Top 5 Semi Truck Models


When it comes to delivering the load, a semi truck needs to be as maneuverable and comfortable as it is powerful and reliable. The best trucks in the market combine these qualities to create the most efficient, dependable, and nimble vehicles that will get the job done in the most resourceful manner. These are the top 5 models of semi trucks on the road today – the Volvo, Mack, White, Peterbilt, and Freightliner.

Volvo VN 780 – Big & Tall

When it comes to long days and weeks on the road, a driver will want to be driving the Volvo VN 780 – especially if he is tall. This particular model of Volvo semi truck is specially designed with height in mind while still delivering on all the other points.

Featuring a contoured design that contributes to its aerodynamic reputation, this Volvo truck is unusually comfortable for drivers to maneuver. The cabin is designed to accommodate a man measuring as tall as 6’10” while the sleeper cab stretches a lengthy 77 inches. Full cab insulation contributes to the features designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for drivers.

Mack – In it for the Long Haul

The Mack Pinnacle series of semi trucks are in it for the long haul. When a company has a particularly hefty load to transport, it is the Mack semi truck they depend on to deliver goods across the country efficiently.

The Mack Pinnacle semi trucks are crafted with a lightweight hull and plenty under the hood so that they can effectively handle steep grades or long hauls, making easy work of any highway they traverse. With the power of its fuel-efficient MP engine and high horsepower, the Mack truck provides low-end torque for every trip.

Kenworth – World’s Most Aerodynamic

The designers and builders of Kenworth T680 pride themselves on their innovative combination of aerodynamics, advanced technology, and luxury that makes the company efficient and provides for the needs of their drivers. This Kenworth model features a hefty Class 8 heavy duty engine with all the bells and whistles to get the job done.

It is fuel efficient, responsive, and performs on low RPMs to maintain torque. Integrated harmonic balancing, rigid CGI head and block, and rear gear train location also contribute to the Kenworth semi truck’s list of features.

Peterbilt – Standard & Tradition

The Peterbilt semi truck model 389 is the standard in Peterbilt quality and tradition. Stylistically classic, model 389 retains the legendary semi truck aesthetic yet features new and improved technology and aerodynamics.

Model 389 offers the driver comfort via better front and rear lightweight suspension that also accommodates an increased load capacity in the back. Underneath the hood, a new cooling system increases capabilities for an engine with higher horsepower than the previous model. In the cabin, the Platinum Level interior provides a comfortable working environment via a GPS system, LED backlit gauges, HVAC system, and padded dash.

Freightliner – Best in Reliability

The Freightliner M2 106 semi truck is the truck companies want for performance and efficiency. Although it is one of the best in delivery and pickup, it is also high ranking in the categories of utility and towing. And although it is a heavy duty truck that delivers dependability, it is also exceptionally maneuverable in the tightest of situations.

The M2 106 is powered by the Cummins ISB (or ISC) engine to get the load to its destination. This engine is the lightest in its class so that this Freightliner truck is considerably more efficient than others. Additionally, the ISB/ISC engine features the greatest power and torque ratings across the board for its medium duty class.

Even with these 5 models of semi trucks, there are still many out there to choose from.  With the 5 top ones, you should have a great pick that better suits you and your job.  No matter what type of truck driver you are, you are bound to find a great truck with this list.

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