Renting a Car in Australia


Renting a car in Australia is necessary, as the country is expansive and offers visitors the chance to see some amazing scenery. If you want to hire a car at a lower rate, and fairly fast, it is best to look at the selection online. This way, you can compare rental rates and choose the best rate for your travel budget. In order to hire excellent vehicles at a lower price, you need to book early. This is because the price is proportional to the demand and supply. If more cars are available, the rates are typically lower.

Receiving a Speeding Fine

If you receive a speeding fine whilst travelling in Australia, the car rental company will either charge your credit card or supply your contact details to the law enforcement agency. The agency will then issue a fine to your postal address.

Pay any Speeding Fine Immediately, or Believe You Leave the Country

In case you are penalised, you need to pay the fine immediately. If you neglect to make the payment, it may lead to a refusal of a hire vehicle, or the cancellation of your visa. You may also be refused entry if you try to return. So, when planning to a rent car in Australia it must be done with the above information in mind.

What Happens if You are Charged for Drinking and Driving?

Whilst you are on holiday, you also need to be careful about drinking and driving. Driving whilst inebriated is a serious offence in Australia. Plus, police have the right to stop you at any time to run a breathalyser test. All Australian states feature a blood alcohol limit of 0.05% for drivers, with the exception of New South Wales (NSW). In NSW, the alcohol limit is lower, or 0.02%. If you are found driving over the legal limit, you will be arrested and taken to a health facility or hospital to take a full blood test.

Using Your Driver’s Licence as an International Visitor

If you are from another country and hire a car, you can drive the vehicle using your driver’s licence. However, the licence must be in English. So, if you are from an English-speaking country, renting a vehicle is a fairly easy process.

Ask about Taking Ferry Trips with Your Car

However, you still have to make enquiries if you plan to travel by ferry. For instance, you generally won’t have insurance protection during a ferry trip. Locations or isles, such as Kangaroo Island, are deemed as full-responsibility locales, which means you will have pay for any damages incurred.

Including an Additional Driver

When it comes to additional drivers, other people can drive the car. However, the other driver must present a current open licence, or generally one that has been held for over 12 months. You should ask for specific details about including another person. It may be a good idea as it gives people a chance to rest during a long road trip. So, if you are planning to travel extensively, you may want to include two drivers on your rental contract.

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