Top 10 Best Tyres Brands in India: On the Road in 2019


The tyre industry in India is considered as a very important industry comprising of national and international companies. The tyres are one of the important aspects of any vehicle and it is essential for any car driver to know about the best tyre brands for their own comfort. It becomes difficult for them to identify the best tyres brands because of the diverse range of brands available in the market today.

And on top of it, there are numerous kinds of tyres that are designed specifically for different automobiles. To clear the clutter, we have listed down the top 10 best tyres brands in India for you, to help you select the best. So here we go :

MRF Tyres – Being one of the oldest tyre brands in India, MRF tyres has defined car wheels in our country since 1946. It is also known for its top-class quality and durability. Its contribution towards Indian car racing segment has not only increased its popularity but is also known for manufacturing various kinds of tyres for all sorts of cars and bikes. It assures you the greatest levels of safety, precision as well as reliability when it comes to MRF Tyres. Thus, the list of best tyre brands in India will always have them on the top.

JK Tyres – JK tyres is another well-reputed tyre brand in India which offers a full range of radials for 4 – wheelers including cars, trucks and buses. Its presence has been marked globally and is also one of the chief contributors to the F1 racing circuit in India, along with MRF. It has very less fuel consumption.

Goodyear – It is an American tyre brand, but now has gained immense popularity in India too. It is specially designed for all sorts of automobiles with its high-quality radials. Goodyear is one of the most useful tyres brands among the different tyre brands in India.

CEAT – It was originated in Italy and was founded back in the year 1958. It is one of the very few tyre brands in India that has gained acceptance among people irrespective of the kind of vehicles they own. You can easily find Ceat tyres for cars, bikes, and SUVs as well as auto-rickshaws and many other kinds of automobiles. If you are searching for a reliable and high-class brand of tyres in India that is also cost-effective, you can safely pick CEAT.

Apollo – Apollo is marked as one of the best tyres brands in India, which is a hugely popular choice in the country. While looking through a global perspective, it is one of the leading companies specializing in manufacturing tyres. It currently holds the 17th position in the global rankings of largest tyre manufacturers. The apollo tyres price is also quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

Modi Rubber Limited – The company is one of the leading tyre manufacturing company in India. The company is well- known for manufacturing tyres with high quality and stability. The company has built an enormous growth in recent years.

Dunlop India – The company was established in the year 1896 and is known for its special essence and quality. The company built its growth by manufacturing cycle tyres in the earlier years. Dunlop India is a national tyre manufacturer that is owned by the Ruia Group. Dunlop India manufactures tyres of trucks, motorcycles, bus and farm tyres.

PTL Enterprises – PTL Enterprises was started in the year 1959. The tyres made by PTL Enterprises are descriptive. In the year 1962, PTL Enterprises commenced manufacturing tyres. The company is especially known for manufacturing tyres of trucks, buses, farm vehicles and motorcycles. PTL Enterprises is a national tyre manufacturing company.

Balkrishna Industries Limited – The BKT is considered as one of the foremost tyre manufacturing companies of India. The company was established in the year 1987. BKT specializes in manufacturing tyres of heavy vehicles like industrial vehicles and agricultural vehicles.

TVS Srichakra – The company came into operation in the year 1982 and is a part of the TVS group. Comparatively, TVS Srichakra is a new and emerging company but is competing with the leading tyre manufacturing companies. TVS Srichakra is a national tyre manufacturing company. The company is into the manufacturing of motorcycle tyres, farm tyres and industrial tyres and within a short span of time, has occupied a place in the list of best tyres brands in India.

For Journey Ahead

We have summed up the top 10 best tyres brands in 2019. These are the tyres you need for a smooth journey on the road. While selecting your car or commercial vehicle, we hope you will keep these brands in mind and pick up only the best for yourself. These handpicked best tyres brands are here to stay for the journey ahead. We hope you make the most of them.

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