Top Roof Light Bar for Each Vehicle — Settling the Matter Once and for All


Roof Light Bar 101

Roof lights bars are an indispensable piece of safety equipment for vehicles that operate in low visibility environments, especially for police officers, tow truck drivers, and all sorts of first responders, such as firefighters and ambulance teams. In this short guide, we’re taking a look at the top roof light bar for each vehicle type and giving you a few recommendations you can check out. Let’s roll out!

Police Roof Light Bar

For police officers, a reliable set of roof light bars is essential for maintaining public safety and performing all required duties that come with the job. Roof light bars serve as a visual warning to other participants in the traffic, telling them to make way for the law enforcement and letting them know about potential dangers on the road ahead.

Usually, police officers use LED light bars. This type of technology is simply most advantageous. It is bright and intense enough in most scenarios, it is power-efficient, and it’s got a pretty good lifespan in comparison to some other solutions.

In addition, LED light bars are easily customizable and come in a variety of configurations. There are single- and multiple-row bars, it’s all easily syncable with other pieces of safety equipment, etc. Newer lights have programmable flash patterns and come with built-in alley and takedopwn lights, all of which facilitates most operations.

Have any suggestions? Consider this K-Force 47″ TIR LED Light Bar with its integrated amber arrow stick, over 30 flash patterns, and a 100,000-hour lifespan. or this equally feature-rich K-Force® Micro 57′′ TIR Tow LED Light Bar?

Tow Roof Light Bar

Cleaning up after an accident is no easy task, and high safety levels are a must if we want to avoid father mishaps. So, when operating a tow truck — especially in low visibility conditions! — it is crucial that we put up some kind of roof light.

As with police vehicles, it’s usually LED that’s the most common option. However, newer light bars sometimes feature a combination of warning LED lights and some rotating strobes. As for the color, tow trucks typically sport amber, white, or red lights, blue being reserved for law enforcement.

Another thing to consider with tow trucks is mounting. Trucks are bigger, but their rooftops can be harder to deal with, so you ought to pay attention to the size and shape of the light bar you’re looking to purchase. That goes especially for more heavy-duty models.

Not to mention, you should also pay attention to any pre-installed control panels and other functionalities to see whether they can be integrated with your truck’s electrical system.

You can check out this K-Force® Micro 57′′ TIR Tow LED Light Bar with non-volatile memory-recall last-flash patterns and upgradeable multicolor traffic adviser features as one of your options.

Fire & Ambulance Roof Light Bar

We might be excused for not noticing a tow truck, but failing to notice an ambulance or a fire engine is unforgivable. That’s why all emergency vehicles of this sort come equipped with powerful roof lights and loud sirens that help clear the path and let the team reach their destination unimpeded.

Visibility is, again, crucial. That’s why most teams rely on LED technology. Most commonly, you’ll see a combination of red, white, and amber lights, or just one of them, depending on the situation. When already on site, white lights are terrific for providing illumination, for example, while red light alone might signal that the area is still dangerous for pedestrians.

For fire engines specifically, durability is perhaps just as important as brightness. Fire teams often work in inhospitable environments, and their equipment needs to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, all sorts of impacts, etc. So, when buying light bars, be sure you get something heavy and tough, unless you want your equipment giving up on you when you need it most.

We recommend this K-Force® 55″ TIR LED Light Bar and this K-Force® 71″ Linear LED Light Bar. Both models have fantastic life spans and feature multiple flashing patterns that you can adjust on the fly.

Where to Get It

To ensure the reliability and effectiveness of your roof light bars, it’s essential that you buy them from trusted vendors only. Fortunately, you won’t have to look for one too long thanks to SpeedTech Lights.

SpeedTech Lights is dedicated to selling top-of-the-line lighting solutions that make no sacrifices in neither safety nor aestehtic departments. With a team committed to quality, SpeedTech Lights sources its products from reputable and trustworthy manufacturers that make use of cutting-edge tech and rigorous testing procedures to make sure their components meet the highest safety standards and serve you well in all kinds of working environments,

If you have any questions about mounting and installing your lights, or if you need guidance and advice on choosing the right light bars for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact the SpeedTech Lights team!


1. Can I use roof light bars on my personal vehicle?

You can use any kind of vehicle lighting on your private property. When you’re on public roads, however, you’ll be subject to local rules and regulations that will typically limit what kind of lighting you can use.

2. Are there exceptions that allow private individuals to use roof light bars on public roads?

Volunteers are often given a pass to mount some kind of safety and emergency lighting, especially during a crisis.

3. What kind of lights should I combine roof bars with?

You can use some additional equipment such as beacon lights and auxiliary spotlights, or even some purely aesthetic and ornamental lights that will give your vehicle a custom look and make it stand out wherever you go.

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