Protecting Your Keyless Entry Vehicle From Theft


When keyless entry cars first came into the market, they pretty much changed the game. Suddenly, keys were obsolete, and with that, thieves that would just break into cars, hotwire them and steal them, could no longer do that. People felt a lot safer, thinking that their cars would somehow be “theft-proof”, and for a while, they were, but thieves weren’t that far behind. Eventually, they learned different, more sophisticated ways to not only get into your keyless entry car but also steal it. This is why it’s important that you keep up with them and take a few extra measures to protect your keyless entry car from theft!

5 Ways To Protect Your Keyless Entry Vehicle From Theft

  • Keep your key safe

    Thieves can use a technique called “Signal Relaying” where they can use a transmitter to “catch” the signal of your keys from inside your home, and “throw” it towards the car. This way, the car “thinks” your key is there when it isn’t. This allows them to just unlock your car, start it and take it away without you ever knowing! You can prevent this from happening by first, not leaving your keys in the entryway, close to any entry points where the thieves can relay the signal from easily. As an added step, you can even get a blocking pouch that will block all the signals emitting from your keys as long as they’re inside it. Take them out of it to use them and just put them back when you’re home. This will ensure that no one can access the signal without your knowledge.

  • Don’t forget the use the steering lock

    Although these were a thing in older cars as well, they’re still something that you should take advantage of. Every time you’re exiting your vehicle, engage the steering lock to make sure that unless you’re back, with your key, the steering won’t be usable. So the car can’t go anywhere without you.

  • Make sure all the doors are closed when you lock

    For some keyless entry cars, all the doors must be closed for it to lock. For others, it’s not the same and they still lock the rest of the doors even if one is open. This is a problem because thieves use a strategy where they hide and open your rear door beforeyou’ve locked the car. This way, you walk away but the door is still open, granting them free entry to your car. It’s a better idea to look at your car, lock the doors, check them, and then walk away.

  • Park smart

    A lot of people leave their car out in their driveway instead of their actual garage because it’s easier and they don’t want to open the garage door. This can be a crucial mistake because the easier it is to park your car, the easier it is to take it out without your knowledge. Park the car in a safe and secure area. It’s even better if you can find a spot you can see from inside the house too. So you can notice if it’s been moved.

  • Have the keys reprogrammed

    This is essential if you bought your used vehicle, or if you’ve lost a spare key. Even if they say they’ve given you all the sets of keys that exist, it’s best to not take anyone’s word for it. Have a Locksmith in Rochester reprogram your key so even if someone happens to have access to a spare, it’ll be rendered useless. Leaving your vehicle as protected from theft as possible!

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