cheap. More importantly, they’re humans and not robots. They’ll need time off to maintain flying standards, time off to train, and time off to spend with their families.

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