Top 3 Mountain Bikes for under $750


If you want to purchase a cheap mountain bike, then you have come to the right article. Mountain bikes are sold in two broad categories. Entry-level bikes are focused towards beginners and premium bikes are focused towards professionals. The key difference between the two is the features. In premium bikes, you will get advanced features and tires that will help you improve your cycling performance for races. In entry level bikes however, you won’t find the premium features, but you will get a solid bike to get you started on a variety of terrains.

We have the budget of this post $750. We will talk about the best mountain bikes that can be bought in this budget. This budget is important because most of the high quality manufacturers produce entry level mountain bikes in this price range. While you might find much cheaper mountain bikes online or in store, you should not go with them because they may not provide you with enough grip for the mountains. Riding bikes on mountains is not similar to riding bikes on planes. If you fall in planes, you might get a few tiny bruises, but if fall off a mountain trail, you will probably fatally injure yourself.

So, let get started with the best mountain bikes under $750.

Calibre Two.Two

This mountain bike has been rated 5 on 5 by its users. There is no doubt that this is the best entry-level mountain bike under $750. This mountain bike is not very popular among bikers because it is a relatively new brand. It is not available for purchase at most retailers because it is sold exclusively by GO Outdoors.

Now the question that arises is whether this tiny looking bike has the potential to take on previous category leaders and the answer is a definite yes. This bike delivers a lot of power from the price. This is seriously one of the most impressive bikes that we have seen in this price range and it hands down, leaves the competition in the dust. Though solidly built it’s still prone to damage by theft etc. and thus you should secure it with only the best mountain bike lock.

13 Incline Alpha

This is the second best mountain bike that is available for purchase a nominal price. While this is costlier than Calibre Two.Two, and is rated lower at 4 on 5, you will be able to purchase it at the bike shop near your house. Yes, if you want to buy a convenient to ride, maintain and repair bike, go with 13 incline Alpha.

A lot of attention has been paid towards detailing of this bike. It has an aluminium frame with smooth welds, so it looks classy and packs a powerful performance punch. It has an adjustable air spring underneath, which lets an avid biker ride with comfort. It also comes with larger WTB Trail Boss tires, which deliver the comfort and grip most people demand from a mountain bike.

Carrera Kraken

This is the third best-selling mountain bike in the market within $750 price bracket. It is rated 3.5 on 5 by users and is quite comfortable to ride. It has dedicated shock absorbers that are really effective.

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