What to Do With an Old Car? Here Are 5 Easy Ideas


The only thing old cars are good for is taking up space, which is exactly what yours is doing. Perhaps you feel it is time to part with it, but you’re unsure what to do.

For an old car, there are various decisions you can make about what to do for car removal. Here are five easy ideas for what to do with your old car.

  1. Sell It to Someone

When you sell an old car, you can sometimes get more than what the old car may be worth.

If the car is still working, it doesn’t make sense to send it to the junkyard. Many people need cheap cars to get around in their day-to-day lives. Older high school and college students are prime examples of people looking for a vehicle.

Selling a car does take some work, but you can make it work. Thanks to the power of social media, you can make your vehicle sellable on Facebook Marketplace or other places. You can use Craigslist, too.

  1. Trade the Car In

When you trade your car to a dealership, that can give you dealership credit that you can put toward purchasing a new or previously owned vehicle.

If you want to purchase a new vehicle, this is the way to go.

In this scenario, the dealer will decide the car’s value based on its condition and whether they already have that model in their lot.

  1. Recyle Your Car

If you are into being environmentally friendly, a great option is to recycle or donate your car. If the organizers of the Olympics can do it, so can you.

If your car does not work, but you don’t want just to junk it, this is a fantastic option. Usually, you will get paid for this.

  1. Junk It

Of course, you can always give a broken vehicle to a junkyard. There are free junk car removal services that you can check out for your junk car.

Like recycling your car, you may get a small amount of cash for junking it. Work with your junk removal services to see what their options are.

  1. Sell It to a Junk Car Flipper

Some people in this world have a gift when it comes to flipping or repurposing old cars. These junk car flippers would be thrilled to take your vehicle off your hands.

Junk car flippers will pay you for the car. Then, once the vehicle is in their possession, they will repaint it and fix any broken parts. After that, they usually sell it to try and make their money back.

Get Rid of That Old Car Today

Here are five ways you can get rid of that old car sitting in your driveway. Whatever you choose, at least it’ll be off your hands.

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