“The Most Luxurious Cars to Drive Down Sunset Boulevard


European cars are a popular choice of automobile in America. They are pop culture icons whose image provokes a love of a certain appeal. There are a number of choices from larger cars built for workers and families, compact vehicles that are great for first car purchases and first-time drivers. European cars have a certain glamour that captures the eye and if you are looking for a car you can trust, here are the 10 most reliable European car brands.


An overall score of 80 lands Audi at the top of the list. It has a better average reliability rating that turns this luxury car into a top choice. Known for technology, style, top performance, interior and all-wheel- drive, Audi is the perfect car for people on the go. Whether driving it in the city or country, this luxurious vehicle can handle it all. Also the maintenance of Audi cars is not that bad, You can rely on this car for safety but you can also rely on it to fit into your lifestyle.


A high-performance sports car with an overall score of 76, a road test score of 84, and an average reliability rating, the Porsche is more than a glamorous vehicle. It has high-

performance handling, a controlled ride, and incredible braking performance. Everyone wants to drive a car that will keep you safe and a Porsche can do just that.


Focused on technology, comfort, and fuel efficiency, the BMW has changed over the past few

years. They are not the driving machines of the past but they do come with an average reliability

rating, a road test of 85, and an overall score of 76. The BMW is a great family car, working

man’s vehicle, and a car built for first-time drivers.


A recognizable appearance that entered our minds via the pop culture platform, Mini is a popular choice for first-time drivers. A common choice for girls and young women, the Mini is a car you don’t have to worry about; you can trust that your child is safe behind the wheel. Owned by BMW since 2000, Mini is a range of small cars with high performance. The Mini has an overall score of 68, road test score of 71, and an average reliability rating.


Beautiful and sleek, the Mercedes Benz is every bit as strong as it looks. It is a commanding car

with great power. While pleasing to look at, Mercedes is more than a pretty car. With an overall score of 67 and road test score of 80, Mercedes sadly doesn’t test with an average reliability rating. It is known more for its quietness, great interior, advanced safety system, and easy handling. This is a car you can feel and be safe in.


A popular choice for drivers in America, Volkswagen makes many cars appropriate for families

and first-time drivers. Volkswagen has an overall score of 67, road test score of 76 and average

reliability rating. They are solid cars with a premium feel that outranks their competitors. They

are firm and comfortable to ride in, with supportive seats and a good finish. Volkswagen gives

people many choices that range from luxurious to a more practical appearance.


While the name and appearance can ignite images of country living and mountain adventures, you are most likely to see this vehicle in luxury neighborhoods and country club parking lots. Far less reliable than its peers, Land Rover has an overall score of 55 and a road test score of 71.


Stylish and elegant, the Jaguar is also a reliable car manufactured in England. With each new

design, the Jaguar has only gotten more beautiful. Behind its pleasing look, the Jaguar has

also grown more and more reliable. There is a high standard for attractiveness and safety. If there is ever a way to improve safety, Jaguar will find it.


Designed in Germany and built in Britain, the Vauxhall Astra has been voted with average

reliability. A small family car, Astra has also been used in auto racing around the globe. It is the

second best seller among family cars in the UK.


This Swedish brand prides itself on its safety innovations. Their ambitious attitude has given

them an immense goal of going entirely hybrid by 2019. While they rate high on the safety scale,

Volvo ranks average on all accounts when ranking reliability. Though they don’t rank high

overall, you will be happy to know that individually, they rank far higher on the list with the

exception of a few ranking far lower.

There has been a recurring question of whether or not European cars are reliable. While they are not the most reliable on the market, European cars still have high standards in safety. There are many that are pleasing to look at with sleek appearances and are easier to drive with improved features. European cars have a lot to offer and their reliability is just the start!

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